Thieves' Guild is a realm that appeared in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. This particular area can be accessed after defeating the Butler for the second time, in Dragon Shore: Stormy Passage region. As upon his reappearance, he breaks open an secret cave leading into the realm. It's inhabited by the Thieves which Spyro has been encountering throughout the series, similarly to Thieves Den in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. However, unlike most thieves which appeared to be an nuisance to the purple dragon. These thieves seemed to more friendly and would ask for Spyro for assistance for various tasks. Also, the realm appears to be an academy/school for training students in the practices of thieving. In addition, the Master Thief would give Spyro a quest to retreive his tools in order to open an safe containing the Heart of the Thieves' Guild. In addition, this realm includes an Agent 9 stealth Mission.


Despite having the word guild in its name, this level takes after an academy and school setting in terms of apperance. For instance, from entering the Main Guild Hall, the fences consists of different coloured drawing pencils and paved up brick walls with locker doors and school alarms on attached to it. The flooring of the areas is more akin to a children's playground aswell as having obstacle courses such as traffic cones which block your path and ramps to climb on. Also, cons The monuments consist of giant apples and ink with quills in the area. In addition, realm is surrounded by a dark blue river which is implied to be ink.


Item Sparx description
Hip Neon Trophy Whoa! An electric trophy with blue neon trimmings! We found it in a purple chest in the Thieves' Guild. We gave this to Hunter in return for the Heart of the Cheetah Spot Spa.
Magic Rainbow Dust This magic powder causes you to change to the same color as the last gem you collected! Cool! We got it from Flint the dragon toddler in the Thieves' Guild, after catching the thief that was carrying him!
Heart of the Thieves' Guild This is a small black mask! It's very soft and light! The Master Thief gave this to us in the Thieves' Guild once we found his missing tools. We gave this to the Professor so he could seal the warp hole.
Agent 9 Action Figure Cool! An Agent 9 action figure, complete with ray gun! Nicky the thief let us have this after we caught Fast Eddie, who took it from him in the Thieves' Guild. We gave this to the dragon elder in return for the Heart of Dragon Shores.
Magic Banana Dust This magical silver powder helps bananas grow in some particular way! We found it in Moneybags' vault in the Thieves' Guild. We gave this to the monkey worker in return for the Heart of the Banana Savannah.
The Arctic Cross This is a medal awarded to penguins in recognition of long-term service! We got this from Greta the thief for winning the circuit race in the Thieves' Guild. We gave this to the penguin captain in return for the Heart of the Byrd Barracks.
Half of the Red Chest Key This is one half of what appears to be some kind of chest key. Agent 9 gave this to me after I helped him on his mission in the Thieves' Guild. We have both halves of this key, so we can open red chests now!
Quick-N-Quiet Motivator Unit This is a transporting device with padded treads! Looks like it can carry lots of weight! Moneybags sold it to use in the Thieves' Guild for 600 gems. We gave this to the Fairy Librarian in return for the Heart of the Fairy Library.



  • This is the second spyro game that the Thieves appear as friendly NPCs.
  • This is one of the few levels which the Yeti Lamp is required to access the level.
  • Like the games before it, you will need to chase thieves in order to collect an object. In this case, you will need to chase them to obtain an button in order to open the Moneybags' Vault of this realm.
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