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Stealth Elf (ステルスエルフ Suterusu Erufu in Japanese) is one of the main characters of the spin-off Skylanders television series, Skylanders Academy. She is best friends with Spyro and Eruptor, two fellow Skylanders who she grew up with.



Stealth Elf is commonly the voice of reason in Team Spyro. When a teammate is distracted from their duties, she is quick to try and put them on the right track. Though she maintains a tough exterior, the elf is also easily embarassed when noticed in emotional moments.


Here one second... gone the next. Stealth Elf is a speed demon who can travel from one corner of Skylanders Academy to the other before you can say, “Whoa, did she just teleport?” And if you think she’s quick on her feet, just wait until you see her work her blades. This ninja warrior is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s defeating her enemies or suddenly appearing behind one of her teammates with no warning to yell, “BOO!”, and make them jump – or in Eruptor’s case, to spew lava all over the place. But don’t let the name fool you – she may be stealth in a fight, but this Elf is always ready to take the lead and command her team to victory!


Being a ninja, Stealth Elf can teleport in a puff of smoke and use her agility to evade attacks. Her weapon of choice are her dual blades, though she also occasionally carries additional weapons. She also possesses super speed, even allowing her to read quickly.



Stealth Elf enrolled in Skylanders Academy as a junior cadet and became friends with fellow students, Spyro and Eruptor.

Season 1

When Spyro was stalling their game of Sheep Ball in Skylanders Academy, Stealth Elf playfully threw the sheep at Spyro's head multiple times to try and knock some sense into the dragon. The class bell soon rang, and Stealth Elf and Eruptor barely made it to class in time before Spyro's arrogance caused Professor Jet-Vac to give the entire class a surprise pop quiz as punishment.

Stealth Elf and Eruptor later did their practice run in preparation for the Skylander Games, but were surprised and disappointed to find out that Spyro blew off their last practice to throw him and his two roommates a premature graduation party at their house. The following morning, the two cadets couldn't find Spyro around their home and went on to the Skylander Games without him. Once there, Stealth Elf and the other cadets participated in their tests that would determine their worth as Skylanders.

Eruptor Stealth Elf Academy
Offscreen, Stealth Elf passed the final test successfully, and was disappointed at Spyro's tardiness and lack of focus, which lead to his failure in the Games while she and Eruptor graduated. Though she attempted to cheer the dragon up in the next day, Stealth Elf and Eruptor went to the graduation ceremony without him. After being drawn in the Book of Skylanders by Master Eon and momentarily congratulated by Spyro through a cloud drawing, the group at the ceremony was attacked by Kaos, who dodged their attacks and froze the book and them with it.

Seeing the commotion outside the arena, Spyro returned to help them, and though Stealth Elf urged him to escape while he had time, the dragon chose instead to help them and pursue Kaos and his butler Glumshanks. Though he was repeatedly defeated by the sorcerer, he found an opening to defrost the book, and freed the other Skylanders. Stealth Elf and the others soon returned to the Academy library as the villain tried to take Spyro away, and after an offscreen beating, threw them out of the school island. Happy to see their friend safe and sound, Stealth Elf and Eruptor congratulated Spyro's efforts, as well as Master Eon, who made him a Skylander and bound him to the Book in return.

In My Way or the Sky Way, after a mission to fix the Academy's basements pipes, Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor returned home to discuss Jet-Vac's attitude towards planning, only for him to enter house and announce that he was moving in with them. Though the ninja was quick to label the rooms in an attempt to stop the Sky Baron from sharing a room with her or Eruptor, he eventually discovered Spyro's room and started a routine of criticizing his habits and the state of their house.

Later that day, Stealth Elf and Eruptor could no longer find the two, only to discover Spyro hiding in the house's sewer entrance to escape the lectures. Before they could discuss what to do about the stern professor, however, Master Eon summoned them to a mission to put out a fire on the Falling Forest, and they made their way to the Skylander Games along with Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz to retrieve the SuperChargers. However, Jet-Vac held them back for hours by thoroughly reading their instruction manuals, and when they could finally make their way to the forest, the fire was already put out by Snap Shot and Ka-Boom.

