Spyro: Shadow Legacy (known during development as Spyro Advance 5 and Spyro: Action & RPG Light) is the fifth handheld game in the Spyro the Dragon series of video games. It is a hybrid action/RPG game designed for the Nintendo DS and is the last game in the Spyro series to take place in the "original" continuity, as the next game, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, serves as a reboot of the series.


The game starts after the defeat of Red and at the end of a vacation at Dragon Shores, with Spyro's friends departing back to their homelands before wishing him the best of luck with some magic training at the Dragon Temple. Not long after he falls asleep on the beach prior to going there, a dark storm appears and traps everyone within the Dragon Realms, Avalar and the Forgotten Realms in a strange dimension known as the Shadow Realm. After initial guidance and being granted the Shadowstone from Elder Tomas, Spyro embarks on an adventure to master the martial art of dragon-kata and the use of magic, rescue everyone and unravel the mystery of the Shadow Realm.


The game contains many RPG elements: when players defeat an enemy or complete a quest they will gain experience points, when they gain enough experience points they will level up, allowing them to return to the Dragon Temple and learn two new skills. There are side quests which the player can complete to gain additional experience points. Spyro: Shadow Legacy utilizes many of the Nintendo DS functions, The player can draw symbols on the touchpad with the stylus to cast spells.





The game received mixed reviews, averaging a 50/100 on Metacritic.[1]


  • In this game, Spyro visits locations that he previously visited in the original three games on the PS1: Avalar, the Forgotten Realms and a few well known locations from those areas, such as Wizard Peak, Cliff Town, Tree Tops, Skelos Badlands and Lost Fleet.
  • The only times we hear Spyro's voice in the game are when he says "Hahh" and "Huh", and when he screams when falling down a gorge.


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