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This article is about the character from the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the character from the classic series, The Legend of Spyro series, or his TV spinoff counterpart.

“All Fired Up!”
    —Spyro's official catchphrase

Spyro is one of the playable Skylanders in the Skylanders series, who first appeared in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure as the title character. He also has a Dark, and a Legendary counterpart, who are available in the 3DS Starter of Spyro's Adventure and in the Toys R Us Legendary Pack with Legendary Chop Chop and Legendary Bash respectively.

Spyro has a Series 3 counterpart called Mega Ram Spyro.

After committing countless heroic deeds and adventures in his world, Spyro was invited by the great Portal Master, Eon, to become a Skylander. The young dragon accepted the offer and agreed to fight for Skylands, a world that holds the potential ability to jump to any point of the universe through portals. Impulsive and headstrong, he struggled to work in a team at first with his fellow Skylanders, but as time passed, Spyro became one of Master Eon's strongest leaders in the fight against evil. He is good friends with two fellow Skylanders, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy.

Character Development

Concept art of King Spyro sitting on his throne in Spyro's Kingdom

While looking for new ideas for the Spyro the Dragon license in 2007, Activision and Toys for Bob explored many concepts with Spyro, including a "realistic, gritty Spyro", a "tiny Spyro", and an "Origami Spyro". Eventually the toys-to-life idea of Spyro's Kingdom came into light.[1]

When the original concept of Spyro's Kingdom was still underway, Toys for Bob originally had a dragon character named Fire Dragon, who was one of the playable heroes. "Spyro was going to be a full-grown dragon and the king of Spyro's Kingdom. You'd go to him for quests, and he’d tell you where to go and help you on your adventures." While His Purple Majesty was originally going to be a benevolent and regal NPC, "it was felt that they couldn’t have a game called Spyro’s Kingdom without Spyro as a playable character,". So Spyro took Fire Dragon's place as playable character.[2] He would be set as one of the starter pack characters for Spyro's Kingdom alongside Tarclops and Bomb Troll.

During the development of the Skylanders universe, it was important for Toys For Bob to establish a brand new universe that could introduce a league of new heroes, but to also honor the history of Spyro and Cynder. The end of The Legend of Spyro series left both Spyro and Cynder in a place that was open to interpretation and purposely left a mystery. This allowed the team the freedom to reintroduce these characters in a way that was very fitting for the world of Skylands – while also leaving it to longtime Spyro the Dragon fans to use their own imaginations to fill in the blanks. Spyro's world has always been a world full of imagination – and ultimately the developers decided that IMAGINATION was the most important aspect to carry forward into Skylanders. For many fans, Skylanders represents a fresh start for both Spyro and Cynder. But there are enough nods to previous games to allow longtime fans the freedom to imagine their own connections with the past.[3]

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure gameplay designer Nat Loh was given the task of bringing Spyro to life. The dragon was one of the original-four Skylanders that was made for the game's first playable prototype via Spyro's Kingdom. His skill-set is derived from the original Spyro games: fireball breath attacks, charging, and dragon flight. Flight provided an armor buff as well as increased mobility but would lose efficacy after Spyro's Adventure as deep water terrain was removed from the level designs. End-path upgrades such as the Daybringer Flame and Ibex's Wrath Charge were designed to embody the ultimate form of the base abilities. The visuals from Ibex's Wrath Charge were influenced by Battletoads. Spyro's Earth Pound Soul Gem ability is a call-out to the Headbash ability from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.[4]



Although eager and young at heart, Spyro is a strong-willed dragon who is fearless and brave; a born hero dedicated to defending his world from all things evil. He holds a photographic memory, which gifts him encyclopedic knowledge of all the islands and creatures in Skylands he encountered, more so than any other Skylander. He is always up for adventure (his favorite kind being treasure hunts), and is the first Skylander to leap into action.

Spyro is a usual quick learner, his brilliant mind allowing him to be able to master new abilities in a matter of hours.[5] Because of this unique trait, he is convinced that he can be good at everything so he can put his new powers to good use to help defend Skylands. However Spyro isn't accustomed to not learning new abilities right away despite being trained by Master Eon. A prominent example of this is shown in Spyro versus The Mega Monsters, when he failed to master the Daybringer Flame in a training session with his fellow Skylanders, Spyro felt greatly discouraged.

Although he is well in the company of his companions, Spyro possesses a headstrong and impulsive side. In The Machine of Doom, it was revealed that he believed that he could do everything by himself,[6] implying that Spyro was used to doing heroics on his own prior to becoming a Skylander. This caused him to struggle in working in a team at first, and his fellow Skylanders always remind Spyro that he doesn't have to do everything alone. This trait has seemingly diminished during the course of being a Skylander when Spyro gradually became more humble, as shown in Spyro versus The Mega Monsters when he shared his victory over Kaos with the other Skylanders who helped him. He always keeps his temper in check[7], but there are times when he allows his emotions to get the better of him.

After many adventures with the Skylanders, Spyro grew into a natural leader dedicated to scorching the forces of darkness. He takes his role as a Skylander seriously after being taught by Master Eon and holds deep insight regarding his fellow Skylanders, seeing them as more than just a team, but family, making them an unstoppable force against the toughest of foes. According to Roller Brawl, Spyro's leadership is on par with a roller derby's pivot, "establishing the team's strategy and sets the pace of the pack".[8]

In Skylanders: Imaginators, Spyro is still somewhat cocky and occasionally cracks a joke or two, much to the dismay of certain Skylanders. According to him, he is awesome, but a Skylander who does pretty good in handling Doomlanders is pretty cool in his book.


Spyro hails from a rare line of magical purple dragons that come from a faraway land few have ever traveled. It's been said that the Scrolls of the Ancients mention Spyro prominently—the old Portal Masters having chronicled his many exciting adventures and heroic deeds. Finally, it was Master Eon himself who reached out and invited him to join the Skylanders. Now calling Skylands his home, Spyro remains one of its most valued protectors, with evil facing a new enemy—and the Skylanders gaining a valued ally.



Spyro is the great, stout-hearted hero of legend, not to mention the number one defender of Skylands. Hailing from a rare race of magic purple dragons, Spyro was born in a land far away from Skylands' furthest frontiers. From a young age, Spyro became a battler for good; a warrior against evil and protector of the peace. His fearless exploits and heroic adventures were even recorded in the Scrolls of the Ancients (and those Ancients didn't keep a record of just any old thing). One of the many Portal Masters who watched Spyro's success with acclaim and applause was the bearded legend himself, Master Eon. It was Eon who transported Spyro through the Portal of Power to his citadel at the Core of Light. Here, Spyro met the Skylanders squad and swiftly agreed to join them in battling all things nasty.[9]

During his time as one of the Skylanders, Spyro defeated the evil dragon Cynder when she was spreading fear throughout Skylands for many years, freeing her from the sinister thrall of the Undead Dragon King, Malefor. After Cynder vowed to fight for good, she and Spyro went on a dangerous quest in which the Undead dragon came out smiling. Afterwards, Spyro convinced Master Eon to sign Cynder up as one of the Skylanders.[10] Spyro was also the one who inspired Lightning Rod to become a Skylander after telling the storm giant his stories of faraway places and dangerous adventures.

