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In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, gameplay and environment, changes were made as a result of creative decisions. Every single character, including Spyro and Sparx, has also been given upgraded looks.

Stephan Vankov, audio head at Toys for Bob remastered the soundtrack, adding dynamism to the tracks. For example, if Spyro is charging, bass and percussion is added to increase tension, and if Spyro is standing still, the music fades out and the bass and percussion becomes a lot less prominent. Dynamic music can be turned on and off. Stewart Copeland, the original composer of the trilogy assisted Stephan with the soundtrack, and the original soundtrack can be switched to as an option. For Spyro the Dragon, the NTSC version of High Caves is used. For Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, the NTSC version of Ripto's Arena's music is used. For Spyro: Year of the Dragon, the Greatest Hits versions of Mushroom Speedway, The Farley/skateboarding minigame in Enchanted Towers, Country Speedway, Evening Lake, Lost Fleet, Honey Speedway, Crystal Islands, Haunted Tomb, and Dino Mines are used.

None of the original game menues, set in Magic Crafters, Skelos Badlands and Fireworks Factory respectively, are kept in Reignited Trilogy, nor is the animated Spyro-model, Instead we see a purple background with the 3 game titles and a different 2D Spyro model for each.

After finishing each game, the camera will not pan over each different homeworld and level like in the original game. Instead there will be a movie-like ending credits roll with the occassional concept art of Spyro "finding his path".

The map option from Ripto's Rage! is available in all three games.

Spyro is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui in the first game, before he was replaced with Tom Kenny on future entries as feedback said that Spyro sounded too 'cocky' and 'bratty'. In the Reignited Trilogy, Spyro is voiced by Tom Kenny, keeping his voice consistent between the three games.

Elora, Zoe and Moneybags are respectively voiced by Melissa Disney, Mary Linda Phillips and Milton James in the second game; in the third game, Carolyn Lawrence voices both Elora and Zoe, and Moneybags is voiced by Neil Ross. Consequently, they have different sounding voices (accent in Moneybags' case) in the second game than they have in the third game. In the Reignited Trilogy they are voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris, Catherine Taber and J.B. Blanc respectively, keeping their voices (and Moneybags' accent) consistent between the two games.

Some of the intros and outros in the Ripto's Rage! portion of the game have had minor changes made to them.

In the games you can enter cheat code to cheat during gameplay or add changes to Spyro, such as his change in scale colors or adding sunglasses. However, whereas these were likely not intended for the original games, Reignited has them intentionally added to the game, including some completely new codes.

On the 12th of March 2019, following criticism following initial release, the game was given subtitles for each cutscene in the game.[1]

