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Toasty (ワンダー・パンプキン 1-4 Wonder Pumpkin 1-4 in Japanese) is a Boss Realm in the Artisans Homeworld. To obtain access, Spyro has to complete at least one other level before the dragon head will open. It is set at twilight and features a large castle atop a cliff that Spyro must traverse through. The castle belongs to the only dragon Nevin[1].


The shepherds from Stone Hill return in Toasty, this time with dogs instead of rams. The dogs pounce on Spyro should he get too close to them or flame them. Before you encounter Toasty, Nevin tells you that Gnasty Gnorc put one of his most devious henchmen in charge, hinting that the dragons don't know that Toasty is in fact a sheep who wears a disguise.

It is unknown why a sheep would attack a dragon, but it is believed that they are seeking revenge on them since they have served as fodder for the dragons for so long. It is possible that Toasty defected to Gnasty's side due to the dragon's cruel treatment to the flock of sheep that live in Artisans, or because Sparx, Spyro's sidekick, needs butterflies to survive (which can be found after killing sheep and other animals).




  • Nevin - Found before the encounter with Toasty.



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  • An advertisement for the game featured Toasty.

Original Game

  • Toasty is considered to be one of the more iconic bosses.
  • This is one of four realms whose portal is contained within a dragon head, the others being Twilight Harbour, Gnasty Gnorc, and Gnasty's Loot. Also, the entrance to Molten Mount looks like a dragon head.
  • In some early builds, this level is called "BOSS", and it uses the Ice Cavern music.
  • Part of the music in this realm uses the title theme motif.
  • Toasty is one of the boss stages that contains no fodders. Others are Doctor Shemp, Blowhard, and Gnasty Gnorc.

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