There was an incident with Spyro when The Darkness attempted to corrupt the Core of Light. Spyro nearly suffered a terrible fate when he was almost consumed by the dark magic, but he was saved by Master Eon. Under the old Portal Master's teachings, Spyro learned how to fully harness this dark power, becoming his sinister alter-ego: Dark Spyro. Combined with his brave heart and careful control, Spyro was able to use this dark power to fight the forces of evil without losing himself to the darkness.

When a group of Skylanders absorbed Petrified Darkness and became darker versions of themselves after a battle against Kaos, it was Spyro who helped them tame that darkness to use it against evil, as he had learned to control that evil power long ago. 

Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor and Boomer were on Eon's Island with the other Skylanders listening to Gill Grunt's special concert, much to their discomfort. Shortly afterwards, Flynn and Hugo crash-landed in their hot air balloon nearby, with Spyro having to save Boomer from where the balloon was going to crash due to the troll having put dynamite in his ears to mute out Gill Grunt's singing. Hugo informed the Skylanders and Master Eon urgent news of flying sheep attacking the Mabu Market, though the Skylanders didn't believe it at first until they saw an image from Eon's portal of the market being attacked. Master Eon tasked Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Eruptor to go to the Mabu Market to find out what was going on.

After reaching the Market, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Eruptor found out that the sheep weren't really flying, but were being carried by invisible trolls who were led by a Spell Punk. While the other Skylanders fought the trolls, Spyro went after the Spell Punk nearby and pinned him down, forcing the wizard to reveal that he and the trolls were testing out an invisibility spell, but the trolls wanted to cause mayhem, therefore drawing attention to themselves. The Spell Punk then accidentally blurted out they were looking for an item called the Chattering Key for Kaos. Appearing as a frightening projection of his head, Kaos scolded the Spell Punk, and transported the wizard and the remaining trolls back to his lair. Spyro confronted the floating head of Kaos and demanded to know why he was after the Chattering Key,  but the evil Portal Master refused to answer the young dragon before disappearing.

Spyro leading Boomer, Gill Grunt, and Eruptor through the Forest of Fear

Back on Eon's Island, Spyro learned from Hugo that the Arkeyans created the Chattering Key as an artifact used to opening a tomb that contained an ancient Arkeyan weapon. Knowing that Kaos would go after such a weapon that is capable of destroying the Core of Light, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Boomer, and Eruptor decided to get the Key before Kaos would get the chance. Using Flynn to transport them to their next destination, the four Skylanders embarked on a journey to the Forest of Fear where the Key was held. They soon came in contact with the Fungus Rings of Despair that laid within the forest, trapping them in hallucinations of their worst fears. Spyro's irrational fear came to life as he saw Master Eon in chains and being tortured by Kaos, who was absolute ruler of Skylands and the entire universe in Spyro's hallucination. The young dragon broke free of his fear by blasting fire at the Kaos hallucination, and freed the other Skylanders from the grip of the Fungus Rings of Despair.

The Skylanders soon found the Chattering Key, which was being guarded by the statue of a stone wyvern called Fido. Spyro devised a plan, and Gill Grunt, Boomer, and Eruptor confused the stone wyvern enough for the young dragon to snag the Key, and the Skylanders made a quick getaway with Fido in hot pursuit. Before they could leave with the key, Kaos appeared with a group of trolls, having captured Flynn. The evil tyrant revealed that he had used the Skylanders to brave the terrors of the Forest of Fear so that he was able to steal the key from them, and was willing to release Flynn in exchange for it.

Not wanting to endanger Flynn's life for the sake of their mission, Spyro allowed Kaos to take the Chattering Key, and the tyrant summoned a tomb of the Pyramid of Just Rewards that contained the Arkeyan weapon, The Machine of Doom. Kaos opened the tomb, activating one of its pillars that destroyed the advancing Fido with a beam of light. The evil Portal Master then used Flynn as a hostage to keep the Skylanders from following him. With the help from the Chattering Key, Spyro and the Skylanders ventured inside the pyramid through the other side where they came across the Machine of Doom itself. As Kaos reached the Machine, Boomer eagerly tried to control the evil contraption to use it against Kaos, but instead the weapon itself began to break apart and pyramid started to crumble around them. As Kaos laughed maniacally at Boomer trying to control The Machine of Doom, Spyro was the only one who figured out Kaos's real scheme.

Spyro and the other Skylanders escaping on the Machine of Doom

The machine was really a trap designed by the Arkeyans to capture anyone who might be tempted to steal a weapon capable of destroying the Core of Light, knowing that anyone who braved their worst nightmares in the Forest of Fear, got the Chattering Key from Fido, and crazy enough to climb into an all-powerful super weapon was too dangerous to walk free. Kaos tricked the Skylanders into seizing The Machine of Doom therefore springing the trap, intending to bury the heroes alive. As Kaos and his minions were making their escape as the pyramid crumbled around them, Flynn was rescued during the chaos. Spyro attempted to stop Kaos from escaping in his transport portal, but failed when the tyrant fired a magic lightning bolt at the young dragon.

Boomer, having gained full control over The Machine of Doom, used the mechanical titan to destroy the portal that Kaos was about escape in, and soon used the machine as a way to get out of the crumbling pyramid. Despite knowing that Kaos deserved to be left inside the pyramid in the very trap he tried to spring on the heroes, Spyro recalled Master Eon's ways on what the old Portal Master would do in a situation similar to the one that they were in. Making his decision, the young dragon saved Kaos from being buried alive, and the Skylanders narrowly made their escape just as the pyramid crumbled down into a pit.

The Machine of Doom broke apart as a result of their escape, and the Skylanders landed outside of what was left of the pyramid while Kaos made his exit with their notice. Spyro, Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Boomer were then greeted by Master Eon, who Spyro informed that he and the other Skylanders had underestimated Kaos, but the young dragon declared that it wouldn't happen again. Although Kaos had been stopped, Spyro was certain that this was only the beginning since the evil Portal Master would strike again, but also knew that next time, he and the Skylanders would be ready. The young dragon then celebrated their victory as Gill Grunt began to sing a song again.

Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters

Spyro and Stealth Elf investigating a large footrprint in the Stinky Swamp.

