“Tall Plains was once home to a proud ancient tribe called the Atlawa. The Atlawa were a people in tune with the rhythms of the seasons, focused on their relationship with crops, their surroundings, their gods.”

Tall Plains is a large rainforest located far away from the Dragon Temple in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. It is a lush, green jungle situated on a series of massive cliffs. Their inhabitants are the Atlawas, bipedal, llama-like creatures that live in a tribe, worship gods and tend to their large crops. Their chief is Kane, and they are considered to be primitive and barbaric, according to Cyril.


Cyril was imprisoned on Tall Plains by Cynder, with her dark forces of Apes roaming through the jungle, having captured the entire Atlawa tribe, disincluding Kane, their proud chief, who was saved by Spyro.

Spyro saved Kane yet again from four Rubble Brutes by using a blast of ice to freeze solid the river that carrying an unconscious Kane, saving him from falling off the edge of the Plains. This was when Spyro first learned about and used his ice breath. Spyro then confronted the Stone Sentinel, a god who was worshiped by the Atlawas and became enraged when Cynder's forces arrived, but it proved to be weak and slow, yet large and made of stone. After rescuing Cyril from the Stone Sentinel, both Spyro and the Ice Guardian return to the Dragon Temple where the Cyril taught Spyro how to breathe Ice.


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  • While Spyro's first time flying, in the areas you past, most of the islands might belong to the Tall Plains area, another thing that insinuates its Tall Plains, is that the super fire cannons in the areas are being controled by the Tall Plains incarnation of the apes.
  • Tall Plains bears resemblance to archaic Meso-America with its architecture and indigenous llama-like species.
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