Swim in the air is a well-known glitch in the original Spyro games.

In all of the console games except Spyro the Dragon (where Spyro cannot swim), it is possible to let Spyro swim freely through the whole level, in some cases reaching a Collision Free (non-solid wall) version of the level, after swimming straight up for a long period of time, sometimes around 10 minutes. How to perform this feat varies with games and levels, but here are the most common ways to get the glitch working.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon

In Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, it is possible to use this glitch in two ways, mainly:

  • Requires Headbash. Reach an area not usually accessible on high ground. Glide outside the level, and headbash just under some shallow water. If done correctly, Spyro will begin to swim just underneath the water.
  • Sometimes, if Spyro is zapped by Zoe when he's underwater, once he is defeated he will reappear near her, but will instantly be swimming.
  • The easiest Summer Forest Swim in the air glitch method is go directly left of the Glimmer portal, and there is a pond. Position Spyro against edge of the pond with the river to the left of him, press square, and Spyro will dive into the pond, but will not go underwater, he will be "diving" against the wall. Keep doing this under Spyro "pushes" his swimming ability outside of the pond, and will be Swimming in the Air.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

Summer Forest: ([1])

Idol Springs: (see video link)

Sunny Beach: Talk to the Chef, then sneak around the corner of the turtle yard to the pool on the left. If successful, you should be in the pool. Dive underwater and swim close to the wall by the turtle yard. If it works, the turtles will come and you will return to the Chef underwater.

Aquaria Towers This glitch requires the Double Jump Glitch. After speaking to the first seahorse in the level, walk to the area where you normally could not reach without pressing the red button. Double-Jump up onto the high ledge, and walk straight ahead. If you look upwards, you will see you are walking underwater. Double-jump, glide, hover and headbash at just the right time and the glitch will have worked. NOTE: Do not speak to the Seahorse at the end of the level, or you will not get the Talisman without re-entering the realm.

Breeze Harbor: Go to the second fire paddle next to the step on the way in and dive into it, you will be swimming in the air. The game will freeze if you get hit, though this does not happen in the other levels.

Mystic Marsh: 1. Walk up to The Professor and he will ask you to return his pencil. Complete this task until you have the pencil in your possession. If you stand at the right angle, you can spit the pencil to The Professor and dive into the water. You will teleport to The Professor underwater.

2. Go underwater in the pool close to the exit portal, be close to the shore and the surface and let a Striped Monkey hit you. If done right, then Spyro can be able to swim above the water.

Winter Tundra Enter the whirlwind, and aim for the tunnel that leads to Cloud Temples. From here, use the Double Jump Glitch to get onto the mountain next to you. Then, drop down into the pit and glide over to the river below the waterfall. Once directly under the river, hover then headbash, and you should be swimming. If you charge right under Dragon Shores, you should be able to enter without defeating Ripto.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Sunrise Spring: Go to the area where the Super Fly Power Up is located. Fly through the cavern until you get to the tree with the yellow leaves. If you carried enough momentum, you should land on top of the tree. To gain more momentum, keep pressing the X button. Once there, glide to the beginning of the home world and land on top of the grassy ledge above where you started the game at. Glide around the ledge and go underneath the stream of water. Headbash at the right moment, and you should get the swimming in the air glitch.

  • If you fly far enough up, sometimes when the game freezes the music for Buzz's Dungeon will play, followed by another music track, and then random dialogue from the game, before all sound except that of being under water cuts out.

Seashell Shore Enter Molten Crater and jump onto the lava, and just when you are about to touch down and die, pause the game. It is best to turn vibration on so you will know if you completed this glitch correctly. This glitch is just like Dead Mode, and causes the game to think Spyro is "dead." Now exit the level, and enter Seashell Shore. (If you have completed Bugbot Factory, enter the Atlas and teleport there.) Once inside Seashell Shore, exit the water and you will be swimming in air.

