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“Now, are you getting my good side? You're right, who am I kidding? They're both my good side!”
    —Spyro, Skylanders Unite!

Spyro (スパイロ Supairo in Japanese) is a purple dragon who is the main protagonist in the Skylanders Academy spinoff television series. Initially an arrogant and prideful, he overcame his ego to become a full-fledged Skylander with his best friends, Stealth Elf and Eruptor.



Spyro is a cocky and impulsive young dragon who is eager to show off his skills and jump into danger without thinking ahead. In his series debut, he was very egotistical, always thinking of himself and filled with overconfidence. At one point, he thought about naming his potential Skylander team "Team Spyro" or just "Spyro". This overbearing behavior was the result of Master Eon praising Spyro's talents as he grew, leading Spyro to believe that everything would always come easy for him. After failing the Skylander Games and losing his battle with Kaos, Spyro resolved to no longer think of himself and became more reliant on his friends and teammates. He still retains his ego, but to a much lesser extent.

In Dream Girls, it is shown that despite his boastful disposition, Spyro can suffer from stage fright when standing before a crowd. Like other dragons, his emotions can also flare up as much as his power, and long-term stress causes him to become unreasonable and hold grudges he would otherwise ignore. Throughout Season 2, he gets frustrated when he's denied answers relating to his dragonkind, that he was willing to leave the team and confront Malefor to find them.


That purple blur that just whizzed past your eyes and blew the papers off your desk isn't your imagination playing tricks on you – it's Spyro, maybe the greatest Skylander of all time. And this cocky hero would be the first to tell you that! But there's no denying this is one awesome dragon. Who else can breathe fire, fly like an acrobat through the air, and tell a joke all at the same time? That's some serious multi-tasking! When the cards are stacked against you, you want a friend like Spyro on your side – because he’ll jump right into danger without thinking twice. He probably won’t even think once! Which might explain why he finds himself in over his head more than he'd care to admit. Could a Skylander this impulsive really be the "Chosen One" like Master Eon believes? Only one way to find out...


Like most dragons, Spyro holds the ability to breathe fire and fly using his wings. Being a dragon, his power makes him emotionally strained depending on his emotions. By the time of Season 2, because of his heritage, Spyro's scales have become nigh impenetrable, though he can still feel pain.



Spyro first appeared in the series debut as an orphan hatchling born on a remote island in Skylands. Shortly after his birth, he was found and threatened by a three Greebles who planned on eating him. To the surprise of his attackers, he was able to defeat the creatures with his strength and newly-learned firebreath. Young Spyro's efforts was observed by Master Eon, who adopted and raised Spyro, convinced that he was destined for greatness.

As a cadet at Skylanders Academy, Spyro faced prejudice from the other students due to being raised by Eon and things always coming easy for him. He soon became friends with fellow cadets Stealth Elf and Eruptor. However, Master Eon's constant praise on Spyro's talents boosted the dragon's pride, egotistical behavior and disregard for fire safety (and other kinds of safety), which was fueled even further when Spyro received the highest score in the Skylanders admissions test ever.

Season 1

Spyro ego

Master Eon pointing out Spyro's over-inflated ego

In response to Spyro's barely passing grades at Skylanders Academy, Master Eon talked with Spyro privately in the secret Relics Room within the school. The old wizard pointed out to Spyro that he needs to put his over-inflated ego aside and his efforts in school would not be enough for him to pass the final test at the Skylander Games. Spyro however was confident that he would ace the Games and become a Skylander. Instead of practicing for the event, Spyro threw himself, Eruptor and Stealth Elf a "graduation party" at their house and partied until he was the only partygoer remaining. The young dragon overslept as a result, nearly missing the Skylander Games. He arrived at the stadium just as Master Eon was about to end the ceremony, but his ego affected his perfomance. While Stealth Elf, Eruptor, and Bad Breath passed the final test, Spyro was one of the two other cadets that failed, much to his shock and disappointment.

The following day, Stealth Elf found Spyro wallowing in his room, still upset after having failed to become Skylander and letting everybody down. Elf reassured him that he can't be the hero they all know just by feeling sorry for himself before leaving him alone with a pancake. Taking his friend's advice, Spyro decided to go to the Skylanders Graduation and support his friends. During the ceremony, Kaos and his Troll minion Glumshanks snuck their way towards the stage and stole the Book of Skylanders. The evil wizard then froze the Book solid to completely immobolize all of the Skylanders sketched within.

