Spike is the boss for Midday Gardens in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. He is fought in an arena surrounded by green lava. He was a pink Rhynoc transformed into a beast by the Sorceress to eliminate Spyro once and for all. Luckily, Sgt. James Byrd comes to help you defeat him. He attacks with a gun capable of different firing methods.

The Battle

To attack Spike at the start, charge into the giant magma balls that Sgt. James Byrd drops, making sure to aim them at Spike, be careful, though, the interval between Spike's initial and next ray of shots is rather short, giving Spyro only a small opportunity to hurt him. Furthermore, he will occasionally destroy the magma balls.

After a while, Byrd will start to drop red crystals - Walk over to eat them, and Spyro can use a powered-up flame. Spike is able to grab red orbs with his blaster, if he does, he will shoot out a flaming blast towards you, but this is easy to avoid, just carefully jump over it.

After more damage, Sgt. Byrd will then drop blue crystals - After taking these, Spyro will shoot them out from his mouth which swirl around in the direction it is launched. Spike can gain this ammunition as well, and can create a double helix shot that will follow you, the best way to avoid this is by charging away from it.



  • Spike is the only boss in Year of the Dragon to not be killed by falling into the lava surrounding the arena due to his gigantic size. When his life is depleted, he spins around a few times and falls onto the ground, defeated and vanishing. The rest of the bosses in the game were all submerged in lava after being defeated.
  • Spike is the half Rhynoc and half Satyr muscular creature.
  • Sgt. James Byrd, who flew in to help, actually tried by himself to defeat Spike, but quickly found out his rocket launchers didn't affect the creature.
  • Spike and the Sorceress are the only "end of the world" bosses to hold weapons. By coincidence, they also share the same music during their fights in some copies of the game (except for the Greatest Hits and NTSC versions).
  • The cutscene Spike is Born is missing in the original NTSC version of the game.
  • Spike is considered by many to be the hardest boss in the original game.
  • His appearance and battle method is similar to Ripto (Spike can use the powerup items against Spyro).
  • His flame wall attack is similar to a Blarg attack in Ratchet and Clank.
  • Both Buzz and Spike were originally pink rhynocs.