The Burned Lands is a large, desolate wasteland that surrounds the ground level of Malefor's Lair in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. It was once another area of Warfang before Malefor attacked the city and uprooted a fraction of it, turning its temple and other buildings into his personal domain.[1] The Belt of Fire circles around The Burned Lands and serves as its barrier.

Within The Burned Lands are multiple ambush areas for enemies Spyro and Cynder have faced before, as they attempt to stop the two dragons from reaching Malefor.


Before the events of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Malefor attacked the city of Warfang, tearing its temple and surrounding city structures from the ground with his dark magic and suspending them above the land as a symbol of his dominance. This caused the ravaged area of Warfang to become a fiery, uninhabitable wasteland filled with lava streams and mini volcanoes. The city inhabitants had since moved far from the now Burned Lands and built a new wall around the city areas left untouched to separate them from Malefor's forces.

After failing to stop The Destroyer, Ignitus escorted Spyro and Cynder to the Belt of Fire to confront Malefor. When they attempted to cross through it, the dark power of the Belt of Fire began to overwhelm Ignitus' barrier that protected them from the heat. As he struggled to keep the barrier around them up, Ignitus apologized to both Spyro and Cynder for everything that had happened to them by his failures. Sacrificing himself, he threw Spyro and Cynder through the fire; his death having a deep, almost devastating impact on Spyro. Saddened by his mentor's fate, Spyro continued on his journey to Malefor's Lair with Cynder, who comforted him that he wasn't alone.



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