Story Scrolls are collectible items in the console versions of Skylanders series under Collections. They each contain history or background information of Skylands, its inhabitants, or other specific subjects.

Story Scroll locations in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure


Location: Shattered Island

"While the shape and size of Portals vary, under the control of a true Portal Master, these mystic devices can connect two points in space, Dimension and, if we are to believe ancient legends, even time. Portal Masters can send Skylanders and magic to the other side."

The Problem with Sheep

Location: Perilous Pastures

"A note from Hugo says, "Sheep are among the most feared creatures in Skylands. Those Mabu having fallen asleep while counting large heards of sheep, often discover their belongings missing when they wake up. When questioned of course, the sheep never admit to have taken anything."

Fairy Upgrades

Location: Sky Schooner Docks

"For as long as anyone can remember, Skylanders have been friends with fairies. Perhaps this is because fairies can turn treasure into a kind of upgrade magic that gives Skylanders exciting new powers and abilities, plus delightfully fresh breath."

Tornado Sightings

Location: Stormy Stronghold

"A note from Hugo says "While everybody fears large destructive tornadoes, smaller friendlier ones are quite popular in Skylands. Mabu come from all over to throw unwanted items into small tornadoes - things like garbage, tax and farms and when possible, sheep."

From Tonic to Toxic

Location: Oilspill Island

"Originally, oil was a popular hair tonic for Molekin. Unfortunately it made all their hair fall out. Now that the Molekin are all bald, oil is pretty much used as a fuel source for tech machines."

Pirate Problems

Location: Dark Water Cove

"A note for a salty seadog says "It's not easy being a Pirate. Many complain of long hours, sea sickness and parrot bites. Worst of all is having to explain what a poop deck is."

Tales of the fish

Location: Leviathan Lagoon

"A note from Professor P. Grungally says: "For years fishermen have hunted an enormous, hungry fish that lurked in the deep end of the lagoon. No one has seen the fish lately... or the fishermen, come to think of it."

Stone Masons

Location: Crystal Eye Castle

"A note from Professor P. Grungally says "Cyclopses are amazing stone masons. They've constructed stone castles, statues and temples throughout the Skylands. The stone carved ships of the Cyclops Navy were not their proudest moment..."

What makes a Portal Master?

Location: Stonetown

"Neither royal blood nor a sea of gold can make you a Portal Master. Either you are lucky enough to be born with the power to wield a Portal or you are not - It's that simple. What we don't know is why the number of Portal Masters rises and falls over the centuries. Perhaps they simply appear when they are needed most."

History of flight

Location: Treetop Terrace

"A note from Professor P. Grungally says "despite claims that the Drow invented balloons, It was actually a Chompie who came up with the idea. Drinking two hundred flasks of fizzy juice, a Chompie inflated to twenty times It's size and floated away, burping like mad."

Elder Elementals

Location: Falling Forest

"Today, there are dozens of brave Skylanders and in the past, hundreds more. But the most powerful of all Skylanders were the Elder Elementals. These giants possessed powers of Light and darkness within their flesh. No one has seen an Elder Elementals in centuries, but there are rumors that they will return someday."

The game of BOOM!

Location: Troll Warehouse

"Chompies are one of the most common monsters in Skylands, but fortunately they not very smart. In fact, trolls sometimes play fetch with Chompies using lit dynamite. They call this game BOOM! But then, trolls call all their games BOOM!

Evolution of Trolls

Location: Goo Factory
"Troll once lived under bridges and made anyone who crossed over pat them a toll. But in truth, most people got over the bridge without paying a toll, using billy-goats, "Fools Gold" and "Fools Potatoes". So the trolls gave up collecting tolls, crawled out from under their bridges and went to work for Kaos."

Special Order 31

Location: Battlefield

"A Note from a troll commander says "Strange and odd behavior attracts fire from enemy positions, which might result in injury, so please refrain from following activities: barbwire tug-of-war, minefield races and hand grenade juggling contests."

Eon's Origin

Location: Crawling Catacombs

"I, Eon, began my life as a humble servant boy, polishing pans in the kitchen of the Portal Master Nattybumpo. People realized I was no normal boy when, at the age of 8, I activated Nattybumpo's own portal and teleported him, possibly accidentally, into the middle of the Dirt Sea."

Life and Undead

Location: Cadaverous Crypt

"The Philosopher King Mortalannis, First Lord of the undead said, 'While the Living fear the Undead, the opposite is not true. The undead are reasonable, they simply wish the Living to stop... well... living. Where is the confusion? We will all be on the same team... eventually.'"

Skylander's Battle Cry

Location: Creepy Citadel

"When Skylanders travel though a portal, it is customary for them to yell out a fierce battle cry when they appear. In fact, each year there is a great contest too see whose Cry is the loudest, the most frightening and the best at making milk shoot out of other people's noses."

Core of Light Origin

Location: Molekin Mine

"Who created the Core of Light? None other than the Benevloent Ancients who vanished a thousand years ago. Their machine filled the skies with Light and kept The Darkness at Bay. At least until that fool Kaos, destroyed it. Now The Darkness spreads."

Floating Islands

Location: Lava Lakes Railway

"Skylands is an endless sea of clouds in which float rocky Islands too numerous to count. Some of these Islands are as large as an entire kingdom while others overflow with salty seas or are swollen with fiery volcanoes. Each is unique."


Location: Quicksilver Vault

"Skylanders have a bond with their Portal Masters that is unbreakable, but they are not slaves. They have chosen to serve their Portal Master and do so eagerly. When Skylanders are defeated in battle, they instantly portal back home, where they can rest and heal."

Arkeyan history

Location: Arkeyan Armory

"Long ago, the evil Arkeyan Sorcerer kings, who lived within dark cities deep underground. met their doom. The free magicians of Skylands combined their strength to bind the Royal City of Arkus in a vault of eternal sleep. All that remains of their decadent empire are their machines, toiling away in the darkness, for all eternity."

Origin of Kaos

Location: Lair of Kaos

"Some say Kaos was born a prince, but after years of suffering insults about his ugly looks and bad smells, he kicked his father in the widdershins, gave up his royal name and headed out into the wilderness along with his faithful and equally ugly butler, Glumshanks."

Empire of Ice

Location: Empire of Ice

"Stories are still told about the greatest catapult ever built -- "The Leveler" -- which has defended the warm valley of Vindlevale for centuries. Without 'The Leveler', there is little chance that Vindlevale could defend itself against the cold-loving armies of Ice Ogres and Snowclopes that dwell nearby."

Pirate Seas

Location: Pirate Seas

"Pirate buccaneers range far and wide across the seas of Skylands, but the most villainous, scurviest Pirate of them all is the seadog Captain Dreadbeard. Even now, he is said to be looking for his next helpless village to plunder. Remember this!... his only weakness is his love of pirate card games."

Darklight Crypt

Location: Darklight Crypt

"For as long as anyone can remember, the Darklight Crypt has sent out hordes of ghosts and zombies to terrorize nearby villages. But lately, all that has changed, the undead no longer seem hungry for the living. What could have caused this odd change in appetite and how long will it last?"

Dragon's Peak

Location: Dragon's Peak

"The Dragon King, Ramses, has his throne high atop a giant rock spike, known as Dragon's Peak. This is a special place for dragons, because whichever one of them controls its very top becomes the new king. Some fear that Vathek, an undead dragon - and the king's evil brother may one day try to steal the throne."

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