Spyro was training with Drill Sergeant, Jet-Vac, and Trigger Happy in mastering his Daybringer Flame attack, but ended up failing the training session when his attempt missed a Goliath Drow illusion and singed only Drill Sergeant and Trigger Happy. Disheartened at the fact that he failed his training again, Spyro was soon tasked by Master Eon to go with Stealth Elf to Stinky Swamp to find a terrible monster the elf had encountered. After saving a Mabu named Snuckles from a couple of Chompies, Spyro and Stealth Elf were attacked by an unusually, giant titchy toad. The toad's toxic saliva caused Spyro and Stealth Elf to fall asleep during the struggle, unable to save Snuckles from the giant titchy toad that was about to devour him and the vampire vines that threatened to pull the Mabu apart. The Mabu was then saved by the arrival of Kaos, who used a magic staff to defeat the toad. The evil Portal Master claimed that he was turning over a new leaf by taking down evil doers, much to Spyro and Stealth Elf's complete disbelief.

When the residents of Skylands started praising Kaos for saving them from various mega-sized creatures, Spyro suspected that Kaos was up to something, refusing to believe that the 'evil' Portal Master would suddenly turn over a new leaf out of the blue.  He, Jet-Vac, and Drill Sergeant were soon sent to The Desert of Columns to help the Molekin, Diggs, escape from a strangely familiar troll monster, but Kaos saved the day once again, greatly irritating Spyro. Back at Eon's Citadel, the Skylanders, Master Eon, and Hugo were confronted by the Warrior Librarians of the Eternal Archives lead by Chief Curator Wiggleworth, who had learned of Spyro's legendary and heroic exploits from the books of the Ancients. The Warrior Librarians had come to warn Master Eon that their Eternal Archive, a library that holds not only the dangerous books ever written, was in terrible danger. 

Upon arriving at the Archive, the Skylanders confronted a mega-sized Chompy Pod that was impervious to all of their attacks due to its current size. The plant soon spored five giant Chompies and massive fight ensured. During the battle, Spyro ultimately mastered his Daybringer Flame attack in taking down one of the large Chompies. As the Skylanders were outmatched by the remaining giants, Kaos appeared, saving the Skylanders from the giant enemies by suspending the Chompies in midair using his magic staff.

Stealth Elf using the staff's power to enlarge Spyro

Kaos then revealed that as a child he wanted to borrow a book called World Domination for Beginners and other related books from the Eternal Archive, but was told by Wiggleworth that they weren't available for loan (in order to keep the books from falling into the wrong hands). The evil Portal Master threatened to release the giant Chompies upon the heroes if Wiggleworth didn't hand over a forbidden book to him. When Wiggleworth refused, Kaos released the Chompies to devour the group. Stealth Elf stole the magic staff from Kaos, and used its power to enlarge Spyro two times the size of the giant Chompies, allowing the dragon to defeat the giant enemies while his fellow Skylanders dealt with Kaos and destroyed his magic staff. After the battle, Spyro realized that Kaos's true plan was to test his staff on a few creatures (growing them into a giant size), trick the people of Skylands into thinking he was saving them from the mega-sized animals just so he could attack the Archive and blackmail its curator, who Kaos thought would be blinded by hero worship like others have. 

Realizing he was defeated, Kaos fled the scene, but not before revealing that his plan was only the beginning. Afterwards, some of the other Skylanders were brought to the Eternal Archive to help the Warrior Librarions repair the damage done. Master Eon congratulated Spyro on his victory in stopping Kaos, and was more surprised that the purple dragon shared the glory with his fellow Skylanders who assisted him. Spyro then accompied Master Eon after hearing that Wiggleworth wanted to show the young dragon something within the Archive's vault. The Portal Master showed Spyro the book Kaos was after, the legendary Book of Power, a book of prophecy that shows the most dreadful predictions, such as the fall of the Skylanders, and Spyro himself...

Skylanders: Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master

After the other Skylanders repaired the walls of the Eternal Archives, Spyro called Gill Grunt over to the halls of the Archives so that he and the Gillmen could look into the Book of Power with Master Eon, Hugo, and Wiggleworth. The two Skylanders were horrified to see a vision in the book showing the Core of Light destroyed and darkness swarming the skies, before seeing a glimpse of the Mask of Power, an evil artifact created by a group of Spell Punks that was scattered across Skylands by the old Portal Masters long ago into eight pieces hidden in objects that were completely opposite to the fragments.

Spyro, Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell getting showered by fish dropped by Kaos.

Realizing that Kaos had already found the Tech fragment of the Mask, and wanted to reassemble it to use the Mask to destroy the Core of Light, Spyro and Gill Grunt became determined to find the rest before the evil Portal Master does. Master Eon was able to find the location of the Water Fragment from the Book of Power and sent Gill Grunt to Deep Water Wasteland to locate it, while Spyro stayed behind with the old Portal Master.

Spyro soon came to Deep Water Wasteland after hearing from Master Eon that the Gill Grunt was having trouble with pirates lead by Captain Grimslobber, but was relieved that Gill Grunt managed to escape with the help of Zap and Wham-Shell. The young dragon then revealed that Kaos was looking for the Water Fragment as well, and the trio of Water Skylanders quickly continued on with their mission, leaving Spyro to worry about Zap's well-being before he returned to Master Eon via portal.

Spyro later assisted Gill Grunt, Wham-Shell, and Zap in their battle against Captain Grimslobber and his band of pirates aboard the Fearsome Fang, successfully winning the struggle with the help of the merfolk. When Grimslobber fell overboard and was eaten alive by a Cloud Kraken, Kaos appeared and revealed that he had beaten the Skylanders to the Fish Master's Crown that supposedly contained the Water Fragment to the Mask of Power. As the evil Portal Master made his leave, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Zap, and Wham-Shell quickly made their escape off of Grimslobber's sinking ship and back in the vault of the Eternal Archives.

It had seemed the Skylanders had failed their mission, but Gill Grunt checked Grimslobber's satchel he brought back with him and held a dirty rag the captain had used to wrap the Fish Master's Crown. The rag soon revealed itself to be the Water Fragment, making the Skylanders realize that Kaos had stolen nothing more than a worthless broken crown. Knowing that Kaos would be after the next fragment to the Mask of Power, Spyro and Gill Grunt both knew that the Skylanders would be ready for him.

Skylanders: Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard

Spyro's only appearance was when Cynder, Hex, and Zook returned to the Eternal Archives after retrieving the Undead segment to the Mask of Power. The purple dragon proceeded to inform his allies that Master Eon was kidnapped and the culprit was Squirmgrub, a Warrior Librarian traitor who was working for Kaos all this time.

Skylanders: Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon

Spyro furiously lashing out at Wiggleworth for the theft of the Book of Power and Master Eon's kidnapping.

With Master Eon kidnapped, Spyro became temporary leader of the Skylanders in his place. Without a Portal Master, it was difficult for the Skylanders to search about Skylands for Eon and Kaos without the use of a Portal. Spyro furiously lashed out at Chief Curator Wiggleworth for trusting Squirmgrub, who was a traitor, and blamed him for Master Eon's capture. Stump Smash managed to calm Spyro down, but the young dragon still blamed himself for what happened to Master Eon. Hugo soon revealed that the Giggling Forest has stopped laughing for some reason, and Spyro assigned Stump Smash, Wrecking Ball and Flameslinger to find out what was going on.

