“My tactical instincts told me the Sorceress would attack you here, so I flew in to help out. It seems my rocket launchers don't affect this creature, but I can assist you by dropping ammunition. Now, get in there, and fight the good fight!”
    —Sgt. Byrd

Spike's Arena is the Boss battle for Midday Gardens in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. For most players, they consider this battle to be the hardest in the whole game.

The Boss Battle

To attack Spike at the start, charge into the giant magma balls that Sgt. James Byrd drops and aim them at Spike. About three or four hits will do. When his bar is low enough, Spike will destroy the remaining magma balls and jump which will indicate you're about to change weapons.

CRACK! Spike will hammer his feet down on the ground and crack the arena. Watch out for the jets of fire that come out; a jet of steam will indicate that the fire is about to come out. Sgt. Byrd will now start to drop red crystal orbs - walk over to eat them, and Spyro can use a powered up flame. Unlike the power-up, this super shot can only be fired once per crystal orb.

After about three or four more hits, Sgt. Byrd will begin to drop blue crystal orbs - after taking these, Spyro will shoot them out and they will swirl around in the direction it is launched. These weapons are quite difficult to aim in some circumstances, especially if Spike gets one while you have one.

Spike will try to smash the rocks or pick up and use the orbs himself, so be quick. Everytime he crouches and aims towards you, he is about to use his Plasma Shot attack. Be careful as the shots come quickly one after the other. Spike can also slap his hand down if you get too close to him, pick up the red crystal orbs to launch a wall of flames towards you, and pick up the blue crystal orbs to send a searing double helix shot that will hurt if you touch it.

The amount of Plasma Shots Spike will launch is determined by the 'ammunition' you are using. If you're charging into the magma balls, Spike will launch two shots. If you're using the red crystal orbs, he will launch three shots. If you are attacking with the blue crystal orbs, he will launch four shots.

After a few more hits, Spike will fall and you can continue your journey to Evening Lake. After he falls, you will receive the dragon egg reward. It will hatch into the hatchling Monique.



  • Defeat Spike (Monique): Defeat Spike to receive this egg.



  • The cutscene for this boss, "Spike is Born", is omitted in the original NTSC release version of the game.
  • In the PAL version, Spike's Arena shares it's theme with Sorceress's Lair.