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This article is about the area from the spin-off TV series. You may be looking for the area from the games.

The Isle of the Citadel in the Skylanders Academy television series is a remote location in Skylands that contains some of its greatest secrets, including the Core of Light, that are essential to the very existence of the universe.

The path to the Core of Light appears to warp the island's appearance as those who conquer its trials advance through doors, seemingly sending them to other identical locations or to the skies above.


It was built by Master Eon after the Great War where he lived in solitude to think about what to do next to protect Skylands. Eventually, Eon started Skylander Academy and left the citadel hidden under a shroud of magic, with machinery to move it when its location is discovered.

Season 1

In Missing Links, fearing that Kaos had discovered the isle's location, Master Eon and King Pen planned the relocation of the Citadel, with the wizard moving it with machinery hidden in the Academy's basement.

Only the brave of heart and strong of mind can overcome the obstacles placed at the Citadel. No Skylander team had ever gone to the area until Spyro's team was sent to retrieve a cure for Eon's dark magic-driven sickness in Assault on Skylander Academy.



  • Though it was said that only Eon and King Pen were aware of its location, Dale, the wizard that manages its trials, is briefly seen in My Way or the Sky Way waiting for a job interview, implying he leaves the island at will.
  • The Isle shows signs of disuse and buildings are yellower, but has the same appearance as the Ruins after its reconstruction. Like the original in Skylanders: Giants, it is missing its main building and Weapon Master is no longer in the waterfall. When being moved by Eon's mechanisms, the Core of Light glows brightly and the skies around it clear, giving the city a more lively appearance temporarily.
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