Hearing the commotion from the crowd of Mabu, Spyro raced towards the stage and saw his friends, other Skylanders and Master Eon frozen in ice statues. He then realized that since he wasn't included in the Book of Skylanders, Kaos has no power over Spyro. The young dragon engaged the evil wizard in a battle, only to overcome by Kaos's dark magic and was pulled inside of a dark bubble, forcing him into slumber. Master Eon was able to call out to Spyro telepathically inside the bubble, awakening him, and the dragon managed to free himself by breathing fire inside of his prison, causing it to pop. He qucikly returned to Skylanders Academy and confronted Kaos once again in the secret room. Despite his attempts, Spyro was once again defeated, but he was able to defrost the Book of Skylanders with his fire breath, freeing everyone affected.

Spyro earned Skylander title

Spyro rests after his battle with Kaos before earning his title as Skylander

Kaos and Glumshanks were about to bury a weakened Spyro alive until he talked, when they were stopped by Master Eon and the other Skylanders, who threw the evildoers out of Skylander Academy and into a pasture filled with aggressive Sheep. As Spyro recovered, he explained to Master Eon that the entire experience taught him so much and that he was ready to try for Skylander status next year. Impressed with Spyro's efforts in stopping Kaos and his selfless heroism, Master Eon saw that Spyro was worthy in becoming a Skylander and sketched him into the Book of Skylanders, earning Spyro his spot in the Skylander Team.

In My Way or the Sky Way, Spyro's impulsive nature caused him to butt heads with Jet-Vac, who felt threatened by the dragon's way of handling situations. The young dragon was later surprised when Jet-Vac unexpectedly moved in with him and his roommates in order to straighten the dragon's rebellious behavior out. After their mission to Falling Forest ended with Team Spyro arriving too late to put out the forest fire, Spyro went to the Academy library to read in case Jet-Vac came to berate him again. Instead, Jet-Vac came to Spyro to apologize for being too hard on the young dragon and that he accepts that each Skylander has a different way of handling things effectively. Spyro comically suspected Eon had talked with Jet-Vac on the subject, to which the Sky Baron himself confirmed.

Spyro and Jet-Vac soon noticed a lizard-gizzard mascot had walked into the library with a hypnotized Hugo to force him to open the Relics Room that held the map to the Core of Light. Spyro and Jet-Vac, unaware of the identity of the mascot, eagerly wanted him to do the Lizard-Gizzard dance to which the mascot angrily refused, revealing his identity as Kaos. When Kaos attempted to escape, Spyro was surprised that Jet-Vac used his impulse to stop the evil sorcerer, before the two Skylanders proceeded to beat Kaos senseless. Afterwards, Spyro offered Jet-Vac to stay at his home in the attic, while it is later revealed that Professor Pop Fizz had been living in the Team Spyro house basement for some time.

In Missing Links, Team Spyro was struggling to overcome the Fire Viper training simulation, but had failing the test for an unknown amount of times. When Master Eon brought over his friend King Pen to help out the team, the Sensei allowed Spyro and the rest of his team to create Cy, King Pen's Imaginator creation that would help them improve their talents while working as a team. The Skylanders then taught Cy their way in using their combat abilities, with Spyro teaching Cy how to fly.

Spyro Cy

Cy talking with Spyro and his team

When the time came for Team Spyro to take on the Fire Viper simulation again, Cy's involvement only hindered their progress as the Imaginator was repeating what the Skylanders had taught him. In the end, Cy lost control of his vacuum blaster and immobolized Team Spyro, causing the team to fail the simulation. Master Eon and King Pen scolded Team Spyro, concerned about the future of the team while King Pen considered taking part Cy to see the problem. Afterwards, Team Spyro and Cy gathered at The Thinking Spot to talk about their failure, when suddenly the real life Fire Viper swooped down and attacked the team. While evading the beast, Spyro came to realize that they had been reusing their talents instead of combining Cy's unique powers with their own. With this realization, Team Spyro combined their powers with Cy's abilities, resulting in their victory taking down Fire Viper. Master Eon and King Pen both witnessed their efforts and congratulated them.

Along with the rest of Team Spyro, Spyro was very supportive of Stealth Elf being chosen to do a "Skills, Elements and Defense" speech to the entire academy in Dream Girls. He was later among the Skylanders affected by a mysterious sheep phobia caused by Dreamcatcher's dream manipulation. When Stealth Elf was late presenting her SED speech, Spyro was one of the two Skylanders who volunteered to talk about himself to give time for Elf to arrive but displayed a bit of stage fright at first. His elven companion finally came to the class and Spyro was able to listen to Stealth Elf's speech and her reasoning behind her late arrival. With Dreamcatcher, and soon Kaos and Glumshanks detained, Spyro joined the rest of Team Spyro to guide the villains to Cloudcracker Prison.

Upon arriving at Cloudcracker Prison in The Hole Truth, Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor were assigned guard duty for the day. However, a notorious group of inmates called the Doom Raiders deviously tricked the naive Team Spyro into sending them into The Hole, the prison's confinement area, as part of their plan to escape Cloudcracker Prison. Upon realizing their mistake, Team Spyro sent themselves to The Hole to stop the Doom Raiders' escape, but were outnumbered and failed to stop the villains in time. Snap Shot afterwards informed the Skylanders that they would have to be ready when they return to Skylander Academy, for the Doom Raiders are a much bigger threat now they are at large.

