The Spyro wiki chat is a place to come and chat about the wiki or Spyro and anything else.

How to use

Just click this link. [1] And you will join the chat. Admins and Chat moderators have a yellow star by their names.


  1. No Spamming, that means do not post lots of links or Emoticons.
  2. No Flaming, do not put users down. Treat them nice and fairly.
  3. No Cussing, This is a Spyro chat and as such no cussing. Instead you Carp like good Users.
  4. PG 13 Talk, nothing high about stuff. If you want to chat with a user about something like that, use PM and make sure it's ok.
  5. Chat mods, do not abuse your powers.
  6. Play nice, that means if someone asks you to stop, please do it.


If you break any rules you will get a warning. Get three warnings and your blocked/out for a day. Warnings will be removed three days after they are placed.

Admins/Chat mods There

Admins and Chat mods are the users who have a yellow star at the end of their name. They all have power and will enforce the rules if needed.

User:DarkShadowDragon (Semi-active)

User:UxieLover1994 (Inactive)

User:Beautiful Heart (Inactive)

User:Halo Monkey (Active)

User:ThierryTNG (Inactive)

User:WickedRogue (Active)

User:Aura24 (Semi-active on chat)

User:Scourge the Dark Claw (Semi-active)