This article is about the character from Spyro: A Hero's Tail. You may be looking for the character from the original Spyro the Dragon game.
“I'd tell you the whole story, but I'm old and I take a really long time to tell stories...”

Tomas is a blue Dragon Elder who first appeared in Spyro: A Hero's Tail, and its sequel, Spyro: Shadow Legacy.



Tomas was the twelfth leader of the Council of Elders who was friends with Red. However, one day, he and Red had an argument in which Red believed that dark magic could be harnassed for the greater good of dragonkind. Tomas discouraged any contact with dark magic, but Red continued his experiments in secret. One day, the rogue Elder summoned a creature from another dimension, but lost control of it, and the monster rampaged around Dragonfly Dojo, smashing Tomas' house. The Elders joined together to send the monster away, but everyone knew Red was the culprit. Tomas then banished Red from the Realms for his lust for power, and told him to never return.

A Hero's Tail

Years passed, and Tomas resided in the Dragon Kingdom. When Red returned, the blue Dragon Elder taught Spyro on how to double jump, and also how to Horn Dive. He witnessed the young purple dragon smash his first dark gem.

In the secret ending, Tomas was shown watching TV with the other elders. He and Titan agreed to turn it off after Astor called Magnus a "deaf coot."

Shadow Legacy

When the Calamity struck, Tomas telepathically guided Spyro out of the Shadow Realm and into the safety of the Dragon Dojo. Spyro then freed blue Dragon Elder when Tomas became trapped under a wooden beam when he was working on his house. Afterwards, Tomas helped Spyro in rescuing the other Elders and told the young dragon about the Calamity, the Shadow Realm, and other things. He soon tasked Spyro into freeing the inhabitants of the world from the Shadow Realm and find out who was behind all of it.

During Spyro's quest, Tomas also taught the young dragon the art of general magic.



  • Tomas was once a friend of Red, as mentioned in Shadow Legacy.
  • He mentioned that he lost his flame powers long ago.