Spooky Swamp is a realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Midday Gardens homeworld after collecting 25 Dragon Eggs.


The fireflies that inhabit the area speak in constant haiku and are peaceful creatures. Unfortunately, they are bullied by alligators and Rhynocs, and live in fear of the Wizard whose lair is opened once all of the tea lamps are lit. Spyro will have to eliminate these enemies, and take down the Wizard, in order to bring back peace to the realm.

The swamp has water filled with piranhas that will attack anyone that dares enter it, so it is advised to stay on land.

After the Sorceress' initial defeat and Spyro takes back his gems, Moneybags eventually retires here (somehow getting here via Crystal Islands) to become a haiku poet.



  • Find Shiny the Firefly (Thelonious): Reach Shiny the Firefly at the end of the realm to get the egg and complete the level.
  • Jump to the Island (Michael): On an island in between the second and third tea lamps.
  • Escort the Twins I (Peggy): In Sheila's challenge portal, get Basho or Buson to the end of the path without him hitting any rocks or mushrooms. The rocks can be cleared with a kick, and the mushrooms can be stomped with a head bash. Don't go too far ahead, as he may reverse his direction suddenly, and the rocks and mushrooms will re-appear after a short time.
  • Escort the Twins II (Michele): After getting one of the twins to the end of the path, get the other twin to the end as well. His path is different, and he's faster this time, so make sure you can keep up.
  • Defeat Sleepy Head (Herbi): In order to access the challenge portal that leads to this mini-boss, you will have to light all four tea lamps around the realm. The door to his lair will open up, and you will be able to confront him. Simply put, defeat him to get the egg.
  • Across the Treetops (Frank): On top of one of the trees near Moneybags. You can get there by jumping onto a ledge from the fourth tea lamp, and then gliding across the trees.

Skill Point

  • Destroy All Piranha Signs: There are piranha signs all over the realm, and destroying them all will earn you a skill point.





Main article: Lost Gem Glitch

Sometimes, there will be a chance that you'll be unable to obtain one gem in this realm, and Sparx will not point out where it is. If this happens, and you cannot find it, then it will be impossible to enter Super Bonus Round without cheats, and even then, you cannot fight the Sorceress the second time without hacking. This is known to happen in the PAL version.


Spooky Swamp - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Spooky Swamp

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Spooky Swamp



  • It's possible to avoid paying Moneybags by using the water to get across. Just make sure Sparx has plenty of health.
  • If you manage to complete Sheila's Alp without freeing her, then come to this world, the sign next to the portal will be blank.
  • The characters Buson and Basho the Firefly are named after the Edo period Haiku poets Yosa Buson and Matsuo Basho.
    • They also bear a slight resemblance to the Electrolls from Hurricos.
    • In Reignited Trilogy, the second egg route in the Sheila section has been changed