Master Eon summoned Team Spyro in the middle of a wilderness for a team building retreat in Space Invaders. The Skylanders came under attack by Kaos and Stealth Elf was seemingly vanquished by the villain during the fight, leaving her comrades devastated. In their time of grief, Spyro wrote the eulogy as he believes he alone was Elf's best friend. Team Spyro would soon notice Kaos had come to them alone and were eager for revenge over Stealth Elf's demise. Kaos claims to be Stealth Elf and was able to prove to Team Spyro that she became stuck inside Kaos's mind. With Team Spyro's help, they were able to free Elf, while Glumshanks came by and retrieved Kaos unnoticed.

Spyro Kaos Pop Rocks

Spyro encountering Kaos again at the Music Festival

In Pop Rocks, Spyro was anxious to go to the Skylands Music Festival for the first time, but forgot to buy a ticket needed to get in. As a result, he was left to guard the parameter outside the festival. During guard duty, Spyro ran into a hippie-disguised Kaos and followed him into the music festival, barely escaping the concert's bouncer Ka-Boom. The dragon was among those affected by Wolfgang's hypnotic music, but was freed when Pop Fizz defeated the evil werewolf onstage. Ka-Boom finally caught Spyro and was about to throw him out, but Master Eon made Spyro an exception as he and the rest of Team Spyro were deep undercover to stop evil threats from disrupting the concert.

In The Skylands Are Falling!, Team Spyro was assigned to protect Eon's prized beard monument but failed. Spyro afterwards accompanied Pop Fizz to the Skylands swap meet where Pop Fizz unknowingly found a small gem discarded by Kaos. With it, and based on Spyro's primary idea, the gremlin professor created a device called the evil-scope that would detect any evil in Skylands before it happened. Team Spyro began following the evil-scope's predictions and apprehended the Doom Raiders and other evil-doers before they can perform any nefarious deeds. Despite dealing with every possible evil, Spyro still obsessively used the evil-scope, believing that it was his destiny to be "the stopper of all evil", and that Kaos had yet to rear his ugly head. Overnight, a giant mass of evil was formed in the sky, threatening to destroy all of Skylands.

Spyro volunteered to take care of the swirling ball of evil, but was pulled and trapped inside. It was there that he realized that his constant use of the evil-scope had caused of all of the evil to go in one place, creating an imbalance in the universe that would destroy the world and making Spyro's obsessive heroism the most evil of them all. Soon after realizing this, the young dragon began attacking the cracks he created within black ball of evil in order to escape and restore balance. He managed to break free, barely stopping the destruction of Skylands, and returned to Skylanders Academy where he explained to his comrades what happened. Team Spyro then noticed a strange creature named Crash Bandicoot had appeared in the Library with them after being pulled from his world by the massive ball of evil.

When Eon's attempts to send Crash home failed, the great wizard sent Team Spyro to the Falling Forest in the hopes to find a dark relic that he can use to create a portal to Crash's homeworld. The mysterious effects of the Falling Forest rendered Skylander abilities useless except for Crash's. During their mission, Spyro became greatly fascinated with Crash, wanting to perform heroics just like the bandicoot hero, and even started dressing up like Crash. However Spyro's fanatics caused him to be captured by the Chompy Mage, who planned on using him for a Chompy summoning spell. In a heated rescue mission, Team Spyro were able to save Spyro from the Chompy Mage and Kaos, gaining a dark book in the process.

With the power of the Book of Dark Magic, Master Eon created a passage to Crash's world; Spyro and the rest of Team Spyro fondly bid the bandicoot farewell before he went home. The strain of performing dark magic afflicted Master Eon with an illness, causing Spyro and his team to worry.

S1E10 Spyro Jet-Vac Chef Pepper Jack

Spyro seeing a vision of the past within the swirling ball of evil

In Assault on Skylander Academy, Eon's health worsened as he was inflicted with a curse from using the dark book. Team Spyro were given a vial and were instructed to make haste to The Isle of the Citadel where they would find the necessary light energy source that will heal Eon. During their journey through the Citadel, the Skylanders had to pass several trials in order to reach the Core of Light. When they reached the Trial of Bravery, it was Spyro who urged them to continue on and was willing to free fall down an endless void to certain doom with his fellow Skylanders. Once at the Core of Light, Spyro filled with the vial with the machine's light energy just before Hugo contacted Team Spyro that Skylanders Academy was under attack. Upon arriving back at the Academy after the attack, Spyro quickly gave Master Eon the light energy cure, which instantly healed the wizard, much to everyone's relief, including Spyro's.

