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The Spyro N. Friends Grand Prix is a limited-time in-game event in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. It features Spyro the Dragon, Hunter the Cheetah, and Gnasty Gnorc as the main racers for this event and Sparx the Dragonfly as a protection mask. The race track for this Grand Prix is the Spyro Circuit.

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  • During the CTR TV introduction to the Spyro Grand Prix, Gnasty Gnorc claims he defeated Spyro, when it was actually Spyro who beat him. This is a reference to Spyro: A Hero's Tail where Gnasty Gnorc claimed he defeated Spyro in battle before the Gnorc was corrected by Spyro himself.
  • The characters all have animations for when they win and lose:
    • If Spyro wins, he will laugh and fly joyfully around the Place-podium with Sparx in pursuit, then land and spew flames.
    • If Spyro loses, he will sit silently in sadness looking down with Sparx flying slowly around him.
    • If Hunter wins, he will laugh, make a "ka-ching"-movement with his arm and shoot arrows only to hit someone off-screen, then smile nervously.
    • If Hunter loses, he will make the shivering movement he did in Reignited Ripto's Rage! when trying to summon a dragon in the intro.
    • If Gnasty Gnorc wins, he will laugh while hitting his chest-armour and then as he hears a noise, shoot a green magic spell in the air. He will then be squashed by a Crystal Statue, and then jump up in rage.
    • If Gnasty Gnorc loses, he will stand straight like a guard and then shake his fists in the air in silent anger.
  • Each racer has a variety of different skins in addition to their normal appearance:
    • Spyro has "Superflame Spyro", "Ice Breath Spyro" and "Dark Spyro".
      • The color scheme and eye color for Spyro's Dark Spyro skin is a reference to his Skylanders Dark Spyro counterpart.
    • Hunter has "Blue Panther Hunter", "Cotton Candy Hunter" and "Green Tiger Hunter".
    • Gnasty Gnorc has "Spyro Purple Gnasty Gnorc", "Stone Gnasty Gnorc" and "Magma Gnasty Gnorc".
  • The Hunter Games Pit Stop bundle that comes with Hunter the Cheetah is a reference to the name of the Hunger Games.
  • The "For the Horde" bundle that comes with Gnasty Gnorc is a reference to the battle cry of the Horde faction in World of Warcraft.
  • The name and physical appearance of the Devil Dog Zam are references to the Devil Dogs from Dark Passage.
  • In Nitro Fueled, Artisans and Magic Crafters has been rebuilt to fit as a racing track and portals has been added to connect the two areas.
    • In spirit of this being a racing game, the portals transport the player directly to the next area, rather than the usual loading "flying" sequence.
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