“There is a secret area in the Artisans home.”

Sunny Flight (サニー スカイ 1-5 Sunny Sky 1-5 in Japanese) is the Speedway in the Artisans Homeworld that only appeared in Spyro the Dragon. To access it, Spyro must jump on each of the platforms in front of the waterfall. Sunny Flight is one of the few speedways that does not have rings to fly through. The original time limit is thirty (30) seconds.


Sunny Flight, as its name implies, is a realm filled with sunlight in a mid-summer setting. The world itself consists of a series of train tracks going over, around, and through a hilly, green island which is littered with clusters of large, blue crystals and surrounded by tranquil water. There are distant, rainy-blue mountains seen in the background.

Trains puff around on the tracks, each containing two explosive barrels with targets painted on their sides. Pilots in single-propeller planes encircle a tower in the water on which a giant, luminescent green gem rests. A tunnel lit by blue crystals protruding through the walls leads to an outcropping at the center of which a large purple crystal cluster stands, illuminating the walls with a lavender hue under a similarly colored sky and an enormous, peaceful crescent moon.




  • 8 Arches
  • 8 Barrels on Trains
  • 8 Chests
  • 8 Planes

(All time bonuses on the countdown mode are three seconds each)


Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 5 - Sunny Flight

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 5 - Sunny Flight

By ZephyGameGuides



  • The location is best-known for its trains.
  • This is the first level in the original trilogy to have "sunny" in the name, the other two being Sunny Beach and Sunny Villa.
  • Enchanted Towers appears to use a variation of this level's background.
  • In the early demo, this level can't be accessed.
    • In a later demo, this level is accessible without having to step on the stones in the waterfall of the Artisan home.
    • In the late demo, this level is called "FLYING," and the amount of time is much smaller.
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