With the headmaster recovering and thankful for Spyro and the others, Eon vowed to take the book to a place where it could no longer hurt others - unknown to the team, back into Kaossandra's care.

Season 2

In Spyromania, Team Spyro was being interviewed by Claire of Sky 13 Action News over the powers they wield. During the interview with Spyro, the young dragon realized that he didn't have a special superpower that made him different from other dragons, as they also shared the ability of flight and fire breath. Disappointed with himself, he at first tried to gain more information about his kind from Flashwing, to no avail, and decided to try various reckless methods to discover his abilities, while the rest of Team Spyro looked for Master Eon's stolen hover-podium. Eventually Spyro was called to Master Eon's library after he tried to coax the Skylander cadets to attack him at once during class, and was scolded for his behavior.

Despite getting suspended temporarily, Spyro recklessly tracked down the hover-podium thief to a remote island, where it was revealed that Bomb Shell was the one who stole Eon's hover-podium. During the heated confrontation, while still trying to figure out his superpower, Spyro managed to defeat Bomb Shell but seemingly perished by one of the villain's bombs. To Team Spyro's surrpise, their purple dragon companion survived the blast unscathed due to his newly acquired superpower: impenetrable scales. This inspired Spyro to try and learn more about his ancestors.


Spyro with his student, Cynder

In Return to Cynder, Team Spyro was introduced to a new cadet named Cynder, who was placed under Spyro's tutelage in order to train for her admissions test. As they began Cynder's training, Spyro learned that Cynder has never used her powers and taught her how to utilize them. While sparring with Cynder, Spyro discovered that his impenetrable scales also make him invulnerable to lightning.

The purple dragon then brought Cynder along on a Skylander mission where four Greebles were terrorizing a burger joint called Yum Yum Fun Burger. When Cynder's attempts to stop the Greebles peacefully ended with hostility, Spyro explained to her that good guys are always good and bad guys are always bad. During the heat of the moment, Cynder had a meltdown, striking Spyro, Team Spyro and the Greebles. Spyro asked Cynder what was wrong, and she revealed that she is the daughter of the evil dragon king Malefor, which makes her born from evil. Taking Spyro's words to heart, Cynder believed that she can never be good and unleashed another electrical attack on all within range. Spyro and his team recovered, with the Greebles subdued, but Cynder had fled.

Team Spyro reported to Master Eon on what happened and learned about Cynder's father, the evil dragon king Malefor. Spyro then realized that he was at fault for discouraging Cynder with his talk on good and bad, and went with Team Spyro to bring Cynder back to Skylanders Academy. In the Underworld, Team Spyro found Cynder and tried to convince her to return to the Academy. However Malefor appeared after searching for Cynder, and upon seeing the Skylanders, the evil dragon king began his attack.

As Spyro was being pummelled by Malefor, he expressed to Cynder his mistake about good and evil and that meeting her made Spyro realize she has the power to choose to be good. Malefor then pinned Spyro down and discovered upon closer inspection that the young dragon was the last of his dragon kind. When Spyro asked the dragon king how he knew that, Malefor responded that Spyro's kind were his sworn enemies and he had a hand in helping wipe them out, horrifying Spyro. Malefor then attempted to kill Spyro right there and then to finally rid the realm of Spyro's breed, but Cynder came to Spyro's rescue, deflecting her father's firebreath with her Spectral Lightning. When the dust cleared, Cynder finally revealed to her father that she doesn't want to evil and wanted to be a Skylander. At this realization, Malefor disowned Cynder as she carried Spyro to safety back to Skylander Academy with Team Spyro.

Back at the Academy, Spyro was anxiously waiting with Stealth Elf and Eruptor for Cynder's results on her admissions test. To his relief, she passed, allowing her to become a Skylander cadet. Before being guided to cadet housing, Cynder thanked Spyro for his help. Spyro then told Eon about Malefor's words on being the last of his dragon kind and asked if it was true. Master Eon only reassured the purple dragon not to listen to Malefor's words, and Spyro left to follow after his friends and Cynder.

In Thankstaking for the Memories, Spyro was left at Skylander Academy while Master Eon and the rest of Team Spyro were on Thankstaking holiday break - mostly for his own fault, since he had ruined several holidays in previous years and made others wary of his carelessness. While spending time with Stealth Elf, the young dragon decided to use this opportunity to try and sneak into the Relics Room at the promise of showing Stealth Elf 'the grandfather of all blades'. However an accident caused them both to be locked in the Relics Room by the security system, upsetting Stealth Elf.

