Spyro the Dragon is a video game for the mobile phone based on Spyro: Shadow Legacy.


A powerful, evil sorcerer has captured all of the dragons. It is quite a disaster for the Dragon Realms, as everyone has disappeared! Spyro's friends are counting on him becoming a true kata, the magic/martial arts dragon power master to free the dragons before they are trapped in the alternate dimension known as the Shadow Realm forever!


The gameplay is not the same as the PS1 title. Despite its name, it is similar to Shadow Legacy. Each world has two versions of itself, a normal version and its shadow counterpart. Swapping between the two allows Spyro to advance past obstacles that appear on one version of the Realm but not the other. Spyro has three different types of moves, one for attacking in the normal Realm, one for attacking in the Shadow Realm and one for smashing breakable objects. To 'level-up' Spyro's moves (as in a Roleplaying Game) gems need to be collected. There are 25 gems in all. There are three different colors, for each of the three different moves. The more gems of a specific color that are found, the higher Spyro's level is for that color.