After Jet-Vac was properly criticized for his actions by Master Eon and made amends with Spyro - stopping Kaos' newest plan in the process - the group ate lizard gizzards at their kitchen to commemorate, and the three new Skylanders invited Jet-Vac to stay in their house for real. Unexpectedly, Pop Fizz appeared from the basement entrance to talk as well, revealing he was living in there for quite some time already, and despite the rather sudden meeting, Team Spyro was formed.

In Missing Links, Team Spyro was struggling to overcome the Fire Viper training simulation, but had failing the test for an unknown amount of times. When Master Eon brought over his friend King Pen to help out the team, the Sensei allowed Spyro and the rest of his team to create Cy, King Pen's Imaginator creation that would help them improve their talents while working as a team. The Skylanders then taught Cy their way in using their combat abilities, with Spyro teaching Cy how to fly.

S1E3 Stealth Elf Eruptor Jet Vac Pop Fizz Spyro

Stealth and the rest of Team Spyro at the Thinking Spot

When the time came for Team Spyro to take on the Fire Viper simulation again, Cy's involvement only hindered their progress as the Imaginator was repeating what the Skylanders had taught him. In the end, Cy lost control of his vacuum blaster and immobolized Team Spyro, causing the team to fail the simulation. Master Eon and King Pen scolded Team Spyro, concerned about the future of the team while King Pen considered taking part Cy to see the problem.

Afterwards, Team Spyro and Cy gathered at the Thinking Spot to talk about their failure, when suddenly a real life Fire Viper swooped down and attacked the team. While evading the beast, Spyro came to realize that they had been reusing their talents instead of combining Cy's unique powers with their own. With this realization, Team Spyro combined their powers with Cy's abilities, resulting in their victory in taking down the Fire Viper. Master Eon and King Pen both witnessed their efforts and congratulated them.

Stealth Elf was chosen to do a "Skills, Elements and Defense" speech to the entire academy in Dream Girls. However she came to notice that the students and her fellow teammates have developed a mysterious case of sheep phobia. She spent three sleepless nights trying to solve the mystery, finding out that the culprit is an Academy student. She eventually realizes that Dreamcatcher is the one behind everyone's sheep phobia and engaged the villain in the dream realm. Stealth Elf eventually realized that Dreamcatcher doesn't have complete control over a person's mind, allowing the Skylander to conjure up arsenal to use against Dreamcatcher and woke up from her dream in time to subdue the villainous student.

Stealth Elf arrived for SED talk in the Academy classroom with a captive Dreamcatcher in tow, explaining to her audience that the work towards a great battle is just as important as the training and the other various efforts put into becoming who one wants to be, and being aware of one's abilities is key to hitting that mark. Soon after her SED talk, Kaos and Glumshanks teleported into the classroom full of Skylanders and are promptly handcuffed. Stealth Elf then accompanied Team Spyro to escort Dreamcatcher, Kaos and Glumshanks to Cloudcracker Prison with Ka-Boom.

Season 2

In I Dream of Ninjini, Stealth Elf was challenged to a ninja battle by Berserker through Monday Night Ninja Fights live television. Through Master Eon's suggestion, she went to the Falling Forest to seek advice from a retired ninja giant Skylander named Ninjini, who was also Stealth Elf's idol. However Ninjini was stalling Stealth Elf's awaited training, eventually admitting that she no longer has the confidence to teach Stealth Elf what she knows after remaining inactive in her retirement for so long. Stealth Elf persuaded Ninjini to try again by showing her poster of Ninjini's early years to remind her she was still the most powerful ninja she believed Ninjini to always be. Moved by Stealth Elf's dedication, Ninjini finally proceeded to train her, and through intense training, Stealth Elf quickly improves her ninja capabilities.

Her skills were put to the test when Ninjini was held captive by the Doom Raiders, who found Ninjini's old genie lamp and began using the genie giant to grant three wishes, which are soon wasted. With Stealth Elf's encouragement, Ninjini breaks free of her bottle and drives off the Doom Raiders. Stealth Elf later confronted Berserker, who had kidnapped Hugo to eat him in preparation of their battle. With her newly enhanced ninja abilities, Stealth Elf quickly defeated Berserker, emerging the victor. Afterwards, Stealth Elf revisited Ninjini to offer back her genie lamp, but Ninjini entrusted Stealth Elf to keep it instead in order to prevent the lamp from falling into the wrong hands and to use it to summon Ninjini if she ever needed her.

Season 3

When Dark Spyro came to Skylanders Academy posing as the Spyro they knew and loved, Stealth Elf was the only one on the team who remained partially suspicious of him.

