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Tree Tops (スピード ツリー 4-3 Speed Tree 4-3 in Japanese), or Treetops, is a world that appeared in Spyro the Dragon, and later in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. In the former, it appears in the Beast Makers Homeworld.

This realm uses the Supercharge ramps to zoom in and out of the houses, and is largely considered one of the hardest realms in the entire Spyro series. It is also the first world to use Thieves which steal Gems and not Eggs. Based on tree houses with ramps, those who find controlling a faster Spyro difficult will probably dislike this place. But, you need this speed in order to get one of the hardest dragons in the game, and to catch up to those pesky Thieves. Remember: The longer you've been charging, the higher the jump will be!


As strange as it sounds, the Beast Makers have made an aerial village built atop the many gigantic limbs of a jungle’s enormous trees. These trees are huge, many yards around their trunks, and take well over a day to fully chop down using physical methods. Even magic has a hard time tumbling them! To truly see how tall they are, you would have to climb up to this large village of huts, supercharge ramps, and carved caves. To look down from up there would herald nothing to look at but a dark abyss below and the sky above is only lit by the aurora. The Tree Tops are constantly dark considering the trees’ canopies blot out the sun. Because of this, the Beast Makers have erected various torches and lanterns around the plank walkways along the limbs.


Spyro the Dragon



Spyro: Shadow Legacy



This section of Tree Tops is located in Avalar and is home to fairies. It consists of wooden platforms scattered all around the place, and has trees on which the Kerfuffle plant grows; a plant which has magical healing abilities to fairies.


Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 22 - Tree Tops

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 22 - Tree Tops

By ZephyGameGuides



  • This is one of the few realms where Spyro does not do his aerial backflip when he arrives.
  • Despite being in the Dragon Realms in Spyro the Dragon, in Spyro: Shadow Legacy, Tree Tops is instead located in Avalar.
  • There is a way to supercharge to the island containing Jed and the Green Thief without going through the whole supercharging "lap." Just as you start supercharging, turn right to a ramp that is originally met at the end of the supercharge setup. As you supercharge off the ramp, you have enough power to glide to the island. SumGai on DailyMotion found this out.
  • The music in Tree Tops is a sped up remix of the greatest hits edition music from High Caves.
  • The background for Tree Tops is later reused in Spyro: Year of the Dragon as the background for Honey Speedway, but with added bee hives attached to the trees.
  • The hills in the background are proportionally the same as the hills in Dark Hollow's background.  Even the moon is in the same spot, except part of it is blocked by the hills because of how low it is.
  • Tree Tops is the only level in Spyro the Dragon that does not have a lake or a pool of liquid.
  • In the late demo, Tree Tops uses Terrace Village's music, many locations are differently textured or built, the Green Thief is waiting at the end of the level, and the exit vortex makes no sound.
  • In Spyro Reignited Trilogy the sky above appears to be lit by a constant aurora. This was a change from the original in Spyro the Dragon in which it appears as misty clouds.
    • It is unknown if this was the original intent or if it was just limitations of the technology of the 1990s.
    • The aurora seems to suggest that Tree Tops, and by extension Beast Makers and the other levels, are located near either the North or South Pole.
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