Sunrise Spring is the first homeworld in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It is the first place in the Forgotten Realms that Spyro and Hunter arrive in, and mainly serves as a tutorial world.


Sunrise Spring is a wondrous paradise to any creature waiting to get away from it all. Named for its lengthened morning hours and the beauty of the rising sun, Sunrise Springs is mostly a lush, vast, flat area of soft golden green grass, tall sheltering trees, and harboring a crystal-clear pond that feeds several streams and small waterfalls. In the middle of the world is a tall castle, tall and Victorian-like with walls, mini-mountains, and more hills and ramparts fencing it all in. The arches are scattered about in very scenic locations, giving new arrivals from the realms something beautiful to look at once they step foot here. There is always an endless cerulean sky stretching overhead, crested by only a few indigo-tinted clouds.

The homeworld serves primarily as a tutorial, introducing gliding, diving, and powerups.

When visiting this homeworld, Spyro has to bring an ally from each of the respective realms to pull down the hot air balloon that will take Spyro to Midday Gardens. The allies who help are Sheila (Sheila's Alp), Mayor Leo (Sunny Villa), Cumulus (Cloud Spires), Rocky (Molten Crater) and Snappy (Seashell Shore).


Sunrise Spring is where the player is first given control right after Spyro and Hunter jump through a hole back in the Dragon Realms. It is the first place where Bianca is encountered, as well as Moneybags, who moved to the Forgotten Realms after "getting paid a fortune" by the Sorceress to keep various rebels locked up, such as Sheila here. Spyro will have to pay Moneybags 300 gems to free her.

After being set free and regaining control of her alp, Sheila later joins Spyro in his quest to retrieve the Dragon Eggs and help defeat Buzz before moving on to the next homeworld, Midday Gardens.




  • Egg by the Stream (Isabelle): At the start, climb up the steps on the left. Soon enough there will be a ledge with treasure and an egg.
  • Learn Gliding (Coltrane): Reach the cave with Hunter and he'll give you an egg.
  • Fly Through the Cave (Ami): Drop down in a hole, near Hunter in the cave and use the superfly power-up to reach the egg on a high ledge.
  • Bottom of the Lake (Bruce): Dive into the lake and the egg will be at the bottom.
  • Head Bash the Rock (Liam): Headbash the large rock behind the portal to Molten Crater to find this egg.


Original Game

  • If you use the superfly power-up to fly up and land in the lake without swimming, this will enable you to breathe fire and walk normally while in water. However, the Start button will not work for the duration of this glitch, and the only way out is to restart the game.
  • It is also possible to use the superfly power-up to go out of bounds and perform the Swim in the Air Glitch. While flying through the cave, repeatedly press X to have Spyro fly slightly faster, but don't hit any walls that will slow you down. Once the power-up timer is up, continue gliding towards the big yellow tree furthest from you, and hover at the top. If done right, Spyro should land on the tree, and can glide to the top of the wall with a charge-jump.
    • The next part of the glitch can take several tries, as it is very difficult to pull off. Glide out into the void, but turn around so that you're gliding towards the shallow pond under the level. Headbash at the right moment, and Spyro should be able to swim in the air. Doing it too close will have Spyro float on the water, and doing it too far will have Spyro fall into the void and lose a life. It is therefore advised to have a good amount of lives handy when performing this glitch.





Sunrise Spring - Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Sunrise Spring




  • This is the only homeworld to not have a Bentley portal in any of its realms. It is also one of two homeworlds to not contain an Agent 9 portal in any of its realms; the other being Midday Gardens.
  • The concept of riding a balloon from here to Midday Gardens may be a reference to Spyro the Dragon.
  • This world's name is mistranslated in all other languages of the PAL version. Both the French and Spanish versions of the game read "Spring" as the season rather than a mountain spring (respectively, "Soleil Levant Printanier" and "Amaneceres Primaverales"). The Italian version translates the world's name as "House of the Summer Spring" ("Casa della Fonte Estiva"). The German version translates it as "Sunrise Bath" ("Bad Sonnenaufgang"). The word "Bad" in this case - used as a prefix to a name - does not refer to a literal bath, but to a health resort or spa town, which often have springs. (See Bad Segeberg, for example.)
    • In the Reignited Trilogy, the French translation was changed to "Aube Printanière", which still translates the same as its original French name.

Original Game

  • The skybox in this world appears to be very similar to Artisans; however the region of sky opposite the sun is quite a bit darker.
  • In all versions of the game except the Greatest Hits version, this homeworld's theme music reappears in the Evening Lake homeworld, despite Evening Lake's theme being in the game but unused. It also plays in the Sorceress' Lair in the original NTSC version, once again making the theme that was supposed to be used go unused.
  • If this level is played on an illegal copy of the game, Zoe will inform you that you are using a hacked version, and that "you may experience problems that would not occur on a legal copy". This is found in the doorway to the building containing the balloon, whirligig or rocket.
    • Some of these "problems" can include the game randomly playing dialogue and changing languages, getting stuck in certain homeworlds, and Sparx being unable to regain health in random levels. During the boss battle in Sorceress' Lair, the game will kick the player out after about a minute and delete the save file, starting the player over from the very beginning.[1]


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