Spyro: Ripto Quest is a video game for the mobile phone, which was released in November 2004. It takes place after Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs.


Ripto and his army have attacked the worlds of Ice, Grass and Fire. They've damaged the machine that protects the worlds from the diabolical Ripto. Help Spyro and Sparx recover the 4 damaged machine parts and return them to the Professor. Breathe fire, cast spells, teleport, jump and fly around 3 magical worlds and 7 levels of game play. Interact with characters along the way to find out mission objectives and battle Ripto's army of re-spawning Rhino troops.


During your journey, you will run, jump and fly your way through 8 different levels, solve puzzle-like problems, rescue the fairies imprisoned by Ripto's henchmen, find new spells to increase your powers and finally gather the 4 parts of the machine and become the hero that saved the world.

Spyro breathes his traditional fire, casts spells, can teleport, jump and fly around 3 magical worlds and 7 levels of gameplay. Along the way, Spyro must talk to various characters to obtain new missions to defeat Ripto's Rhynoc army. At the end, a new villain appears: a giant snake that Spyro has to defeat in order to beat the game.