Midday Gardens: In order to get this swimming in the air glitch, jump on the rock behind the plant just before the Super Flame Power Up. After doing this, glide onto the rock ledge located directly behind the power up. Next, you should be able to glide through the rock directly in front of you. Glide down under the stream of water, head bash, and you should have swimming in the air.

Icy Peak: This swim in the air glitch is only made available through use of the moon jump hack. Go underwater, and simply press L1 to moon jump and you will be swimming in the air.

Bamboo Terrace: Go to the waterfall and dive down at the edge. This may fail numerous times, but will eventually be successful.

Evening Lake: Go into Fireworks Factory, and jump onto the lava. When you jump onto it once Sparx has left, press pause when Spyro's tail looks like it touches the lava and you should feel it vibrate, indicating Spyro's death. Exit the level and swim out of the water and you should be swimming in the air. You can do the same method in Lost Fleet.

Lost Fleet: Once you obtain the invincibility power up, go to the waterfall and dive at the edge. Once you have done this, you will be swimming in the air. However, this is only available for a brief time, as the game still thinks you are under the green water and when the timer runs out on the power up, you're dead.

Crystal Islands: Go to the spot where the whirlwind is located and go to the edge of the water where the land and water meet. Swim into a corner and eventually you will be swimming in the air.

Dino Mines: Swim to the end of the body of water and surface, but do not jump out. Zoe should be in front of you on the land. Dive down, and Zoe should zap you. Jump out of the water (Zoe will not zap you) then jump off the cliff. When you respawn, you will be swimming in the air.

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Spyro ETD Swim in Air Glitch

In Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, the game acts differently when the glitch is performed. Headbashing high nearby the water, yet still on the ground will sometimes cause Spyro to swim freely without even touching the water itself. There is an easy way to do the glitch in Dragon Realms. Go underwater and ram through a certain net until you will be able to swim in the air.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail

Spyro AHT Swim in Air Glitch

Spyro: A Hero's Tail is the least glitchy for swimming. In Dragonfly Falls, after wall jumping up the two stumps, Spyro can actually fall through them if placed close enough on the stump. Turn him around, dive under and Spyro can swim freely through the level. Thanks to crash41596 on a YouTube video to perform that glitch for swimming in Dragon Village, it can be pulled in an cave where it has the candle that has a spot without collision. It is hard to achieve as Spyro could slip off of the candle and takes attempts to jump onto it. Once that has been done, then Spyro must charge under water before he falls out of the stage.

You can swim in the air at the Coastal Remains too. Go to the place that leads to Ineptune's lair. Jump up so you're between the big shell and the tree, and above the rocks. Hold down the 'X' button so Spyro is flapping his wings. When he starts shaking, quickly charge into the wall using the 'O' button, and Spyro will be standing on a thin strip of grass. Rotate the camera so you are facing the endless blueness, and glide forward. You will notice a tunnel. That's the tunnel leading to Ineptune's lair. If you don't have all of the Dark Gems in this area, this glitch is useful because you can just fly into the tunnel and fight her.

Anyway, when you get down to the first corner of the tunnel, go off to the right, and you should float up like you're bobbing up towards the surface of water. Hold down the 'X' button until you get to the top, then, quickly, press 'O' so you start swimming. Swim up towards the island and then go around to places you normally can't reach. There is also an unused leftover in the game near Ineptune's Lair.

You can go to the Cloudy Domain with this glitch, as well. First, go to the place where you go up to the Cloudy Domain. Press triangle, and Spyro will go flying up. You will soon appear above the level. Swim down for a bit. You will now be in the Cloudy Domain.

You can also go to the Sunken Ruins. Press triangle on the pad and you will go down there, and be able to swim there, too.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Due to limitations in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy patching these glitches from the second and third games, Spyro can only swim inside the water collision and will fall if he attempts to swim outside of it. Certain enemies like the Kamikaze Tribesmen have been spotted doing the Swim in the Air glitch if they are charged before they are sent out by the Fat Mamas.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Enemy Swim in the Air Glitch

Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Enemy Swim in the Air Glitch

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