The Dam is a barrier in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon that contains the sea water to prevent floods from rushing into the valley. A dragon-shaped head is built on the Dam as well as a pair of wing-like structures and paws.


After coming up with a plan to slow down The Destroyer in a canyon, Spyro and Cynder flew to the Dam in hopes of opening the floodgates to fill the canyon with water while Ignitus and the troops stall the Destroyer to give Spyro and Cynder time. However, when there wasn't enough water flowing, the two dragons decided to let all the water out at once. After going through many challenges, they successfully released the water, destroying the Dam in the process and allowing the water to rush into the canyon the Destroyer was in. This temporarily stopped the Destroyer's progress, allowing Spyro, Cynder and their allies to launch their attack on the Destroyer.


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