Featured Media is a place to show the artwork, images, and sounds that make this wiki an interesting and engaging experience for visitors. It will also encourage wiki members to improve the quality of existing works. The rules and guidelines are a work-in-progress; if you have suggestions, please leave them on the Talk Page.

Nomination Guidelines

So, what makes a bit of media eligible for nomination? Here are the guidelines:

  • The media should represent and support the article or articles it appears in. A full-body shot focusing on one character is better than a blurry screen capture where the character is in the image, but not the focus, for example. Orphan media not linked to an article or non-Spyro materials that appears on User pages is not eligible.
  • The media should be appropriately high-quality. Images should be of good resolution with minimal or no artifacting, but not absurdly large. Sound clips should be clear and easy to hear, but not excessively long.
  • The media, like all things on the wiki, should be from official or officially-verified sources. No fan art, no matter how awesome.
  • The media nominated must be hosted in this wiki. Items hosted elsewhere, such as YouTube clips, are ineligible.
  • The media must meet guidelines for fair-use. A thirty-second sample of "Simple and Clean" is fine; the entire song uploaded to the wiki is not.

Nomination Process

You have something that meets the above rules, so now what? Well, on the first day of the month, post a link to your nominated media and sign your nomination with ~~~~! Remember, though, only one nomination per user per month! Pretty easy, right?

There is one more rule to keep this from becoming one big popularity contest. After the winning media is announced, any media in that category becomes ineligible for nominations for the next two months. For example, the image of Sgt. James Byrd was the selected media for September, 2010. That means that for the next two voting cycles in October and November, images of playable characters were ineligible for nomination and would be dismissed if suggested. Likewise, the picture of Spyro from the Legend series would have also been ineligible, even though he appears in the Legend of Spyro category as well. Images with more than one category will only have one of them "blocked" to make sure there is a fair selection of categories available. There will always be two categories which images cannot be nominated from; they are listed at the top of the nomination block.

The category or categories are also considered "locked-in" from the beginning of the month, so don't bother changing them to get around the rules. Trying to edit media categories to suit your whims will only attract the wrath of staff and admins, and certainly get your nomination privileges revoked.


Editors have one vote; they must put their vote and signature, (~~~~) underneath the nominee of their choice. Those who nominated media can have their nomination counted as their vote and do not need to post again; if they want to change, they simply need to sign under another nominee and their vote will be moved.

In the event of ties, we will hold tiebreakers beginning on the 20th of the month.

On the last day of the month, votes will be tallied, and the winner will become the next Featured Media!


January 2011

This depends on whether we are still here by January