S3E5 Eon DarkSpyro StealthElf
In In Like Flynn, after defeating Fisticuffs and saving Pop Fizz, Dark Spyro recommended Stealth Elf to accompany Captain Flynn on a 24-hour trip to Dragon's Peak to refuel the Dread-Yacht. Despite her confusion, the elf Skylander went with Flynn regardless, unaware that it was all Dark Spyro's plan to temporarily keep Stealth Elf away and prevent her from compromising him.

In Off to the Races, Stealth Elf walked in on Dark Spyro and Strykore's alliance and was greatly upset that her best friend is an agent of darkness. Despite Dark Spyro's assurance that he's changed, she went off to warn the others. Before she could, Strykore enhanced the evil in Dark Spyro and violently attacks her. Dark Spyro gain the upper hand, but couldn't bring himself to kill Elf. While unconscious, Dark Spyro unintentionally opened the Wumpan Puzzle Box, revealing the Map to Arkus, but Kaos stole the map and escape. Elf woke up just as Dark Spyro was about to pursue Kaos and Elf knocked him out and sadly informs the other Skylanders that they're friend is evil.

In Split, the other Skylanders were unable to reach out to their friend and when it seemed like the Spyro they know is gone forever, Hugo informs them of a serum that can free Spyro from his darkness, but will require Fire Viper venom. Elf didn't care how dangerous it'll be as long as it'll help get her friend back. The team was successful in completing the serum and it restored Spyro's light. The Skylanders tearfully embraced his return, until they discovered that Dark Spyro has taken form as an unexpected side effect. After Dark Spyro's demise, Spyro felt ashamed for everything his evil self did to his friends that he didn't feel like they would give him another chance. Elf said that thinking her best friend was evil was one of the most hardest things she had to deal with, but knew that it wasn't the real Spyro and everyone forgives him.



StealthElf Spyro

Stealth Elf with Spyro in the Grand Library

Stealth Elf berates and congratulates Spyro for his recklessness and loyalty frequently, but they are good friends all the same. Though she never confirms it, Spyro claims she has written on her diary that he is her best friend. In Season 2, however, in Belly of the Beast, when they were stuck in the belly of the Fire Viper, it is revealed that Spyro is her best friend.

In Season 3, both Stealth Elf and Eruptor couldn't believe the possibility of their friend Spyro working for Strykore, though Elf became the only one who remained suspicious of the dragon. When Spyro was stripped of his dark self in Split, Stealth Elf was the first to express her forgiveness to Spyro of all the things Dark Spyro did to her and the rest of the team, knowing that all the things Dark Spyro committed couldn't have been the Spyro they knew and love going so far as to hug him upon being cured.


The two are great friends, despite Stealth Elf's tendency to appear unexpectedly and scare the rock monster.


Stealth Elf looks up to her as both a Skylander and fellow ninja, when she needed to further her ninja skills to take down Berserker Eon suggested Stealth Elf seek her out. However when meeting Ninjini she is shocked to see her idol give up on being a ninja to her insecurity of being out of practice. After training with her both were able to sharpen their skills.


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  • In this continuity, Stealth Elf is commonly seen without a scarf over her mouth.
    • Her eyes also had a slight change from being completely featureless to having blue sclera, possibly to make it easier for viewers to know which direction she is looking at.
      • Eruptor points out in Dream Girls that Stealth Elf has no pupils, making it hard to read her emotions.
  • Despite her claim that she dislikes public displays of affection, she can be seen doing so on occasion, hugging Spyro when he first became a Skylander and resting her head on Eruptor's arm at the Chili Chomp Competition.
  • Her voice actress, Ashley Tisdale, is best known for being the voice of Candace Flynn on Disney's Phineas and Ferb.
  • Stealth Elf has a depression on the skin above the right eyebrow. It is unknown if this is a texture glitch, birth mark or a scar.
  • In Thankstaking for the Memories, Stealth Elf is shown to not leave the Academy during holidays, using the time alone to practice her skills instead.
  • In Who's Your Daddy?, Jet-Vac mentions that she has 43 different ninja blades.
  • Stealth Elf is obsessed with ninja-themed franchises, such as TV shows and an unknown product known as Karate Kats.
  • Like her game counterpart, Stealth Elf never knew her parents.
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