Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs is a platform game released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. It is the third game released for the Game Boy Advance, and it was known in Europe and Australia as Spyro: Adventure.



The game begins with Spyro, Sparx, and the Professor standing in the Professor's lab. The Professor informs the two that he has some "surprises" he wishes to show them. The first is a projector-like peephole machine through which Ripto is visible. The Professor explains that the peephole is actually a tiny rip in the very fabric of space itself, enabling them to always be able to keep an eye on what Ripto is up to. The Professor then says that his other surprise is not quite ready yet, and invites Spyro to try out his Virtual Playground. When Spyro gets back, the Professor displays his next new invention - Butler, a large mechanical bear designed to help him in his lab. Sparx suggests that the Professor make him do something, and the Professor obligingly tells Butler to get some milk and cookies for Spyro and Sparx. Unfortunately, this causes Butler to malfunction, and since the Professor failed to equip him with an "off" switch, he begins to rampage around the lab. Spyro finally manages to short Butler out by luring him into a power generator, and the Professor is thanking him when suddenly something starts to happen to the peephole machine.

Shorting out Butler appears to have overloaded it, and the hole in the fabric of space begins to expand rapidly. A terrified Professor tells Spyro about "Hearts" - magical objects with very special properties. He goes on to explain that he used the Heart of his secret lab to create the hole; now he will need all the other Hearts from the twelve worlds outside the lab to close it. Spyro agrees to help him find the hearts, and the Professor is about to give him a warp device that will allow him to travel to all the other lands, when, all of a sudden, Ripto appears through the hole and claims the device for his own. He then launches into a monologue about how he is now going to bring all his Rhynocs through the hole and warp them throughout the lands. Spyro angrily starts to threaten Ripto, but never gets to finish his sentence, as Ripto proceeds to warp him, Sparx, the Professor, Butler, and, oddly enough, the virtual playground, out of the lab. Spyro, Sparx, and the playground end up on a beach in the Dragon Shores. Now they must journey through all the twelve lands to find the Hearts, close the hole in space, stop Ripto, and save the worlds.


The Game is situated in the Dragon Realms. Spyro travels through Dragon Shores and enters various portals to access different worlds, the same as the previous Game Boy Advance games.


The Gameplay is mostly similar to its two Game Boy Advance predecessors. Spyro must make his way through each world collecting its "heart" gems, and other unique items that come in handy over the course of the adventure. Spyro must also engage in various "quests" to gain hearts of the worlds. Spyro utilizes his classic abilities, along with the power to breathe upgradable ice and whirlwind. Agent 9 and Sgt. James Byrd are also playable characters in side missions located in air vents which grant you colored key halves. Dragon Shores takes the main focus as you use the upgraded abilities to access different areas. You can use Quick Escape To get away from different battles. Animals are also used to transport such as "Knock Hedgehogs into Statues" and "Using A Mole" to get up cliffs. Phoenix Vision, an ability item can locate different transporters in means of getting extra gems.




Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

And other land inhabitants.


  • Chest-hiding Rhynocs
  • Rhynoc Drummers
  • Pogo-foot Rhynocs
  • Periscope Rhynocs
  • Apple-tossing Rhynocs
  • Rhynoc Tap-dancers
  • Imitation-dragon Rhynocs
  • Flying Rhynoc Bombers
  • Rhynoc Maids
  • Vanishing Rhynocs