Staff Riptocs are one of the varieties of Riptocs that have invaded the Dragonfly Dojo. They are large Riptocs that use a staff to strike at Spyro. When you hit them, they always fall down and bounce backwards about three times. Like Ninja Riptocs, they have the yin-yang symbol on their chests.

They are immune to Spyro's Charge attack unless frozen.


  • In early gameplays and screenshots of the level, this Riptoc appeared to have purple skin and wore a red gi and headband, almost opposite of the final design
    • Considering this, its behaviors are similar to that of the final version, as when approached, it twirls its staff around
    • One noticeable difference is that when hit, it simply falls and disappears instead of bouncing back three times



Beta screenshot (notice the ninja riptoc appears to be darker than its final model)

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