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon Spyro Reignited Trilogy
During the opening interview cutscene Astor is absent-minded until asked a question. The camera zooms in on Lindar as he answers the second question, to which Astor confused turns to look at him. During the opening interview cutscene Astor is seen sleeping on his cane and wakes up with a shock when asked a question. When the second question gets asked, Lindar walks in from behind and cuts off Astor as he is about to speak, and answers instead.
The dragons Astor and Lindar have their voices changed between the DNN interview cutscene and their rescue-points in the game. Their cutscene-voices are given to Damon and Bubba, respectively. (these voice changes are classified as mistakes) Both dragons are now given the same voices in both cutscene and rescue-sequences. (therefore the mistakes has been fixed)
The 1-Up Chests have a pair of eyes occasionally looking out from a black darkness at the front of the chest. This suggests that the extra life is somewhat sentient. The chests now additionally have a pair of purple hands grab the bottom Side edge of the chest as well, suggesting a kind of creature resides inside.
The captured dragons are all clothless like Spyro. Most (if not all) of the captive dragons were clothed.
All the dragons have been built after up to 10 standard models, which gives many of them similar appearances. All the dragons are given their own unique design, making none of them look alike. A few of them has additionally been recoloured and a slight change to their voices.
When rescuing a dragon from their Crystal Statues, a bright white flash will emit from it and a loud breaking tune can be heard as the dragon escapes. After the cutscene ends a bright white flash will block the screen as the dragon disappears. When rescuing a dragon from their Crystal Statues, the statue will silently crack open while emitting a golden light from within. After the cutscene ends, the dragon will evaporate into small golden particles and disappear.
During all the "Rescued" cutscenes everything around each dragon and Spyro stops moving or is removed entirely until the cutscene ends During all the "Rescued" cutscenes, all the surroundings are still there and moving.
Spyro couldn’t charge jump very high and couldn’t charge jump at all on certain inclines Spyro can now charge jump high on all surfaces and is the same for all 3 games
Sparx has no limbs. Sparx now has six limbs.
Gnasty Gnorc is standing in his arena when the dragons are talking about him in an interview in the opening. He is apparently watching via a monitor screen. He already wears his helmet and carries his magic club. Gnasty is sitting in his private room in Gnasty's Loot, eating chicken while watching the DNN interview on an old-fashioned TV. He picks up his helmet and magic club.
Gnasty's magic club lights up in white as he fires off his spell. Gnasty's club has an additional green crystalline tip on top of it that will shoot out his spell.
Sparx won't eat butterflies at full health. Sparx will now eat butterflies at full health, akin to Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon. also includes the reward of an extra life for every time spyro destroys ten fodder, akin to Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon.
Sparx cannot locate gems. Sparx can use the Gem Radar.
Fairies don't zap Spyro to save his location. Fairies now zap Spyro, akin to Zoe.
Thor says "Thank you for releasing me!". Thor now says "Thank you for releasing me, Spyro. You can always check your progress by accessing the guide book through the pause menu." Some of the other dragons have had their dialogue changed as well, however still staying true to the original.
In the flight levels, Spyro will drown as he would in any other realm when touching water Spyro will now just sit in the water throwing his signature tantrum akin to the speedways in Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon if he touches the water in flight levels
The Kamikaze Tribesmen's metal masks are just a simple shield shape. The Kamikaze Tribesmen's metal masks were changed to tin cans.
On the Beast Makers homeworld, when Spyro rescues Bruno, he replies to Bruno's comment on the Swamp being so beautiful with "I'm sure it was." in a way that shows that Spyro doesn't believe that it was ever beautiful. When Spyro rescues Bruno, he says "I'm sure it was." in a more sorrowful tone.
On Misty Bog, when Spyro rescues Damon, he says "Oh no..." in a way that shows that Spyro is tired that all the old dragons he rescues start telling him stories. When Spyro rescues Damon, he says "Oh no!" concerned about the story the dragon told him.
