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“A gift that speaks across generations...a gift that empowers you with the spirit of the past, strengthening you with the wisdom of the ages.”
    —Ignitus, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Spirit Gems are the gem clusters in The Legend of Spyro series that give out red, green, blue and purple gems. They are found repeatedly throughout all regions of the games.


When Spyro first encountered a Spirit Gem cluster in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, he remarked that he felt like he "had to hit it," and when he did, "the power of a thousand suns surged through (his) body," to the bafflement of Sparx. Ignitus later explained that the Spirit Gems were a gift from the ancestors and are the life force of all Dragons.

In The Eternal Night, the Chronicler told Spyro how Malefor taught the Apes to artificially harness the power of the Spirit Gems for their evil purposes.

In Dawn of the Dragon, after being freed from their crystal, Spyro and Cynder used a Spirit Gem cluster to recharge their magic. The Chronicler, through an illusion generated by the gem cluster, bestowed both dragons their respective elemental abilities.


Individual Gems

In all three games, each smaller colored gem gives a different benefit:

  • Red: increases HP
  • Green: increases Mana
  • Blue: increases XP
  • Purple: increases the Fury Meter

In the first two games, defeated enemies drop every type of gem. In Dawn of the Dragon, they drop green gems based on how many hits Spyro or Cynder made in one combo. However after The Eternal Night. The games after it, did not receive the Purple Spirit Gem.

Gem Clusters

In the first game, gem clusters appear glowing pink and release all types of gems when smashed. However, in the other two games, the clusters appear as one color, corresponding to the color gems they release. In Dawn of the Dragon, there are a set number of Blue Gem Clusters in each level needed for 100% completion.


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