After the group's close encounter with the Bone Dragon, Spyro attempted to negotiate with Glumshanks into telling the Skylanders where Kaos was. The purple dragon was able to trick the troll butler into blurting out Kaos's exact location by pretending to be unimpressed with the evil Portal Master, and Glumshanks became defensive of his master. Upon learning where Kaos was, Spyro went with Flameslinger and the other Skylanders to the Giggling Forest to find the Bone Dragon, only to overwhelmed. Spyro, along with other Skylanders, were turned into a statue by the rampaging Bone Dragon's petrifying breath despite their best efforts. 

Fortunately, Stump Smash was able to bring down and convince the Bone Dragon to un-petrify everyone, including Spyro, returning them to normal. Kaos however also recovered and began firing dark magic at the Skylanders as he attempted to capture the Bone Dragon who was believed to the Life Segment to the Mask of Power. Master Eon quickly casted a few quick spells to subdue Kaos and his minions, and revealed that the Life Segment wasn't the Bone Dragon, but a stone heart that was given to the creature years prior. Defeated, Kaos retreats, but not before vowing revenge. Spyro quickly detained Squirmgrub, whose armor was shattered by Master Eon and was intentionally left behind by Kaos. With the evil Portal Master gone, and the Bone Dragon returning to his eternal rest, Spyro and the Skylanders celebrated their victory, but it was far from over.

Skylanders: Trigger Happy Targets the Evil Kaos

Spyro and Trigger Happy working together after their attack on the troll fighter planes.

Spyro was sent to bring Trigger Happy, Smolderdash and Food Fight back to Eon's Citadel after their battle with the Water Viper. He soon accompanied the three Skylanders to Wool Mountain to find the Magic segment to the Mask of Power that was revealed to have taken on the form of a sheep. During the search, Kaos arrived with six troll fighter planes and began attacking all of the sheep. With the help of Trigger Happy, Spyro was able to destroy the planes in time for the other Skylanders to find the Magic segment to the Mask of Power.

However soon after retrieving the segment, all of the Mask of Power segments were stolen by a Goliath Drow who was serving Kaos. Spyro, along with the other Skylanders who previously took part in the search of the parts of the Mask of Power, were teleported to Kaos' Kastle to stop Kaos from using the Mask of Power. Despite getting through the castle's defenses, the Skylanders were unable to stop Kaos from putting on the Mask of Power. With it, Kaos was able to steal the Skylanders' powers, including Spyro's, leaving them defenseless. Before the evil Portal Master could finish the Skylanders off, they were safely teleported back to Eon's Citadel.

As Kaos began to spread havoc across Skylands, Spyro was the one who lifted the Skylanders' spirits when they began to lose hope. With his guidance, the Skylanders were able to build a makeshift tower around the Core of Light in an attempt to protect it. When Kaos came to the island, the Skylanders were once again outmatched by the Mask of Power's abilities and Master Eon was also subdued by Kaos. Before Kaos could unleash his attack on the Core of Light, Trigger Happy, joined by the other Skylanders, coaxed Kaos into using all of their abilities at the same time, causing the evil Portal Master to spiral out of control. The Mask of Power was then yanked off Kaos's face, restoring all of the Skylanders back their powers and allowing them to fully destroy the Mask of Power.

With Kaos defeated once again, Spyro knew that the evil Portal Master would return, but is certain that he and the Skylanders will be ready for him.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Spyro stands with Master Eon and Trigger Happy as The Darkness approaches the Ruins.

Spyro and Trigger Happy were present with Master Eon, when Kaos and The Darkness approached the Citadel one day. As Kaos summoned his minions to destroy the Core of Light, Spyro was the first to charge into battle before the other present Skylanders, taking out several red Cyclops Choppers and Trolls with his horns before taking airborne to fight the enemies from the air. He was briefly seen during the fight flying about while being pursued by a Cyclops Mammoth. Despite their best efforts however, Kaos destroyed the Core of Light using his Hydra. Spyro, along with the other Skylanders, were banished from Skylands to Earth, where they were turned into toys as a result of that world having no magic.

While being frozen, Spyro spent much of his time planning on how to lead his Skylanders home, also crossing the mind of breathing fire at Kaos in retaliation for banishing him and the Skylanders to Earth.[11] Soon, a new Portal Master was assigned by Master Eon to lead Spyro and the Skylanders back to Skylands to stop Kaos's tyranny.

After Kaos was defeated, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy were the only Skylanders present at the Ruins with Flynn, Cali, Hugo, and Master Eon, listening to Kaos making idle threats in his temporary prison. The three Skylanders all shared a knowing glance to one another, as Kaos rambled on promising to return until Skylands was his if he was to be banished to the Outlands again. Instead, Kaos was sent to Earth where he was turned into a toy, and shortly after his departure, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy celebrated their victory together.

Skylanders: The Kaos Trap

Spyro, Ninjini and Stink Bomb battling a group of Drows.

When Hugo called upon the other Skylander teams to assist Stealth Elf, Pop Fizz and Wash Buckler against an army of trolls at the Radiant Isles, Spyro's team of Skylanders was unable to go and help out as they were busy battling a Drow Raiding Squad. The purple dragon then suggested Hugo to contact Gill Grunt's team of Skylanders to see if they were available.

Skylanders: Champions

Spyro is the Skylander who helps crown the winner of the Legendary Tournament and is notably one of the past crowned champions of the arena. According to Déjà Vu, he is the most legendary of all Skylanders. When Déjà Vu felt discouraged by Fist Bump, Trail Blazer, and Fling Kong before the Finals, Spyro approached the girl and lifted her spirits by telling her about how he became a Skylander, his adventures in Skylands, and how raw power alone doesn't make Skylanders powerful. He encouraged Déjà Vu to believe in herself just before the finals began. Déjà Vu would later win the tournament thanks to Spyro's support. With his fire breath, the purple dragon then sculpted a block of metal into a statue of Déjà Vu that now stands alongside other statues of previous champions of the tournament. 

Sometime after the tournament, Spyro rescued a sprite named Calliope from a sea creature in the mini-story, Sprite Fight. Unknown to Spyro, Calliope stole his powers from him while she was thanking the young dragon.

Skylanders: Return of the Dragon King

Spyro, Spy Rise, Weeruptor, Jet-Vac and Wallop were hidden onboard Gurglefin's ship while it was enroute to the Wilikin Village. When the ship became ambushed by Captain Frightbeard and his group of Cyclops pirates, the Skylanders leapt out from the ship's trap door to battle their enemies. While taking on Captain Frightbeard, Spyro's fire breath was ineffective against the large seadog, confusing the young dragon. He was quickly pulled back by Spy Rise in time to avoid Frightbeard's swinging blade and Wallop took the chance to knock the pirate unconscious. Afterwards, everyone on the ship wondered what was going on with Spyro's fire breath, and they concluded that they may find answers back at the Skylanders Academy.

Spyro unleashing his fire breath on Frightbeard, but it has no effect on the seadog pirate.