SpyroEruptor S2 05

Spyro commending Eruptor's genius

When attempts to escape failed, Spyro apologized to Stealth Elf and revealed to her his true intentions of wanting to go into the Relics Room: to find something that would tell him about his dragon ancestors. The young dragon did find a big book about dragons, but discovered that the pages about his dragon kind were ripped from the book, as if someone didn't want anyone to know about them. Spyro also wanted a friend nearby to share the good or bad news if he had found something about his ancestors. In return, Stealth Elf apologized to Spyro for being reluctant in having fun and both of them reconciled. The security system then opened the door to the Relics Room upon hearing Stealth Elf say the password 'please'. While on the way out, Spyro showed his friend the 'grandfather of all blades' he told her about earlier, before he secretly took the Book of Dragons out of the Relics Room.

Although the security system had informed Master Eon of Spyro and Stealth Elf's intrusion in the Relics Room, the old wizard commended them for working out their differences and unifying like family.

In Elementary, My Dear Eruptor, Eruptor was discovered to be the student who received the highest score in the intelligence exam, surpassing Spyro's high score. Instead of being jealous, Spyro was excited that Eruptor's genius can be used against evil. However Eruptor's ego as being detective soon caused tension between him and Spyro, and the lava monster revealed that he had pieced together that Spyro had stolen the dragon book from the Relics Room the previous episode. Despite their falling out, Spyro willingly accompanied Team Spyro to assist Eruptor when he became overpowered by Broccoli Guy.

While training with Master Eon in One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest, Team Spyro and the old wizard became quarantined at the Team Spyro Home when one of them contracted a contagious virus. Team Spyro eventually became infected with the virus despite attempts to avoid Master Eon, but Spyro saw this as an opportunity to finally get Eon to tell him everything he knows about dragons, including his dragon kind. However Eon has avoided Spyro's questions, leading the young dragon challenging Master Eon to a fight, not only just to "practice", but for Eon to answer any question Spyro has if he wins or for Spyro to finally cease all questions about his ancestors if he loses.

Despite both feeling seriously ill, Master Eon accepted Spyro's challenge and engaged him in a fight at the front lawn. During the battle, Spyro attempted to counter Master Eon, but Eon's powers have him pinned down. Spyro still tried to demand the truth from Master Eon, but the wizard firmly demanded that the dragon submit. Relunctantly, Spyro admitted defeat and sticks with his promise that he'll no longer pester Master Eon about his ancestry. Instead the young dragon committed himself into finding the truth about his ancestors on his own no matter what. Soon after, the virus affected Master Eon and Team Spyro has lifted, and Ka-Boom revealed that the virus originated from someone who has super-speed: Stealth Elf.

Spyro KingPen3 S209

Spyro asking King Pen about the "losses of the past"

In Belly of the Beast, Team Spyro was assigned as senior supervisors for the cadets, with Cynder assigning herself under Spyro's watch. When Cy arrived with urgent news of King Pen's capture at the coils of Fire Viper, Team Spyro accompanied Cy to Arctic Isle with the cadets to go to King Pen's rescue. When the Skylanders came to rescue the Sensei, Fire Viper devoured King Pen to taunt them, driving Cy into a rage and causing the group to also be swallowed up by the villain as they were unable to evade his assault.

While trapped inside Fire Viper's digestive tract, Team Spyro came to notice the cadets' unanimosity towards Cy for ascending to Skylander status without any training. Spyro then shared his experience as a Skylander-in-training while also having faced prejudice from the other cadets for being raised by Eon and things always coming easy for him. However he proved himself that he had what it took to be a Skylander and urged the cadets to give Cy and Bad Breath a chance to prove themselves as well.

King Pen, feeling weak from Fire Viper's heated digestive tract, revealed to the Skylanders of a great evil that was returning and mentioned to Spyro about knowing about "the losses of the past". Although Spyro was confused by this, the conversation was cut short when Fire Viper awakened and the Skylanders were in danger of falling into the beast's stomach. Thanks to the encouragement of Cy and his fellow cadets, Bad Breath used his noxious breath attack to cause Fire Viper to throw up the Skylanders, rendering him vulnerable. With newfound confidence in teamwork, the cadets promptly defeated Fire Viper. As the team celebrated their victory, Spyro asked King Pen what he meant about "the losses of the past", something which the Sensei disregarded as 'gibberish', leaving Spyro greatly confused.

In Who's Your Daddy?, he learned about Jet-Vac's doubts on being a good leader to the team and his upbringing. Spyro reassured him that Jet-Vac is a good leader and was rather envious that he doesn't know who his own parents were. During the episode, the dragon and the rest of Team Spyro had to put up with Jet-Vac's destructive baby Greeble until it was returned to its actual parents.

In Sheep(ball) Dreams, Spyro's suspicions about Eon hiding secrets about his ancestors were increased when Stealth Elf told him about someone named "Strykore" and that Eon was avoiding the question on who that was. This news made Spyro begin to lose confidence about his mentor for this lie he told Elf.

