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“Tech jams are my... jam.”
    —Sprocket, It Techs Two

Sprocket is a new character in Season 2 of Skylanders Academy. She is the substitute member in Team Spyro, replacing a member of the Core team in times of need, and manages the maintenance and high tech objects in the school.



Though cheerful and excited to work to the point of speaking her mind far too quickly, Sprocket seems to be oblivious to other people's displeasure. However, even her patience has its limits, and will forget her objective entirely during an outburst.


Need to fix a leaky faucet? Or how about revamp a malfunctioning quantum kinetic descrambler that keeps jamming up on you in battle? Then look no further than Sprocket! Armed with the right tool for any job, the fix is in with this tech head. Wielding a wrench powerful enough to fend off villains with a whack and large enough to tighten the bolts on a malfunctioning portal, the Skylanders can depend on Sprocket to repair any bad situation.


Sprocket's wrench can be set to alter the properties of any Tech device, being able to repair them or make them work according to certain objectives. She can also attack by setting it to send a green shockwave when slammed onto the ground.


Season 2

Sprocket was introduced to Team Spyro in Elementary, My Dear Eruptor, as the creator of the new machine to evaluate cadet tests in Skylanders Academy. Though, much to her displeasure, Hugo kept her hidden for an entire hour in a dusty curtain.



Despite being oblivious to Jet-Vac's dismissal and insults at first, his anger eventually crossed a line for Sprocket, and eventually they broke out into an ugly argument over her uselessness in a Tech crisis. However, once he calmed down enough to explain how managing the intricacies of technology makes him aware and afraid of his own age, Sprocket made amends with him by explaining that he should let her and technology help, rather than annoy, and they should work together.




  • Sprocket has slight color and texture changes to her ingame design, such as a purple shirt, grayer armor and less saturated golden skin.
  • She is one of the few characters in the show with a leitmotif, with chiptune noises and uplifting trumphets occasionally playing in the background during her dialogue
  • Sprocket shares a voice actress with Chill and Ninjini, and in the game canon, Smolderdash. In some instances, she is also credited as Grey DeLisle.
    • Coincidentally, all characters are the first female Skylanders of their respective elements.
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