Once there, Spyro was placed inside one of Mags' inventions to detect anything wrong with him. However after the scan, the readings revealed that Spyro was healthy despite him losing his abilities. Hex soon arrived after a Drow ambush and revealed that her powers were affected as well. After talking with Persephone, the Fairy Queen revealed that all but Spyro and Hex's most simplest of powers were stolen. Spyro and Hex both remembered their encounter with Calliope, discovering that she was the same fairy who used her magic to steal their powers. With the help of Mags' wrench to detect Calliope's magical signature, Spyro and Hex travelled to the Cadaverous Crypts with Mags, Flynn and Wallop to track down Calliope.

Along the way, they came upon Cynder being cornered by Rotting Robbies and Bone Chompies. Wallop, Hex and Spyro saved the dragoness, who revealed that her powers were also stolen by Calliope. The four Skylanders followed Mags' direction to where Calliope went and they pursued the fairy through the caves. Before the Skylanders could stop Calliope from breaking her crystal that held their powers, she shattered the gem under orders of a dark shadow, who absorbed the powers of Spyro, Hex and Cynder to revive himself. As the Skylanders looked upon their enemy, recognizing him, they were struck down and knocked unconscious by a massive fire breath released by none other than the Undead Dragon King Malefor.

When coming back to their senses, Spyro and the other Skylanders found themselves imprisoned. Calliope, who was tending to them, explained that because of their actions against his plans, Malefor had decided to take revenge by destroying what they had worked hard for - the Skylanders Academy. Unable to escape on their own, Cynder took out her frustration on the fairy, but Spyro intervened by pointing out that Cynder - who he forgave despite her dark past - should know better than to blame Calliope for everything. Cynder apologized and tried to convince the fairy to help them with Hex by sharing their experiences with Malefor and their sacrifices, but Calliope was ashamed and ran away. Fortunately, Flynn and Mags soon arrived to free them, and they set off to stop Malefor before he destroyed the school. Once at the Academy, Spyro boldly challenged Malefor to a fight he'll never forget with Hex, Cynder and Wallop by his side.

Spyro, Cynder and Hex challenging Malefor.

Despite Malefor's boasting, Spyro, Cynder, Hex and Wallop stood their ground, willing to fight Malefor for the fate of Skylands. By distracting him, the Skylanders had Mags trap Malefor with chewing gum and the Dread-Yacht was redirected towards Malefor by Hex's magic, crashing the vessel into him, but it only slightly damaged his armor. The evil dragon once again attacked, directing his fury towards Spyro, who Malefor claimed to have fought before time and time again. This confused the group as Hex was the one who defeated him before. Unable to do any further damage, they were starting to lose the battle again until Calliope and Persephone intervened, and directed Spyro to attack Malefor's chestplate to reveal the crystal he used to drain the Skylanders' powers.

To destroy the chestplate, Hex used a spell on Spyro that would redirect his speed into a stronger impact with an orb. Once it was out of the way, Spyro destroyed the crystal inside and released the powers of all defeated Skylanders, restoring their strength. Malefor attempted to keep attacking despite this setback, but at full power, the Skylanders managed to quickly tie his tail to the Dread-Yacht's anchor. With Wallop throwing the ship over the island, Malefor was dragged along. Despite his pleas of help to Calliope, she and the others only watched as Malefor plummeted to the lower parts of Skylands. Spyro afterwards wondered why Malefor believed they both fought before, only for Master Eon to point out that despite the young dragon's memories being fragmented, the present is what matters. Calliope regretted having starting the trouble of Malefor to begin with, but Master Eon assured that the Skylanders Academy would be rebuilt and the Skylanders and their allies would help her find her family regardless.

Skylanders: Rift into Overdrive

During the last day of school at the Skylander Academy, Spyro engaged Stealth Elf in a friendly pie-eating contest, but lost. Three months later after Kaos' escape from the Villain Vault, the purple dragon quickly came to Master Eon when Skylands was being threatened by strange rifts that consume everything in their path and disrupt the connection between the Portals, turning them off completely. As the nearby Skylanders gathered at the Academy's courtyard, Spyro calmed their concerns and explained to them about a great threat Kaos was using to cut off the connections between Portals. While Spyro remained at the Skylander Academy, he enlisted Stealth Elf, Jet-Vac, Terrafin and Gill Grunt to go to Know-It-All Island and see if the Stone Heads know something about the Rift Engines.

Spyro overlooked the defenses around Skylander Academy in preparation for any Kaos attack could pull. The defenses were then put to the test when Kaos launched an assault on the school with an airship armada.

Thanks to the Omni-Disruptor that was retrieved from Magus' castle (Issue #5), Mags was able to call in Skylander reinforcements through a broadcast across all of Skylands. Hordes of Skylanders soon arrived to aid in the defense of the Skylanders Academy, partially scaring away Kaos' attack force and earning the heroes their victory. However Spyro is certain that the war was far from over, knowing that all hope lies on the Rift Engines that Jet-Vac, Stealth Elf, Terrafin and Gill Grunt were sent to find.

Skylanders: Secret Agent Secrets

After the events of Skylanders: SuperChargers, Spyro is first seen arguing with Kaos, who had appointed himself as the Skylander Academy's Evil Consultant of Ultimate Evil. The purple dragon expressed his distrust of the dark Portal Master, assuming Kaos was up to no good as always. Eventually both Spyro and Kaos were forced to cooperate and work out a plan when Buzz pointed out that his elite team of Skylanders, Boomer, Ghost Roaster and Voodood, had disappeared while on a convert mission and hadn't reported in for months. Spyro and Kaos appointed SuperChargers, Spitfire, Stormblade and Nightfall, their first mission to find the lost Skylanders at what was left of Motleyville.

While waiting for Spitfire, Stormblade and Nightfall to report back on their mission, Spyro and Kaos once again got into an heated argument. Before things could escalate into violence, Mags was forced to step in and place Spyro and Kaos in timeout. Knowing that the Skylanders Academy was depending on their leadership, Spyro offered to treat Kaos the respect an ally deserves as they are now on the same side. Now on better terms, both Spyro and Kaos pinpointed the location where the missing Skylanders have disappeared. Spyro then left the Academy under Buzz and Kaos's care as he sent himself to search for their comrades. It is presumed that he found the missing Skylanders off-screen after they defeated the evil Spell Punk Spellslamzer.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Spyro is one of the fan-favorite Skylanders who played an active role of guiding the player and their Skylanders through certain levels.

In the introduction, Spyro engaged Stealth Elf in a friendly race around Skylander Academy, ending with Stealth Elf being the victor. Suddenly, a streak of magic shot into the academy library and a Doomlander emerged, stealing a book about Imaginite. While Spyro and Stealth Elf attempted to engage the creature, it proved to be too strong for them. It was fortunately driven away by the arrival of the Senseis. Spyro later tracked down the Doomlander to the Cradle of Creation where Master Eon instructed the young dragon to meet up with the new Portal Master and their Imaginator. As Spyro expected, the evil mastermind and the creator of the Doomlander was Kaos.