In It Techs Two, Spyro became more convinced that Eon was not only hiding secrets from him, but to the entire team. By the end of the episode, Spyro reprimanded Eon when they were alone in the Library, calling the headmaster out about his lies and not wanting to be with a leader who would lie to his own allies. The young dragon's declaration of quitting the Skylanders over this finally caused Eon to give in, telling Spyro inside the Relics Room everything he knows about his ancestors.

S2 12 Spyro Eon

Master Eon telling Spyro the truth about his ancestors

Long ago, Spyro's dragon kind were the powerful protectors of the Core of Light and Master Eon served as their guardian. During the Great War, Strykore rose to power, wielding tremendous dark magic, and converted Spyro's dragon ancestors into his evil minions in an attempt to destroy the Core of Light for his ultimate goal of ruling the Skylands. Master Eon was forced to make a terrible decision: by using all of his powers, he had banished all of the Spyro's family to an unknown realm to protect the Core of Light, although whether they are alive or not is unknown. Spyro felt betrayed and heartbroken upon hearing that Eon may have potentially destroyed his family, and despite Eon's attempts to apologize, Spyro refused to forgive the headmaster for not acting to fix what he did and "only say sorry", and left Skylander Academy.

Wanting to find his ancestors, Spyro traveled to the underworld in Touch of Evil and approached the dragon king Malefor, requesting him to send Spyro to the dimension where his ancestors were sent to by Master Eon. Despite Malefor mentioning that he and Spyro's dragon kind are sworn enemies, Spyro attempted to convince the dragon king that they don't have to be enemies. Still infuriated over Spyro's hand in turning his only child Cynder to the side of good, Malefor instead attacked Spyro furiously and subdued him after drawing the Skylander out by claiming to know the whereabouts of Spyro's parents.

With Spyro in his clutches, the dragon king delivered a broadcast to all of Skylands that he had captured Spyro to be his slave and would return the purple dragon safely to Skylander Academy if the Skylanders return Cynder back to the dragon king, with her pledging herself to evil. If the demands weren't met by sundown, Spyro won't be seen again. While waiting for the Skylanders, Malefor revealed to a weakened Spyro that he planned to take both Cynder and Spyro back to the Cadaverous Crypts forever when she comes for the young dragon. The evil wizard Kaos came to Malefor and wanted to take Spyro under Strykore's orders, much to the dragon king's surprise. In return for handing Spyro over, Malefor would not face Kaos and Strykore's wrath. Malefor then gave Spyro over to Kaos off-screen after cogitating his decision.

Within the room of Kaossandra's Castle, Spyro was brought before Strykore, who intends to consume Spyro's light energy to free himself from his prison, the Book of Dark Magic. In spite of his attempts to fight back, Spyro was easily subdued by Strykore and had his light energy absorbed by him, which reduced the young dragon into his evil alter ego: Dark Spyro.

Season 3

During most of the season, Spyro had been buried deep inside Dark Spyro, forced to witness all the horrible things his evil counterpart was doing to his friends. Traces of Spyro's good nature began showing through Dark Spyro, when the dark dragon began taking on a more lighter and friendlier attitude towards the Skylanders halfway through his mission as being a spy for Strykore.

Spyro was eventually separated from Dark Spyro in the episode Split, where he engaged his physical dark self in a battle to the bitter end. Despite being briefly overpowered, Spyro gained encouragement from his friends and was able to defeat Dark Spyro after the two of them exchanged elemental breaths that released a massive energy discharge. The young dragon was then able to happily reunite with his friends and Master Eon, who forgave him for what he was forced to do as Dark Spyro.

S3E11 TeamSpyro MasterEon

Spyro fully reunites with his friends and Master Eon

In Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 1, Team Spyro had to rescue Cynder from the clutches of her father Malefor in order to save her and gain her help in finding the Lost Island of Arkus. Along the way, Spyro tried to delay their mission to the Underworld, reacting quietly in fear whenever Malefor was mentioned. They eventually reached the deepest part of the Underworld by Flynn's Dread-Yacht and found Cynder, only to face off against Malefor once again. Spyro panicked, causing the battle plan to fail and causing himself and the rest of Team Spyro to be captured by the evil dragon king.

While held captive, Spyro admitted to his team that he was scared, having gained a rational fear of Malefor, since his previous encounter with the dragon king led Spyro to becoming evil and hurting his friends. Eruptor, Stealth Elf, Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz encouraged Spyro to face his fears, and the young dragon secretly concocted a plan. Malefor revealed to Team Spyro that he will drain them of their life energy to give him the power to bring his undead army from the underworld and take over the Skylands. However Spyro responded he was still working for Strykore and that the evil sorcerer was eager for the dragon king to join him as thanks for handing the other Spyro over to Kaos.

