This page is devoted to the rules and policies of the Spyro Wiki. All active users should read this article before beginning to edit.

Rules and Punishments

Below is a list of things that are not allowed on the Spyro Wiki, and their respective consequences.


Vandalising the site (using hostile manners, offensive language, replacing and/or renaming pages, re-writing pages with false information, etc.) is not allowed on this wiki. Minor vandalising, such as adding false info, will result in a warning, then a block if continued. Major vandalism will result in an immediate one-month block. Repeated offences will result in a 1000+ year block.


When new material (such as new games, books, DLC, etc.) is released, there is a certain length of time in which the article requires a spoiler warning. Not using a spoiler tag will result with a warning, and if done again, a three day block.

A spoiler tag is not needed on an article one month after the object/ subject's release.


Leaked images are not allowed at all prior to the object's release. Non-related images are prohibited as well, and will be deleted. Non-related images have nothing to do with Spyro.

Innapropriate images will result in a severe ban. Purposely uploading non-canon images and putting them on articles will result in a warning, then a minor block. Repeat offenders will be blocked for a severly long time.

Short version - This is a Spyro Wiki that is only for all things Spyro related only. The main 3 important series are Original, Legend of Spyro, and Skylanders. These 3 alone take up a ton of image space, all fan art or images not related to Spyro in any way or form will be deleted without notice off the Spyro Wiki.

Edit Wars

An edit war war is when two or more users have a disagreement of what should be in an article, and revert the other's edits. When this happens, the article should be reverted to it's previous state before the edit war. An admin, or someone who can settle the conflict, should then sort out the problem on the article's talk page. Changing the article after it has been reverted will result in severe punishment.


Articles should be written in a past tense, unless the date of it specifically states otherwise.

Changing tense will result in a warning. Continuing to do so will result in a ban for minor vandalism.


Fan fiction and personal theories are not allowed here. You will be given a warning, and if continued, treated as a minor vandal. If a theory is well known, it should be mentioned in the trivia section. However, it should not be treated as the truth.


Administrators, also known as "admins," are the guardian angels of the wiki. They use their power to keep the Spyro wiki a safe and well maintained place to visit. If an admin uses their power for personal benifits, or to vandalise, they will be demoted, and suffer a minor block. If the admin vandalised the site, the block will last forever.

Admins are to be respected by other users, but treated as equal, and not like the rulers of the site. Insulting them (or other members) will end with a block to the aggressor.


If an article needs to be deleted, for whatever reason, type { { Delete } } (without the spaces) on top of the article. If the article conatins bad content, such as swearing or spoilers, remove the content from the page, and leave a request for help from an admin on the summary. Admins should check to see if any article should be deleted as much as possible.

Other Websites

We allow mentioning of other Spyro Wikism or if the site has been approved of by an admin. Plagerism is not allowed.


Blogs may not violate the site's rules. off topic is allowed, as long as it's not innapropriate. Flaming or spamming will result in a warning, and if it continues, a block.

Personal Opinions

Personal opinions can lead to fighting. Not meant to restrict freedom of speech, this rule lets you say your political beliefs, your religion, etc. When an argument evolves from a personal opinion, the pages where the argument was will become protected, and if need be, deleted.


Remember to have fun! But don't do damage or hurt others and you're good to go.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Pages Only

Pages related to Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure or related pages that involve Skylanders Spyro and co.'s related involvement are only allowed here on the wiki from here on out. Since the Skylander games afterwards are not focusing on Spyro, they are not to be posted here, or they will be deleted on sight. If you wish to edit on Skylanders: Giants, Swap Force related pages, please go over to the Skylanders Wikia.