Stormy Beach is part of the Volcanic Isle homeworld and appears in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It is where you can find the last shop that Moneybags owns. There is not much to discover except the ship wrecks caused by the stormy weather.


Egg Locations

  • Concept: Catch the thief
  • Turret: Complete Storming the Beach in Easy Mode

Dark Gem Location

Light Gem Locations

  • Inside a shipwreck at the Ship Graveyard. Take the left path with all the Steel Traps and head towards a few Gnorcs near a chest on an old Stern. Jump onto a few planks behind it and you'll soon find the Light Gem
  • Complete Storming the Beach in Hard Mode


  • Wally the Walrus: Storming the Beach




  • The background music in the area is almost like that of a creepy funfair.
  • "Storming the Beach" is a obvious pun on the level's name.