Intrigued, Malefor released Spyro, who then convinced the dragon king that Strykore wanted to grant the dragon king the power of invisibilty. As Spyro began chanting a long incantation, it was revealed to be all a ruse so that Cynder can free the rest of Team Spyro while the young dragon kept Malefor distracted with gibberish sentences. Malefor soon noticed that Cynder was escaping with Team Spyro and gave chase, only to be deterred by Spyro, who revealed to the gullible dragon king that he never made him invisible. As an angry Malefor attempted to impale Spyro with his tail spike during the pursuit, Spyro dodged the strike, causing Malefor to wound up accidentally anchor his tail to a floating island, which was sent flying backwards, allowing Team Spyro and Cynder to fully escape him. 

With Cynder back safely with the Skylanders, Team Spyro, Master Eon and Kaossandra were able to find the Lost Island of Arkus and confronted Strykore and his Glumshanks clone army for possession of the Iron Fist of Arkus. Before a battle broke out, Kaos emerged, revealing to have already gained the Iron Fist of Arkus and used it to summon an Arkeyan Conquetron at his command as an act of revenge against Strykore.

In Part 2, the Skylanders were blasted away by Strykore before they could pursue Kaos on his Arkeyan Conquetron. They were rescued by an unaware Captain Flynn on his Dread-Yacht and began thinking of a new plan to take on Kaos. Team Spyro realized their combined strength alone wasn't enough to stop the Conquertron, and with the Academy too far away, Spyro suggested they seek help from the Wumpa Islands. Upon arriving at the Isle of the Citadel to protect the Core of Light, the Skylanders, Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco, confronted Kaos and engaged him and his Arkeyan robot minions in battle.

S3E13 Eon Kaossandra TeamSpyro Conquertron
Because of the Arkeyan robots' impenetrable armor, the Skylanders were overwhelmed, but thanks to Coco and Pop Fizz, they deactivated the robots using an electromagnetic pulsar cannon. However the heroes, and eventually Glumshanks, were unable to stop Kaos from navigating his Conquertron towards the Core of Light to destroy it. Master Eon and Kaossandra suddenly arrived after their battle with Strykore, with Eon finally admitting that he is Kaos' true father. Eon and Kaossandra urged Kaos to make the right choice, and during Kaos' moment of hesitation, the boomerang thrown earlier by Pop Fizz struck the Iron Fist, causing Kaos to tip the Arkeyan Conquertron towards the Core of Light. Without a moment's hesitation, Master Eon used the last of his strength to summon a powerful magical blockade that caused the Arkeyan Conquertron to vanish, saving the Core of Light and Kaos, but ultimately at the supposed cost of Eon's life.

On their way back to Skylanders Academy, the Skylanders mourn the loss of Master Eon, but Kaossandra announced she would taking over as headmistress of Skylander Academy in Eon's honor. During a game of sheepball, Spyro still blamed himself for kickstarting the events that led to his adoptive father's demise. Despite reassurance from the rest of his team, the young dragon retreated to his room to have some time alone. He was then greeted by the spiritual form of Master Eon, much to Spyro's surprise and relief. Eon explained that the blast from the light spell didn't kill him but actually sent him to another plane of existence. This has allowed the wizard to travel known realms expansively and revealed to Spyro he had finally discovered where his dragon ancestors have been living, offering Spyro a chance to finally meet them. However the journey would be a long one, and it would mean leaving the Academy behind temporarily. With some hesitation, Spyro accepted.

Before leaving with Master Eon to meet his family in another realm, Spyro left a farewell message made of clouds to the inhabitants of Skylanders Academy: Skylanders Forever!


Master Eon

Spyro was adopted and raised by Master Eon, who is the closest Spyro has to a father figure and mentor. Like the other Skylanders, Spyro is afraid of losing Eon and was the most determined of the Skylanders during their quest to reach the Core of Light in order to cure him no matter what.

However, Spyro became frustrated with the old sorcerer when he wouldn't tell him about his ancestors and began to distrust him upon learning that he was keeping secrets from everyone in Season 2. After Spyro threatened to leave the team over a headmaster that lied to his own allies, Eon finally told the purple dragon the truth of what he did to his ancestors; and when he tried to apologize, Spyro was hurt even more knowing that Eon was the one responsible for his races extinction and all he could do was say sorry. Feeling betrayed, he flew away from his surrogate father stating that he'll never forgive Eon for lying to him.

After he was separated from Dark Spyro in Season 3, Spyro was no longer angry towards Master Eon, presumably after witnessing all the horrible things Dark Spyro was doing to the old wizard. After Eon's supposed demise protecting the Core of Light, Spyro blamed himself for starting the events that led to the wizard's fate. He was later incredibly happy and relieved to see his father figure back in astral form, and after some thinking, willingly accompanied Eon to another realm where his dragon ancestors were; their relationship fully rekindled.

