Tech is an element introduced in the Skylanders series.


Although the element of Tech was around long before the Arkeyans 10,000 years ago, it was this ancient civilization who perfected the use of technical machinery beyond any other. The Arkeyans spent thousands of years honing their technical skills, coming up with everything from terrifying weapons of war to newfangled ways of quickly cooking their lunches. Their mighty machines have never been better, proving beyond all doubt that they were the ultimate Tech masterminds.[1]

Golden Gear

The Golden Gear lies at the heart of the universe. It is the intricate clockwork of the world. The Golden Gear drives everything that is Tech, but can only function when oiled with green primordial goo. The Gear is the very essence of the Tech power in Skylands, and like other Elemental sources, dates back hundreds of thousands of years.[2]


Skylanders of the Tech element use technology as their weapon (ranging from guns to lasers to rocket boosts). They are strong against Magic but weak against Earth characters in the Battle Arena. The color of this element is orange. One Tech Skylander (Drill Sergeant) is capable of breaking stone blocks in Molekin Mine and Lava Lakes Railway.

When opening a Tech Gate, the Tech Skylander activates hidden machinery to extend a bridge they can walk across. They stand on a pedestal that consists of a pile of black gears when they're in their toy form.

Tech Elemental Characters





  • This is the only element to have Skylanders (Boomer and Drill Sergeant) that attract sheep (except on the Xbox 360 version of Spyro's Adventure).


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