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|image = [[Image:Stone Golem.png|217px]]
|image = [[Image:Stone Golem.png|217px]]
|homeworld = [[Stonetown]]
|homeworld = [[Stonetown]]
|appearances = [[Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure]] (console versions)
|appearances = ''[[Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure]]'' (console versions)
|attack = Rock throwing <br /> Stomping
|attack = Rock throwing <br /> Stomping
|species = Golem
|species = Golem

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The Stone Golem is a large, rock-like monster in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure that is actually the form of the Eternal Earth Source.


Being a rock monster, the Stone Golem can summon rocks to rain down from the sky. It can also lift up boulders and hurl them around the Ravine to crush the Skylander.


Hugo mentioned that the Mabu were holding the Eternal Earth Source for the Skylanders until they arrive in Stonetown to retrieve it. While travelling there, the Eternal Earth Source suddenly turned into the Stone Golem and began wreaking havoc on the small Mabu population in Stonetown. As the Skylanders were getting close, the Stone Golem retreated into the Rumbling Ravine, but not before sending a poor Mabu flying. It was in the ravine that the Skylanders battled against the Golem and successfully defeated it, returning the Eternal Earth Source to normal.


The Stone Golem will start by throwing large boulders at the Skylander, which will bounce around the area (the game does give you a bit of help with the exact path shown on the ground) Dodge these to avoid getting damage (some Skylanders can also smash the boulders). The large rock in the centre of the area is useful for long ranged characters to hide behind, close range melee Skylanders will need to get close to the Golem but the boulders should get thrown over you - just watch out for his ground punch. After you've gotten the Stone Golem a fair amount down, I'd say a quarter, the second stage will begin. This involves him throwing a large number of smaller boulders from the sky, you can see where they land by the giant red crosses on the ground. This first part just needs you to keep mobile in order to avoid them. During this stage, the Stone Golem becomes invulnerable with a swirling shield of wind around him.

After a few of those, he'll get back to throwing the large boulders again. If you don't kill him quickly enough he'll repeat the same throwing sequence. Again down another quarter to half health triggers the next airborne show. They will again try to hit you so keep moving, the last one is a larger barrage of them.

The final stage will begin with a more set pattern of rock drops. It'll centre on you but if you stand still until the third wave you'll be fine, then another larger grouping will drop. The trick in this next part of the boulder roll is to move out of its way and let it rebound back into the Stone Golem. Stand next to the centre stone on the side closest to the Golem, you should avoid getting hit by the boulder there. Once he's stunned you can attack him and finish him off (or repeat the process until you do so).


Stole Golem - Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Skylanders spyro's adventure - part 16 Defeat the stone golem!

Skylanders spyro's adventure - part 16 Defeat the stone golem!

Note: The actual battle does not start until 4:26. There has yet to be a video with just the boss.

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