Spyro and Stealth Elf about to engage in a friendly race

When the Skylander defeated Kaos's Doomlander, Spyro congratulated their efforts and returned to M.A.P. with them to meet up with Stealth Elf. Afterwards, the dragon Skylander lent his assistance to his fellow teammates through the story until Kaos and Brain used Mind Magic to brainwash all of Skylands, including the other Skylanders. Because he was a dragon, Spyro was immune to the mind control spell and journeyed to the Dragon Temple with the Skylander to find out a way to reverse the spell that had also occured thousands of years ago. After finding the other Dragons, they and Spyro used their dragon magic to undo the brainwashing spell across most of Skylands, freeing the other Skylanders.

Spyro then helped the other Skylanders bake a giant cake that they would use to infiltrate Kaos's new inpenetrable fortress. Once inside, the Skylanders took their battle to Kaos and Brain with the help of the new Portal Master and their Imaginators. Spyro and the other Skylanders quickly captured Brain after he switched sides and assisted the heroes against Kaos, threatening the Ancient because of his previous loyalty to Kaos. The dragon was skeptical that Brain was trustworthy after his claims of turning over a new leaf, but seemingly gained his trust when Brain shrunk Kaos and Glumshanks and trapped them inside a jar. As part of a deal he made with the Skylanders, Brain was appointed the new professor of Skylanders Academy and began telling the Skylanders a story offscreen.

In the Thumpin' Wumpa Islands, Spyro accompanied Mags to the Wumpa Islands but discovered that Dr. Neo Cortex's latest invention had inadvertantly caused the islands' musical vibes to go off-beat. While investigating the island's disturbance, Spyro caught sight of Fake Crash wearing a robot suit that was causing the bad vibes and guided the Skylander around the island with Mags.

To see more of Spyro's involvement in Skylanders, go to his wiki page.



After Spyro defeated Cynder, he believed she can be something more other than being a former minion of Malefor. Both of them embarked on a dangerous quest together, which resulted in Cynder smiling presumably for the first time. Spyro then convinced Master Eon to sign her up as a Skylander. Ever since then, he regards Cynder as one of his oldest friends and one of the greatest Skylanders.

Gill Grunt

Spyro standing alongside his friend and fellow Skylander, Gill Grunt.

Spyro is best friends with Gill Grunt (or Gill as Spyro often calls him). As a result of being few of the first modern Skylanders, Gill Grunt and Spyro have been working together a little longer than some of the other Skylanders, forming a friendship based on longevity and shared experiences; both having defended Skylands from darkness and tyranny on countless occasions.[12] According to Spyro, Gill Grunt is the bravest Gillman he has ever met.[13]

Although Gill Grunt's dreadful singing makes the young dragon's scales tremble, Spyro, like the other Skylanders, is just too fond of the blue Gillman to tell him the truth that he sounds like a bullfrog gargling stale jelly.

Trigger Happy

Other than Gill Grunt, Spyro is also best friends with Trigger Happy (or Trig as Spyro often calls him), having worked together with the gremlin since their days as the first few modern Skylanders. Their friendship is based on longevity and their shared experiences with each other.[12] Although Spyro is normally confused by Trigger Happy's wacky nature and his way of handling bad guys.


Despite her dark past, Spyro doesn't doubt Hex's loyalties, but doesn't agree with her way of attempting to solve things without help.

Master Eon

Spyro is extremely loyal to the old Portal Master. The young dragon looks up to Master Eon, viewing him as a mentor. Unfortunately, ever since he had met Eon, Spyro had been afraid that one day the old Portal Master would fall to Kaos. His worst nightmare came to life in The Machine of Doom as an hallucination when Spyro was affected by the spores of the Fungus Rings of Despair. He was forced to watch Master Eon being tortured by Kaos, while the young dragon could do nothing to help his mentor. It was until Spyro broke through the hallucination did he free himself from his worst nightmare.

As a result of learning from Master Eon, the old Portal Master's ways influenced Spyro to save his archenemy, Kaos, from a fate the evil tyrant tried to bring upon the young dragon and three of his Skylander friends in The Machine of Doom, despite Spyro wanting to leave Kaos in the very trap he tried to spring. In times when Master Eon is absent, Spyro takes over as temporary leader of the Skylanders.


Spyro, like all in Skylands, hates Kaos, the villainous Portal Master who is also the Skylanders' archenemy. The young dragon shudders at the thought of Kaos ruling Skylands and the universe, and Spyro would do whatever it takes to stop the evil Portal Master from fulfilling his evil plans. Although Kaos was a joke at a basic level, Spyro however, underestimated Kaos's seriousness as a villain, and discovered the evil Portal Master's inner deviousness in The Machine of Doom, revealing to the young dragon that Kaos can be a dangerous adversary.

There were a few instances of Spyro saving Kaos when the evil Portal Master nearly gets himself hurt. During these moments, the young dragon considered leaving Kaos to his doom or letting him get injured. But as a Skylander, doing such things would make Spyro no better than Kaos himself[14], and the purple dragon ends up saving his archenemy. When Kaos was becoming 'hero of the hour' in Spyro Versus The Mega Monsters, Spyro refused to believe the evil Portal Master had turned over a new leaf, knowing that Kaos "is as evil as they come". This doubt was proven true when Kaos revealed his true colors in the end. Spyro had also shown signs of irritation when he was saved by Kaos more than once.

In Secret Agent Secrets, Spyro and Kaos are seen in a heated argument with one another, sometime after Kaos began staying at the Skylanders Academy as "Evil Consultant of Ultimate Evil". Knowing well of Kaos' evil deeds and devious nature, the purple dragon assumed Kaos was up to no good again and was trying to separate the Skylanders. Kaos demanded Spyro to listen to his orders since he is the self-appointed 'Evil Consultant of Ultimate Evil' and claims that he knows all the signs of impending evil. Eventually the two are forced to cooperate and worked out a plan when Buzz's team of Skylanders had disappeared while on a mission.

However this alliance didn't last long as Kaos's inflated ego greatly infuriated Spyro, causing another argument to erupt between the two. Before a fight broke out, Mags stepped in and forced Spyro and Kaos to go into time-out in order for them to work out their problems. Knowing that the Skylanders Academy was depending on their leadership, Spyro apologized to Kaos for not giving him the respect he deserved. The purple dragon then offered to treat as an ally and put aside their differences since they were now on the same side. Both Spyro and Kaos were then able cooperate without conflict, having finally agreed to work together and use their knowledge and leadership to help the Skylanders Academy survive. However their cooperation was short-lived as Kaos went back to his villainous ways in Skylanders: Imaginators.


Spyro never met Malefor prior to his first encounter with the Dragon King, but was aware of Malefor's self-proclaimed status and had fought his minions in the past. He is confused by Malefor's claims of having previously fought Spyro, but the young dragon has no memory of ever facing Malefor other than knowing that Hex was the one who defeated the evil Dragon King.


