Town Square (グライド タウン 1-3 Glide Town 1-3 in Japanese) is one of the worlds in the Artisans homeworld. It has appeared only in Spyro the Dragon and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remaster of the first game. It is a town on an island wreathed by a great blue sea. Spyro will need to glide around this area to get all of the realms' collectibles.


Town Square is a small Spanish-inspired town settled on a large island in the middle of a blue lake. The town has plenty of buildings that serve all sorts of needs, such as stores, housing, schools, and other necessities.

Courtyard fountains are spread across the island, as well as ivy growing along the walls and cliffs that manage to poke between the buildings. The sky is pure purple with clouds of orange. Alvar nearly had a fit when he saw the thieves make off with the eggs.




  • Nils - Found at the beginning up some stairs.
  • Devlin - Found across the pond, near where Spyro meets the first Bulltaming Gnorc.
  • Alvar - Found near the return home portal.
  • Thor - Found in a high area where Spyro must glide to.



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  • The first dragon in this level, Nils, shares the same character model as Nestor (from the Artisans Homeworld).
  • This world's background was reused in Charmed Ridge.
  • In most demo versions of the game, this level is inaccessible, and its portal is blocked off by a stone wall.
    • In the demo found in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped this world was accessible from the Stone Hill portal. This version of the level used Stone Hill's music, but the rest of the level, including dragons, were the same as the final version.
    • In the June 1998 prototype, this level used incorrect music, and none of its dragons had animations, instead displaying messages in text format upon collection.
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