The Tikis are the residents of Molten Crater. They mostly spend their days partying in the Tiki Lodge, but can be helpful if a certain task is needed to be done (such as with the balloon in Sunrise Spring).

List of Tikis

  • Rocky
  • Clay
  • Stoney
  • Shale


  • The fact that the tikis do nothing but partying unless there is something wrong with their world is similar to the male fauns of Magma Cone.
  • The tikis possess the ability to remove a part of their bodies and still live, since five were beheaded as part of a sidequest in the Tiki Lodge.
  • Their new look in the Reignited Trilogy shows they have a darker skin color, including eyes instead of hollowed holes. They also speak with a New Zealand accent.
  • In the Reignited Trilogy the Tikis all have different voices; Clay is voiced by Max Mittelman.[1]


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