“Thank you for releasing me.”

Thor (トア=グリヨワーム Toa in Japanese) is an Artisans dragon that appears in Town Square, as seen in Spyro the Dragon.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, he is a ceramicist[2], appears a bit rounder and elderly and bent over with age, and has braided white hair on his ears and tail. He wears an apron, which is splattered with clay, there is also clay on his hands, and carries a painted pot filled with blue paint. He also wears small glasses.



  • Thor is also the name of the god of thunder in Norse mythology.
  • In the June 15th Prototype, Thor's dialogue is displayed as a text prompt, and is different from the final's cutscene dialogue: "Good work Spyro, you've seen all of Town Square."
  • In the original game, Thor shared the same character model as Tomas and Oswin.
  • In Reignited Trilogy, Thor has more dialogue than the original game, saying: "Thank you for releasing me, Spyro. You can always check your progress by accessing the guide book through the pause menu."
  • Thor and Gildas's Reignited design are based on a real art teacher their character designer, Devon Cady-Lee, had in junior high.[3]
  • In the credits of the Reignited Trilogy, Thor has an art piece where he is featured with Spyro. Spyro has broken a plate he painted and looks upset. If you put together the plate, it has a scribble that somewhat resembles Cynder from other games in the Spyro franchise.


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