Starfish Reef is the third Sparx Realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Evening Lake homeworld after defeating Scorch and completing the previous two Sparx Realms, Crawdad Farm and Spider Town.


After defeating Scorch, completing the other Sparx Realms, and returning to Evening Lake, Zoe tells Spyro that Princess Ami showed her this place and hinted that an egg was hidden here, so Sparx was sent to obtain it.

Like other levels, Sparx must fight his way through the realm by defeating enemies, opening paths, and confronting a boss that has the egg. The main enemies are the starfishes, in which there are two sizes: small starfishes take one hit to defeat, while large starfishes can split into three small ones that move much faster than normal ones. There are also Eels that spit waves of electricity that can harm Sparx.

The boss of this realm is the Manta Ray. Defeating it will grant Sparx the ability to take another hit for Spyro (he will be at max health if he looks much brighter than usual).



  • Beach Party! (Ahnashawn): Defeat the Manta Ray to receive this egg.






  • This level, along with the other Sparx Realms, shares its theme music with the title theme.