Gnorc-Adiers and The Gnorc Survivalists throw/carry grenades. They now throw/carry bombs and TNT barrels respectively.
The Machine Gunners and the Gnorc Commandos wield real guns. The Machine Gunners and the Gnorc Commandos' weapons now fire purple goo.
The Cupids can only be defeated by flaming. You can now charge the Cupids as well.
The Balloonists lines are simple text and the Fairies don't talk. The Balloonists and the fairies have now been given voices.
All the dragons in the entire Gnorc Gnexus are different in some way or another from their original rescue-location. (this is classified as simple mistakes) All dragons in the entire Gnorc Gnexus are now identical in every way to their original rescue-location. (the mistakes have therefore been fixed)
Gnasty Gnorc doesn't attack Spyro unless the camera faces him. Gnasty attacks Spyro whether the camera faces him or not.
When Gnasty runs away, his feet stomps very loudly. When Gnasty runs away, you can barely hear his footsteps.
After being defeated, Gnasty trips and falls over with his club in hand. After being defeated, Gnasty falls on his knees and then falls over. His club then drops down on his head from above.
In the post-Gnasty-Gnorc-cutscene, Spyro is standing on hind-legs and giving an interview to Bob. Revilo and Lateef are present, and kicks a sheep that is trying to get Spyro's attention. In the post-Gnasty-Gnorc-cutscene, Bob's camera zooms in on a sheep as Spyro comes flying down late to the interview. Revilo and Lateef are not present. The sheep keeps interrupting and is continuously bashed away by Spyro.
In the final cutscene Sparx is green. Tomas and Argus are playing sheepball, with Tomas in the lead. In the final cutscene Sparx is yellow. Tomas and Argus are playing sheepball, with Argus in the lead.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! is retitled to Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer in the European release. The Reignited Trilogy refers to the second game as Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! even in versions where this wasn't the name for the original game.
The game begins in the Dragon Realms, with Spyro charging through a herd of sheep. The intro is now located in Stone Hill. Instead of Spyro running through a herd of sheep, he and Sparx just look up at the rainy sky.
The Dragon Shores portal in the Dragon Realms shows its name. The Dragon Shores portal in Stone Hill does not display its location's name.
The Orbs that the Professor is using bounces up and down on each other when accessing the Dragon Worlds. The Orbs are lifting themselves in front of the portal and spinning when accessing the Dragon Worlds.
Hunter's line "You're a dragon?" has a hint of fear when asking Spyro if he was a dragon. Hunter doesn't show signs of fear and says his line with a hint of disbelief. He was about to respond to the young dragon after Spyro says "You got a problem with that, pussycat?", before Ripto interrupted.
Elora whispered something to Zoe to distract Ripto. Elora didn't whisper something to Zoe, instead the latter acts out on her own and steals Ripto's scepter before he can use it.
Zoe tricks Crush into hitting Ripto, causing his scepter to fly right into Gulp's mouth. There is an explosion inside him when he eats it. Zoe zaps Ripto and takes his scepter until Gulp catches and eats it, with his stomach not acting up.
Ripto is thrown onto Gulp's back backwards by Gulp. Ripto crawls onto Gulp's back and is looking the right way.
All the "Return Home" portals in the levels will rise from the ground when Spyro is handed the talismans. All the "Return Home" portals in the levels will build themselves from rubble.
The orbs are handed to Spyro by the characters, being thrown into the air and bouncing off the ground before Spyro has them. The orbs materialize mid-air in a flash of bright light, similar to the talismans.
The Guidebook shows how many spirit particles are in a level. It doesn't say how many there are.
Ripto, Crush and Gulp are seen entering the castle in Summer Forest. Elora then sees it being taken over. Moneybags immediately gets up. Also Hunter runs to his right near the end of the cutscene. The scene instead immediately shows Elora witnessing the Summer Forest castle being taken over by Ripto and Moneybags getting kicked out moments before Spyro's arrival. An additional cut to Moneybags getting up is added later. Also Hunter stays put in the cutscene.
Spyro does not fly into the sky after completing a speedway. Spyro flies into the sky after completing a speedway, akin to his victory animation in Spyro the Dragon.
