The Spyro Circuit is a Spyro themed race track in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. This race track is dedicated to the Dragon Realms with statues of various Dragons lined up along the track. Wumpa Fruit and power up crates that are normally seen in the game's race tracks are replaced by gems and chests.

The race track goes through the worlds of Artisans and Magic Crafters. Racers begin their race by driving through the open doors of the main Artisans castle where they pass through a library inspired by Dark Hollow and head towards their first portal to the next Dragon World. Passing through the first portal leads racers through a Magic Crafters world inspired by High Caves and Wizard Peak where they have to dodge the projectiles launched by fueding Elder Wizards and Tornado Wizards. The second portal leading into a castle take players inside, where Green Wizards float back and forth along the track. Beyond a narrow pathway lies a giant room with a swirling vortex created by the Tornado Wizards but the floating platforms allow players to bounce off and avoid falling into the vortex below.

The last portal leads racers back into the Artisans realm, where they would have to loop and dodge more explosive crates before making their way to the finish line.


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