Stealth Elf

Spyro fully supports Stealth Elf at times and thinks of himself as her only best friend, while the elf is usually his voice of reason and is the least afraid to call him out on any possible opportunity. Their friendship grew in Thankstaking for the Memories, with Stealth Elf confirming him to be her best friend in Season 2.


Though Spyro constantly teases the lava monster to see his reaction, the dragon knows his friend has limits and will attempt to step in if he becomes genuinely angered. Even when Eruptor gains greater recognition in the school, Spyro is happy with just seeing him be praised for great efforts, rather than jealous of the attention.


Originally a student under Professor Jet-Vac, Spyro didn't take his studies in class seriously, which infuriated the Sky Baron. Even after becoming a Skylander, Spyro's cockiness often causes the two of them to butt heads. In My Way or the Sky Way, Jet-Vac confronted Spyro about his recklessness in handling situations instead of doing them the "right way". After Master Eon talked with Jet-Vac about acting on impulse, Spyro was able to hear Jet-Vac's reason behind his behavior and accepted the fact that every Skylander has their effective way of handing things, even Spyro.

Crash Bandicoot

In the episode Crash Landing, Spyro develops an admiration for Crash, not only fawning over him but going so far as to try to dress like him and even copy his moves (which hilariously fail). His apparent admiration was even called out by the Chompy Mage as a man crush. Crash was either oblivious to this, or simply chose to ignore it. When the time came for Crash to return to his world, Spyro fondly bid his new bandicoot companion farewell, calling him the "coolest dude [he] has ever met".


Assigned as her teacher, Spyro was eager to instruct Cynder, a new cadet at the Academy and a fellow dragon, with everything he knows to prepare for her Admissions Test. Over the course of Season 2, they grew to become best friends with Spyro still instructing Cynder and the other cadets.


Spyro was in awe when he first encountered the evil dragon king, having never seen a dragon like him "outside of a book". When it was revealed that Malefor had a hand in wiping out Spyro's family, the young dragon became horrified and was frantic to get away from the monster. After Master Eon finally told the truth about what happened to his family, Spyro no longer feared Malefor and attempted to reason with the dragon king to do the right thing without a fight. However Spyro wasn't prepared for how wrathful Malefor is, as Spyro is not only the last of the dragon kind Malefor hates so much, but was responsible for Cynder's turn to good.

In Season 3, after his previous encounter with Malefor that led Spyro to becoming evil and hurting his friends, Spyro had gained a fear of the dragon king to the point of flinching at the mention of Malefor's name. He eventually got over this fear during the events of Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 1.


Spyro learned about Strykore from Steath Elf, who had heard about the villain through an amnesic Dreamcatcher. The young dragon would soon learn who Strykore is from a reluctant Master Eon: an evil sorcerer who is responsible for turning Spyro's ancestors evil and forcing Eon to banish them from Skylands. Upon being brought before Strykore by Kaos, Spyro declared that he would never help the evil being get free. Unfortunately, Strykore easily subdued Spyro and proceeded to drain him of his light energy, turning the dragon into a Spyro of darkness made to fully serve Strykore.

When Spyro was freed from his darkness, he regained his goal to stop Strykore from using the Iron Fist of Arkus.

Dark Spyro

While buried deep within Dark Spyro, Spyro was forced to watch every evil thing his dark counterpart was doing to his loved ones and couldn't do anything to stop it. They would eventually be separated in Split, seeing each other in the flesh for the first time, with Spyro making a remark that the dark dragon was more ugly in person than his reflection. When Dark Spyro threatened his friends, Spyro realized how dangerous his dark self really is and carried him away to battle against him to the bitter end.

Despite Dark Spyro's claims of always winning because of being pure evil, Spyro countered this by saying good would always prevail, not because of his friends believing in him but because he's Spyro.


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  • Unlike his canonical Skylanders game counterpart, Spyro has four fingers.
  • His voice actor, Justin Long, is known for voicing Alvin in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie series and Humphrey from Alpha and Omega.
  • As a teacher in Season 2, Spyro teaches the cadets "Awesomeness 101, Flight Training, and Advanced Fire Safety".[1]
  • As a baby dragon, Spyro resembles Spry from the canon series.
  • Spyro doesn't read calendar reminders.
  • In Space Invaders, it is heavily implied that Spyro regularly reads Stealth Elf's secret diary.
  • According to Eruptor, Spyro's middle name is 'Agnew', referencing former US Vice President Spiro Agnew.
  • In Dream Girls, Spyro mentions having met someone named Gyra. This is a reference to Spyro Gyra, an American jazz fusion band.
  • Spyro appears to be one of the few characters that has both a cellphone and a tablet device.
  • According to Stealth Elf in The Truth is in Here, Spyro snorts fire in his sleep.


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