The buttons on the Super Portal are on the side of it. The Super Portal is remote controlled.
Ripto has his scepter and Crush had his club when they first arrived in Avalar. Ripto and Crush didn't have their weapons at first arrival.
Gulp squashed Ripto when they came through the portal. Both Gulp and Crush landed on Ripto.
When Crush is told to go back through the portal, he looks at Ripto confused. When told to go back through the portal, Crush hits on the portal.
Elora has a line "Good idea, we better go right now!" at the end of the cutscene before Crush's Dungeon. Her final line in the cutscene before Crush's Dungeon wasn't added.
Crush's Dungeon has lava surrounding the arena. Crush's Dungeon has been altered to resemble a sewer, with green toxic waste all around it.
Gulp tries to lift up the stone door after being summoned by Ripto, but realizes that doing so will cause the roof to cave in. Ripto says "What? The roof?" when he notices this. Gulp crashes through the door after Crush's defeat and Ripto doesn't say "The roof?" when it caves in and hops on Gulp as they escape.
Moneybags stands at the top of the ladders in the Autumn Plains castle, and when spooked by Ripto, he loses his balance and falls all the way to the ground. Moneybags paces around in the cutscene in Autumn Plains, trips on his bag when Ripto scares him, but doesn't fall all the way to the ground and a thud is heard.
The small Bonebuilders are seen in the village after the Lava Lizard challenges. The Bonebuilders aren't seen after saving them twice.
Mr. Bones has his original trademark dance routine. Mr. Bones' dancing sequence has changed, now accompanied by air horns.
In the "Gulp, lunchtime" cutscene, Ripto and Gulp were on a platform behind the arena when Ripto had Zoe. Spyro chased Ripto across the arena after freeing Zoe and Ripto jumped to the throne. Gulp also jumped to the arena. Ripto and Gulp were in the center of the arena when Spyro arrived and Ripto landed on his throne when Spyro torched him.
In the "Gulp, lunchtime" cutscene, Ripto says all of his dialogue. In the cutscene, Ripto's line, "Gulp, finish him off and you can have all the fairies you can eat. I'm going to enjoy this." is delivered at the beginning of the boss fight.
After Gulp's final hit, he is launched in a flip into the air, his weaponry explodes and he fall over on his abdomen. After Gulp's final hit, he is launched in a flip into the air, along with his weaponry, and he falls in a sitting position before falling on his back and weaponry.
Spyro sits in his lounge chair after defeating Gulp. Spyro lies on his back in his lounge chair.
Ripto's bomb explodes and cause the super portal losing all orbs and power crystal. Ripto's bomb explodes and cause the super portal losing only the power crystal to him.
Hunter says to Ripto "Hey! Give that back!" while he's not paying attention. Hunter says to Ripto "Hey! Give that back!" while he's making attempt to grab the superpower crystal from him but failed.
Moneybags has a dialogue when Spyro learns the Headbash technique. Moneybags' final dialogue upon learning the headbash technique is not used.
When Elora tells Hunter to stop Ripto from making off with the Power Crystal, Hunter stands there and yells at Ripto, "Hey, give that back!" Hunter attempts to grab at Ripto but allows him to ran up the stairs to the castle.
After Spyro picks up a golden Orb and takes flight, Ripto shoots his arena, making the lava melt and burn it. As a golden Orb lands in front of Spyro, Ripto's arena breaks apart and sinks as Spyro takes flight.
We are given a view of Ripto slowly sinking into the lava after he's knocked off his robot pterodactyl. Ripto's fall into lava isn't shown in full. He falls from the sky after being knocked from his robot pterodactyl, screaming, and a splash is heard as he lands in the lava. In the PS4 version the splash is shown, but in the Switch version it is only heard.
After getting all Skill Points, the player is able to access an epilogue. The epilogue when acquiring all the Skill Points wasn't included.
The portal to Robotica Farms appears in all cutscenes in Winter Tundra. The portal is missing. (this was an error on the creators' part)
All powerups change Spyro's color palette. All powerups change Spyro's texture. This change is also present on the Spyro 3 remake.
After gaining the permanent Superflame powerup, you'll have it forever locked on. Even after starting a new game. You can only remove it by deleting the Memory Card file. After gaining the permanent Superflame powerup, you'll have it forever, but has the ability to turn it off/on by use of "cheat code":