When Calliope was responsible for Malefor's return, Spyro was one of the two Skylanders who didn't express animosity towards the fairy and notably was the one who defended her from Cynder's aggression since he knew that Malefor was behind Calliope's actions. He was confident that he and his friends would be able to escape their predicament with Calliope's help, but when she tearfully refused and fled, Spyro wished for Calliope to let the Skylanders help whatever was troubling her. During the Skylanders battle against Malefor at the Skylanders Academy, Spyro's trust in the fairy was renewed when Calliope redeemed herself by pointing out Malefor's weakness, which not only caused Malefor's defeat but the restoration of the Skylanders' powers.

Crash Bandicoot

Although the origins of their friendship is currently unknown, Aku Aku calls Spyro an old friend of Crash.

Dr. Neo Cortex

Spyro strongly insists Cortex to fix the mess he made disrupting the good musical vibes on Wumpa Island. After a while though, the dragon feels that he's been giving the Doctor a hard time and compliments on Cortex's attempts to fix the bad vibes on the island.


Being a rare purple dragon associated with the Magic element, Spyro has the ability to harness the power of the other elements, but he prefers to master fire. He can also combine the powers of The Darkness with his own to become Dark Spyro, but doing so raises the risk of losing himself to the dark magic. Using his horns, and infusing them with the Fire element, Spyro can charge at his enemies and knock down obstacles.

Being a dragon, Spyro also has the ability to fly.

In gameplay terms, Spyro is a versatile character, being both effective at close range combat with his Charge and Earth Pound attacks, and capable at mid and long-range combat with his Flameballs. He is notably one of the fastest and most agile Skylanders in the game, especially when taking into account his Flight and Charge abilities. His upgrade paths either let him specialize in large area of effect damage with his Flameball's firebreath, or adding additional strength to his Charge.


These are the starting and maximum statistics for this Skylander in the console version of the games.

  • Health: 280 (max. 560)
  • Speed: 50 (max. 98)
  • Armor: 18 (max. 48)
  • Critical Hit: 30 (max. 80)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 100)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 60
  • Agility: 90
  • Defense: 50
  • Luck: 60

Powers and Upgrades

Basic Abilities
Spyro can defeat Rotting Robbies with his fireball attacks.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Crawling Catacombs

Dragon's Fire Charge Spyro's Earth Pound
Spyro (Skylanders)primarypower.png

Primary Ability
Spyro breathes balls of flame from his mouth, incinerating enemies.

Spyro (Skylanders)secondarypower.png

Secondary Ability
Spyro runs head down knocking over enemies with his horns.

Spyro (Skylanders)soulgempower.png

Price: 4000
In flight, press the second button to Dive Bomb.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone.

Long Range Raze Spyro's Flight Sprint Charge Triple Flameballs
Spyro (Skylanders)basicupgrade1.png

Price: 500
Enhancing Spyro's lung capacity, this ability lets Spyro shoot flameballs that travel much farther than before.

Spyro (Skylanders)basicupgrade2.png

Price: 700
Spyro takes to the skies. Well, off the ground at least! Fly over water and move at great speed.

Spyro (Skylanders)basicupgrade3.png

Price: 900
Fitness counts. Spyro is able to charge for a longer distance with this upgrade.

Spyro (Skylanders)basicupgrade4.png

Price: 1200
Shoot 3 Flameballs instead of one.

Sheep Burner Spyro
This upgrade path lets you further develop your Flameball attacks.

Fire Shield Exploding Fireblast The Daybringer Flame
Spyro (Skylanders)path1upgrade1.png

Price: 1700
This upgrade generates fire shields around Spyro when he uses his Flameball attack.

Spyro (Skylanders)path1upgrade2.png

Price: 2200
Spyro's central Flameball ignites into an explosive force that not only does more damage but hits multiple enemies.

Spyro (Skylanders)path1upgrade3.png

Price: 3000
Hold down your primary power button to build up this attack, which generates a flame so big and bright it is said to bring daylight to the sky.

Blitz Spyro
This upgrade path lets you further develop your Charging attacks.

Stun Charge Comet Dash Ibex's Wrath Charge
Spyro (Skylanders)path2upgrade1.png

Price: 1700
Enemies hit by Spyro's charge become temporarily stunned.

Spyro (Skylanders)path2upgrade2.png

Price: 2200
A magic aura surrounds Spyro's horns imbuing them with extra power and damage that burns enemies in its path.

Spyro (Skylanders)path2upgrade3.png

Price: 3000
Find Spyro's extra gear. With this upgrade, Spyro builds up speed and such a destructive force that it causes the very air around him to ignite into the magical form of fiery ibex horns.

Skylanders gain new abilities automatically based on their level.

Starting Powers

  • Dragon's Fire (Primary Attack): Spyro can shoot a fireball.
  • Horn Blast (Secondary Attack): Unleash a blast of magical energy from Spyro's horns.


  • Spiky Sprint (requires level: 2): Sprint into enemies to damage them with Spyro's horns.
  • Horn Havoc (requires level: 5): Hit an enemy with a Horn Blast to charge Spyro's horns with energy. While charged, Dragon Fire and Spiky Sprint will deal more damage.
  • Fiery Frenzy (requires level: 8): Spyro can now fire three fireballs and charge up to shoot a giant fireball.

Minigame Abilities
Skylanders get special abilities in minigames based on their element.

Sky Defense Castle Assault Ground Defense

Create a vortex that pulls enemies in.


Launch a projectile that creates a magic area that disintegrates blocks.


Create a vortex that pulls enemies in and inflicts damage.


Cutscene Quotes

  • "I'd like to see you try, Kaos!" - Skylanders: Giants

Battle Cries

  • "To defend all!"
  • "Don't dare the dragon!"
  • "It's showtime!"
  • "Defend one and all!"
  • "Adventure calls!"
  • "For Skylands!"
  • "All Fired Up!"
  • "Never back down!"
  • "Can't handle the horns!"
  • "Born to battle!"
  • "Oh Yeah!"
  • "Mess with the dragon, you get the horns!"
  • "This dragon can't be beat!"
  • "Never had a doubt!"
  • "Up high!" - when using a Bounce Pad
  • "That's what I'm talkin' about!"
  • "I knew I could do it!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Making Skylands proud!" - when looking at Spyro's stats
  • "Getting stronger!" - when looking at Spyro's stats
  • "Err, are my horns sticking out?" - when putting on a hat
  • "I'm gonna look good!" - when putting on a Hat
  • "A new name? Sweet!" when given a nickname
  • "Alright, change is good!" when given a nickname
  • "Er, every bit helps." - when opening a treasure chest
  • "Yeah! I'm All Fired Up!" - when using Wow Pow power.
  • "Suh-weet!"
  • "You want some of this??" - when using Wow Pow power.
  • "Whooooo!!- when charging

Book Quotes

Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

  • "You told us not to underestimate him. I won't do it again."
  • "Just trying to save your life, that's all."
  • "Who's struck? Is it the ice ogres? Or the basilisks? Please don't say it's Kaos."
  • "Your plan was to make it blindingly obvious that you were after the Chattering Key, so that Eon sent us after it and you didn’t get it first."

Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters

  • "Kaos is as evil as they come. This is a man who would give candy to a baby just so he could steal it back again."
  • "It's time you three picked on someone your own size!"
  • "It was a team effort, Master. It's always a team effort."
  • "I have a photographic memory. I never forget anything, and I've seen one of those before."
  • "Hey, fang features! Over here."

Commericial Quotes

  • "Skylanders! To battle!" (in Boomtime advert)
  • "Zook's gotta get through that gate." (in Blow It Up commercial)
  • "Let's rock and roll!" (In The Beginning Trailer)
  • "What do you say we teach Big Head a little lesson?" (In The Beginning Trailer)
  • "Game on!"
  • "What should we do today? We could go swimming, we could go to the lava pits, or we could go fishing... Nah, that's kinda weird though, since you're a fish..."
  • "This fish ain't flopping around!" (in Fins' TV commercial)

Character Trailers

See also


Main article: Spyro (Skylanders)/Gallery


  • Spyro is considered by the development team of Skylanders to be the spiritual foundation of the Skylanders series.[15] This is because of his involvement in Skylanders' original and early concept of Spyro's Kingdom, and potential IP ideas for the Spyro franchise after The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.
  • Although he is leader of the modern-day Skylanders, Toys for Bob thinks of Spyro as first among equals.[16] This is because the developers wanted to make sure that one Skylander doesn't feel more special or different than the others, but in a way, still honor the history of Spyro, Cynder, and even the other Skylanders at the same amount of equality.[17]
  • Spyro is one of the five known characters, alongside SparxCynder, Malefor and Dark Spyro, from the original Spyro series and/or the Legend series to appear in Skylanders.
  • Whenever Spyro breathes fire in-game, a ring of purple magical energy is also released from his mouth, hinting that Spyro uses the element of Magic to breathe the element of Fire.
    • Skylanders is also the first game where Spyro can't breathe a flamethrower-like breath, only fireballs.
  • Early gameplay videos of Spyro's Adventure show Spyro speaking a gibberish language, which all Skylanders were originally going to speak. However, it was later decided that he and several other Skylanders would speak English.
    • Although he doesn't talk in the game cutscenes like the rest of the Skylanders in Spyro's Adventure (due to Toys for Bob's original idea of having the Skylanders speak their own gibberish language), Spyro does talk when he is released from his toy form.
    • In Skylanders, Spyro is voiced by Josh Keaton, who voices Spider-Man from many Marvel video games and the TV show The Spectacular Spider-Man, Hal Jordan form Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Jack Darby from Transformers Prime.
  • Spyro in "Skylanders" is noted by the developers as not being the same Spyro most fans grew up with, but is a different Spyro created for the new younger target audience who have no prior knowledge on who Spyro is.
  • Dragonbunnies resemble Spyro.
  • Spyro's biography mentions that Spyro comes from "a rare line of magical purple dragons." This trait was also used in Spyro: Shadow Legacy and The Legend of Spyro series.
  • Toys For Bob, developer of Skylanders and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, have stated in interviews that the Skylanders incarnation of Spyro is a different character entirely from classic Spyro.[18]
    • His biography also mentions that he has been on "many exciting adventures," which could reference the Original Spyro's history in the original Spyro series.
  • Although Spyro's claws are colored white in promotional art, in the final version of the game they are yellow, and on his toy they are purple. This was later fixed in later installments.
  • Unlike his Classic and Legend counterpart, Spyro's eyes are red, not purple.
    • He originally had blue eyes in one of his toy prototypes.
  • In Spyro's Adventure, Spyro's CGI version and toy form have two colors on his wings (with purple on top and completely yellow underneath), but his in-game version does not possess this detail.
  • He is the only Skylander from the console starter packs of Spyro's Adventure who does not have a sidekick counterpart.
    • He is also the only Skylander from the Spyro's Adventure Console Starter Pack that does not carry a gun of any kind.
  • As a Series 2 figure, Spyro appears to have gained some kind of wooden attachments to his wings to increase the power of his Earth Pound, or upgrading to Fireslam. In the original concept, his wing attachments were purple, but in the final concept, they are red.
  • Out of all the Skylanders, Spyro is the most recognizable.
    • In the novels and comics, he is notable for being the most famous and legendary of all the Skylanders.[19][20][21]
    • Skylanders IDW comic writer, Ron Marz, mentioned that since Spyro is a popular character, he is included in a lot of the comics.[22]
  • In the novel Skylanders: The Machine of Doom, Master Eon first came to Spyro while the young dragon was playing in the Summer Forest back in his world.[23]
    • Summer Forest is a realm from Avalar, a homeworld in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! from the original Spyro series.
  • Master Eon hints that Spyro's memories before arriving in Skylands are somewhat fractured.[24]
  • In the Ruins in Spyro's Adventure there is a young Mabu named Quigley. If you use Spyro to talk to him, Quigley will say "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" This could be a reference to Spyro starring in previous games.
  • Spyro standing by the dragon skeleton that resembles him

    In Cadaverous Crypt, the left room in the entrance of the level contains the skeleton of a dragon that bears a striking resemblance to Spyro.
  • Prior to Swap Force, Spyro is the first Skylander to have four forms (Series 1, Series 2, Dark and Legendary). The second is Pop Fizz (Normal, LightCore, Punch and Hoppity)
  • He has been produced in three different forms as a Mega Bloks figure: Regular, Dark and Silver.
  • Spyro being of the Magic element is similar to his classic counterpart using magic in Spyro: Shadow Legacy.
  • In the 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force, a large statue of Master Eon is seen in the center of the Skylands Museum with Spyro by his side.
    • There is also a cutout picture of Spyro near the Hat Collection in the Museum.
  • In the comics, Spyro is mostly depicted as his Series 2 counterpart when his wings are given red wooden enhancements.


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Spyro - Sparx - Hunter - Sgt Byrd - Agent 9 - Sheila - Bentley - Blink
The Legend of Spyro series
Spyro - Cynder
Skylanders series
Spyro the Dragon (Dark) (Legendary) - Gill Grunt - Trigger Happy (Legendary) - Cynder - Terrafin
Stealth Elf (Legendary) - Chop Chop (Legendary) - Eruptor - Ignitor (Legendary) - Prism Break - Stump Smash
Flameslinger - Zap - Ghost Roaster - Voodood - Bash (Legendary) - Sonic Boom
- Drobot - Boomer - Whirlwind (Polar) - Dino-Rang - Zook - Wrecking Ball - Sunburn - Camo
Wham-Shell - Slam Bam (Legendary) - Drill Sergeant - Lightning Rod - Warnado -
Double Trouble (Royal) - Hex