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|attack = Steals important items
|attack = Steals important items
|role = Enemy <br /> Ally
|role = Enemy <br /> Ally
}}The thieves are fucking assholes. Why are you here. You know everything you need to know.
The '''Thieves''' are recurring enemies throughout the [[Spyro the Dragon (series)|Spyro series]], although they also appear as friendly inhabitants in [[Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly]] and [[Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs]]. They are mysterious creatures who wear striped robes and are known to steal precious items such as [[Dragon Eggs]], [[Gems|gems]], and keys, and then run around at high speeds while chanting their signature taunt of "Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!". They are the native residents of the [[Thieves Den]] and the [[Thieves' Guild]].
Blue Thieves make up the majority of the species, although there are also Thieves who wear green, yellow, purple, or red robes. Red Thieves in particular tend to be exceptionally fast, and often require a Supercharge to catch up to. Green Thieves appear to be in training, and tend to be easier to catch than Blue Thieves. All Thieves are voiced by Carlos Alazraqui in ''Spyro the Dragon'', and the same voice recording is used in future games.
==Types of Thieves==
*[[Blue Thief|Blue]]
*[[Red Thief|Red]]
*[[Yellow Thief|Yellow]]
*[[Green Thief|Green]]
*[[Purple Thief|Purple]]
*[[Plane Thief|Plane]]
*[[Arabian Thief|Arabian]]
*[[Two-Legged Thief|Two-Legged]]
*[[Green Stripes Thief|Green Stripes]]
*[[Teacher Thief|Teacher]]
===[[Spyro the Dragon (video game)|Spyro the Dragon]]===
The blue thieves possess all the remaining [[Dragon Eggs ]](Dragonfly Eggs in Japan) and appear in various realms in the [[Artisans]], [[Peace Keepers]], and [[Magic Crafters]] worlds. They have 12 eggs in total, five of which are needed to progress to the [[Beast Makers]] world.
Red and green thieves appear in the [[Tree Tops]], and they are considerably harder to catch than the blue ones. Each has a purple gem. Two green thieves also appear in [[Gnasty Gnorc]]'s boss fight and have keys that must be obtained to progress to fight Gnasty. Purple thieves show up as plane pilots in [[Gnasty's Loot]], and they also have keys needed to progress.
===[[Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!]]===
The only thieves in this game appear in the [[Shady Oasis]] and are Arabian themed. The [[Armed Thieves|thieves in the tan robes use]] swords to attack Spyro while the [[Shielded Armed Thieves|ones in the purple ropes with the red turban]] use both a sword and a fireproof shield. If charged, they will drop their shield and be dizzy for a short while, then spin around and regain their shield. Neither of these thieves must be chased and instead serve as enemies. The third type of thieves in this realm wear yellow robes and must be chased to retrieve the lamps they have stolen in a more traditional thief chase like in the other games.
===[[Spyro: Year of the Dragon]]===
Like in their first appearance, the thieves in this game have stolen Dragon Eggs and must be chased to retrieve them. The blue thieves can be caught with a standard charge attack, but the red and yellow ones must be caught by using a [[Supercharge]] Ramp. The thief in the [[Crystal Islands]] rides in the same airplane as in Gnasty's Loot. The thieves in the [[Super Bonus Round]] have gems instead of eggs.
If you manage to get all the skill points in the game, you will unlock the Epilogue. The thieves have their own page. It states that "Deputy Holiday catches the notorious 'Nyah-nyah' gang" with a picture of a livid Blue Thief and a Purple Thief (also livid) in jail.
===[[Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly]]===
The Thieves' first appearance as friendly inhabitants comes in ''Enter the Dragonfly'', where they seek Spyro's assistance in clearing out the [[Riptocs]] from their den. In exchange for helping them, the Thieves allow Spyro to take back any of the treasure that they have recently stolen from the Dragons. They still call out their signature taunts even as inhabitants.
The blue-robed varieties reside in the Thieves Den, and are noticeably smaller than the Thieves seen in ''Spyro the Dragon'' and Year of the Dragon. There are also red-clothed, jester-like varieties lurking throughout the Dragon Realms, who must be chased and attacked in order to give up the loot that they have stolen.
Another type of thief must be chased down to retrieve the Dragonfly (or magic wand, in [[Cloud 9]]) they have stolen. They can be found in Cloud 9, [[Honey Marsh (ETD)|Honey Marsh]] and [[Jurassic Jungle]].
===[[Spyro: Season of Ice]]===
The thieves in this game all carry ice crystals in which frozen fairies are sealed. They are notably harder to catch than in other games and are always mistaken for having stolen something else by passers-by.
===[[Spyro: Season of Flame]]===
In this game, all thieves are inside minigame portals. The person outside the portal tells Spyro that the thief has stolen something, then Spyro catches the thief and comes back to the person, who rewards him with a [[firefly]]. The thieves here are shown to carry large brown sacks where their stolen item is contained.
===[[Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs]]===
The thieves in this game usually don't need to be chased, but instead give Spyro occasional advice on things such as how to break into [[Moneybags' Vaults]]. The exception to this is in the Thieves Guild, where they usually must be chased to retrieve Quest Items. The pink-striped thieves with the graduate hats are NPCs who act as teachers, as the Thieves Guild is a school.
===[[Spyro: A Hero's Tail]]===
The thieves in this game have stolen Dragon Eggs from the [[Mrs. Shoutfire]]. They are hidden across the [[realms]] and must be chased down by Spyro. The Thieves always have Concept Art eggs. Red thieves appear in one of [[Sgt. Byrd]]'s [[Speedways]]. These thieves release gems after being attacked.
The thieves can be found in the following realms:
*[[Crocovile Swamp]] - In the Forgotten Temple. Requires Electric Breath
*[[Dragonfly Falls]] - In the Secret Area. Requires 70 Light Gems
*[[Coastal Remains]] - In the hidden area. Requires 20 Light Gems
*[[Cloudy Domain]] - In a distant house between the Elevator Top and the Tallest Tower
*[[Frostbite Village]] - In a hidden location in the first area towards the [[Gloomy Glacier]]
*[[Ice Citadel]] - Next to a Moneybags Remote Shop pad near the bridge. Requires 40 Light Gems
*[[Stormy Beach]] - Under Moneybags' Shop
*[[Molten Mount]] - Take the left path after the Lumber Storage
*[[Magma Falls|Magma Falls Bottom]] - Take the right path next to the entrance to [[Dark Mine]], near the Sparx Can Fly shop pad.
*[[Red's Laboratory]] - In the center of the Lab, in the room with the planets
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The thieves are fucking assholes. Why are you here. You know everything you need to know.

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