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“Gnasty Gnorc has put one of his most devious henchmen in charge of the Artisan world. Be careful, Spyro. This boss/Toasty has many tricks up his sleeve.”

Toasty (ワンダー・パンプキン: Wonder Pumpkin) is the boss of the Artisans Homeworld. He is found in Toasty realm with several Shepherds and Sleeping Dogs guarding the path to him. Toasty appears to be a scythe-wielding, pumpkin-headed giant scarecrow, but was ultimately revealed to be nothing more than a singed Sheep on stilts. He only appeared in the Spyro the Dragon and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.


In the first two areas of Toasty's boss fight, his outfit consists of a big red coat, a big red hat, an orange Jack-o-lantern for his head, a carrot on for his nose, straw hands, a scythe to attack Spyro with, and wooden feet with straw toes. In the last area he is merely an angry sheep standing on stilts.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Toasty is taller with a more hunched look and his coat is more worn-out and it covers his 'feet' (however they could still be seen if one looks closely). He has a furry hood on his coat. His hands have more skeletal fingers. His Jack-o-lantern is smaller and has a more wicked smile, with a bell hanging beneath it. His true sheep form has horns, singed wool and wears a bell around his neck.


After Gnasty Gnorc froze the dragons in crystal, he put one of his most cunning, and intelligent minions to be in charge of the Artisans realm: Toasty. Toasty took over Nevin's castle domain and was protected by his Shepherd minions and their Sleeping Dogs. Spyro eventually came to the castle, freed Nevin, fought Toasty and his Sleeping Dogs, and defeated Toasty himself, not before realizing that Toasty was just a simple Sheep.

Confronting Toasty

In order to Spyro defeat the Toasty, Spyro must first defeat his Sleeping Dogs (they took two hits; one to char them, and a second to finish them off), and then flame him. He took three hits. Once he was defeated, Toasty released several Gems. Toasty only attacked when his Sleeping Dogs were gone. If they were still alive, he simply ran around the chamber in his attempt to get away from Spyro if he got too close (he was much faster in the third round).

For an easier time against the Toasty's sheep form, Spyro could leave his Sleeping Dogs alone and chase him to get close enough to flame him; the doors to the next rooms opened whether his Sleeping Dogs were alive or not. Though, to achieve 100% completion in this realm, the Sleeping Dogs needed to be defeated in order to retrieve their Gems.


  • When Spyro is in the room with the two Sleeping Dogs, he must flame them once. After that, when they jump above Spyro, Spyro must jump between them and Spyro will be launched in the air (Spyro must not have Sparx following him).
  • If Spyro ran back over the line where the door sank into the ground while a Sleeping Dog was preparing to jump but before it did jump, the Sleeping Dog will jump so high that it will hit the top of the level and disappear.


Toasty (Boss)/Gallery


  • Coincidentally, a Protesting Sheep from the early Spyro commercials was nicknamed "Toasty" by the commercial directors, leading many to believe that both the sheep and the boss might be the same character.
    • Although some Fans believed that this actually have been a direct reference to the Toasty! pun from Mortal Kombat.
  • If one listened carefully after Toasty's true form was revealed, player could hear a cow bell jingling whenever Toasty moved his head while in idle, which revealed that Toasty wore a bell around his neck. In the original animation this bell could not be seen, but in Spyro Reignited Trilogy it was included.
  • It could be seen as ironic that Toasty, a sheep, was the one who controlled the Shepherds, whose job it is naturally to control the sheep.
  • In the original game, it was also possible (yet rare) for the sheep to peer through Toasty's cloak, though obviously that must happen within the first two areas to see that and also that happened when Spyro stood still for a long period of time.
  • Ironically, Toasty's name was what happened after Spyro defeated him by flaming him.
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