PlayStation 4: Left, Right, Left, Right, R1, R1, R1, R1, Square

XBox: Left, Right, Left, Right, RB, RB, RB, RB, X

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro Reignited Trilogy
In the "An evil plot unfolds" cutscene, various dragons are present vaguely based on randomly selected originals from the first game. Dragons Argus, Lindar, Gavin, Bubba, and Astor are present.
The first cutscene takes place in Dragon Realms The first cutscene takes place in Stone Hill.
After Bianca inadvertently steps on Hunters tail, he yowls the moment he wakes up. Hunter yowls shortly after Bianca stepped on his tail, he also grabs it as well.
A blue dragon (vaguely representing Lindar) silently points at Bianca. Argus (who replaces the blue dragon (Lindar) in the original) says "Get her! Stop her!" while pointing at Bianca.
In "A desperate rescue begins", the purple dragon advises Spyro on what to do and then stomps on Hunter with his foot as he gets stuck. In the cutscene "A desperate rescue begins", Argus advises Spyro on what to do and then wacks Hunter with his tail as he gets stuck.
Sheila is clothless and "bald" She now has red hair in pig-tails, she also now wears a khaki safari shirt with a backpack.
As Sheila kicks Moneybags, he falls a few centimeters and is seen with a headache. As Sheila kicks Moneybags, he flies all the way to the back end of the homeworld.
The Tikis in Molten Crater speak with American accents. They now speak with New Zealand accents.
Spyro collects gems as he gets each target in "Time Attack". Spyro only has gems awarded to him for each target after the round, with a bonus for completing "Time Attack", akin to Spyro the Dragon and Ripto's Rage!.
Spyro does not fly into the sky after completing "Time Attack" in a speedway. Spyro flies into the sky after completing "Time Attack" in a speedway, akin to in Spyro the Dragon.
Sgt. James Byrd, Bentley and Agent 9 stand idle and quietly in the Sorceress' throneroom as the cutscene unfolds before each boss. They are each given new dialogue in the cutscenes.
Bianca casts her magic by hand. She now uses a magic wand when she casts magic after her first spell by hand went wrong.
As Sgt. Byrd tells about his DBX9 Rocket Launchers, they are just resting on his shoulders. As Sgt. Byrd tells about his rocket launchers, he turns his back and they are seem rotating different direction.
In the cutscene "Hunter's Tussle", Bianca starts with putting a spell on a small flytrap plant that turns into a larger version of itself before she returns it back to normal. A bunny hops over to Bianca and she tests a spell on it that turns the bunny into a rabbit-like monster. The flytrap plant gets turned into an apple and then a bunny, before Bianca turns it into a monster.
Hunter goes to confront the Bunny Monster without a word. Hunter says "That's it!" before going to attack the Bunny Monster.
Hunter wacks the bunny off his head after it has returned to normal. Hunter grabs the bunny and throws it away from his head.
The Sorceress casts magic from her hands to transform Spike. The Sorceress grabs her egg wand and uses it to transform Spike.
The Gem Radar is not available until you complete Spider Town. The radar is available from the start and no extra reward is given.
Gabrielle speaks in Receive Pronunciation. She now speaks with an American accent.
When Bentley hits Moneybags with his club, he just smacks him where he stands and then sends him flying. When Bentley hits Moneybags with his club, he grabs Moneybags by his collar and smacks him and then lets go to send him flying.
Princess Ami speaks with an British English accent She now has the same accent as the other fairies of Charmed Ridge.
Spear Rhynocs' spears have pointed ends. Their spears now are metal fists.
Crossbow Rhynocs have bows as ammunition. The Rhynocs use plungers as ammunition.
Bianca takes her hood off when she encounters Hunter in his cage. She already took her hood off when she encounters him in his cage.
The Sorceress casts magic from her hands to banish Astor. The Sorceress uses her egg wand to banish Astor.
When Agent 9 is freed and talks uncontrollably about beating the Sorceress, Spyro eagerly listens to him. Agent 9 then runs back home. When Agent 9 is freed and talks uncontrollably about beating the Sorceress, Spyro gets disappointed when he was about to ask for help in fighting her only to be interrupted by Agent 9 wanting to wipe the Rhynocs from his home world. Agent 9 also runs on top of Spyro and looks him in the eyes upside down. He then fist-bumps Spyro and runs home.
The Squid Skateboard cheat is up, up, left, left, right, right, down, down, square, circle, square. The Squid Skateboard cheat was changed to up, up, left, left, right, right, down, down, square, square, circle. As circle is used to exit the menu, it was put as the last button for the cheat command to work.
The Ninja Rhynocs’ spawning boxes in Fireworks Factory can only be destroyed by a charge or headbash. The Ninja Rhynocs’ spawning boxes can now also be flamed.
When Handel speaks, he sometimes replaces his Rs and Ls with W's, much like his sister Greta. Handel now speaks without a speech impediment, as he does in both the original and Reignited versions of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.
When he's being strapped to dynamite by a Bomb-Tossing Rhynoc during Agent 9's section in Fireworks Factory, Handel yells for Agent 9 to help him. Handel no longer calls for help, instead grunting in confusion.
During Sheila's mission in Spooky Swamp, the rocks will respawn after a while. The rocks no longer respawn.
Scorch's death sequence gets recapped 2 times from different angles. Scorch's death sequence is only seen once.
When playing as Bentley, the camera is directly behind him. Bentley's camera is now an 'over the shoulder' perspective.
When entering the Sorceress's Lair portal, the screen turns black and a loading screen with the Midnight Mountain world appears before landing into the lair. The portal can now be properly entered and features the same loading and landing sequence from Spyro the Dragon.
The final cutscene "The End" has the baby dragons and adult dragons living happily in the Dragon Realms, with the purple dragon clapping his hands, then gets shocked and disgusted as a hatchling burps. Spyro ends the scene with shaking his head as the hatchling burps again. The cutscene "The End" is expanded. Zoe, Argus, Lindar, Gavin, Bubba and Astor celebrate the return of the baby dragons along with Spyro. Lindar times an egg on when it hatches and Zoe gives the hatchling an apple and hugs it. Argus picks up a hatchling and it burps the approaching Astor in his face. The cutscene ends with Spyro playfully giving the baby dragon a noogie.
After getting all Skill Points, the player is able to access an epilogue. The epilogue when acquiring all the Skill Points wasn't included.


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