Sunny Villa is a Roman-themed realm in Sunrise Spring that appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It serves as a tutorial realm, as it is easy to complete, and some of the Rhynocs won't attack at all.



  • Rescue the Mayor (Sanders): Reach Mayor Leo and he will give you an egg.
  • Egg by the Building (Vanessa): Up on a slightly raised platform near one of the large Rhynocs.
  • Lizard Skating I (Emily): You'll need to go around the area and hit all of the fifteen lizards. There's no time-limit so take your time in learning how to jump and exploring the area. There are a few lizards held up by balloons, just flame these as you jump at them and they'll die. Once all fifteen are gotten, Hunter will give you the egg.
  • Lizard Skating II (Daisy): Same thing, but with a three minute time-limit. You will need to exact revenge on each and every one of the fifteen lizards without wiping out. Once completed you'll get the egg.
  • Hop to Rapunzel (Lucy): If you haven't completed Sheila's Alp, the tower won't be available, so you'll have to come back later. As Sheila, talk to Marco and he'll tell you about his lost love. follow the pathway, then hop up the tower, take out the rhynocs, and you'll soon reach Rapunzel.
  • Glide to the Spring (Miles): Use the pillars and glide towards the waterfall. The egg will be right at the end of the small pond.

Skill Points

  • Flame All Trees: There are many potted trees around the town. Flame them all to get a skill point. Make sure not to die or enter the challenge portals, as all the trees will need to be flamed again.
  • Skateboard Course Record I: After obtaining both eggs in the skate park, beat the course record of 3,200 points to get a skill point.





Sunny Villa (Part 1) - Spyro: Year of the Dragon Sunny Villa (Part 2) - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Sunny Villa - Part 1

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Sunny Villa - Part 1

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Sunny Villa - Part 2

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Sunny Villa - Part 2


  • This is the first place where Spyro can skateboard.
  • Sanders, the dragon you get for rescuing the mayor, is more than likely a reference to Colonel Sanders (from KFC), being mistaken for a "giant chicken egg". He does the chicken dance after hatching.
  • If the Rhynocs near Citizen Horace are defeated and you enter and exit a sublevel, a giant chicken will be seen near to him.
  • An early screenshot of the game shows that there was originally a fountain in the river at the start of the level, and balconies on the second floor of the building, where the skateboarding portal is located. Both of these level features were removed later in development.
  • The earliest demo version of the game contains a multitude of differences from the final version:
    • Only the skate park is accessible. The main realm and Sheila's sublevel can only be accessed through hacking.
    • The theme music that plays is a shortened version of Enchanted Towers' challenge portals in the Greatest Hits version. It even plays in Sheila's sublevel, as all sublevels use the same music as the rest of the level in the demo versions. Despite this, Sheila's music actually is contained within the demo, but it goes unused.
    • An animation showing Spyro flying into the level plays when accessing the main realm, similar to the level transition animations seen in the first game.
    • Hunter wears red shorts instead of purple, and he doesn't have his skateboard, despite appearing to be leaning on his board.
    • Zoe's audio dialogue was not present at this point in development, possibly due to the change in voice actors between Spyro 2 and Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
    • The course record challenge had not yet been implemented. After earning the two eggs in the skate park, Spyro can skate around freely but no timer starts and Spyro does not earn points for doing tricks.
      • The challenge wasn't implemented until the fourth demo - around two months later in development - and even then, beating the record would cause the game to crash. It's not clear whether this is due to the challenge being incomplete or if it's a result of the course record screen being absent from the code.
      • The initial record in all demo versions where the challenge is at least partially playable is 4000 instead of 3200.
    • All the lions in the realm - except Rapunzel - are red, wear orange togas, have differently coloured mouths and use a slightly less detailed eye texture.
    • There is a circular pool of water where the fountain was previously located, the platform at the top of the whirlwind is smaller than in the final game, the houses use a wooden door texture instead of the pillar pattern used in later versions, several textures are very subtly different to their final equivalents, and there is no archway at the top of the tower, next to Rapunzel.
    • Gem placement is slightly different, and there are 200 gems instead of 400. There's also only 10,000 gems overall pre-Super Bonus Round as opposed to 15,000.
    • The eggs used several different sound effects while hatching (with Seashell Shore using completely different sounds of its own), fewer animations, and were green in the HUD. Their in-game models still used their final design, though. Five of the six baby dragons in this level had different names:
      • Vanessa was named Haimi.
      • Emily was named Morgana.
      • Daisy was named Vladimir.
      • Lucy was named Itchy.
      • Miles was named Myles. Also, his egg placement is closer to the waterfall.
      • In the game's third demo, Emily and Vanessa's names are switched.
  • In four of the game's six demo versions, including the ones found in Crash Bash, the skateboard challenges had difficulty stars similar to challenges in the previous game.