Would someone who has a Dino-Rang please test how much armor Crystalline Armor adds and post it here? Thanks in advance. "Rock and roll!" ThierryTNG 13:25, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

plan and simple it adds 40 armor

Come to think of it, Dino-Rang is the first dinosaur to be playable in the Spyro franchise. I like having dinosaurs as heros instead of enemies. The Spyro franchise is now 14 years old and it took them until last year to finally make a dinosaur character playable? Well I think it is about bloody time.

Dino-Rang is without any doubt, my favorite non-dragon skylander. He has an awesome Australian accent in both Spyro's Adventure and Giants. In Spyro's Adventure, when he is put on the portal, one of the things he would say sounded like wooly-gang and then he would let out a chuckle. That was my favorite of his entrances. It is a pity the people that own the skylanders franchise haven't come up with a girlfriend for Dino-Rang like they did with Bash and Flashwing.

I found another line from Dino-Rang while on the Junkyard Isles Level.  The phrase he uttered was "Dino Domination!"  Cool!!

Now Thats! How Monstera Looks like!

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