“No Gold, No Glory!”
    —Trigger Happy's official catchphrase

Trigger Happy (トリガーハッピー Torigā Happī in Japanese), also known as Trigg, is a gremlin gunslinger who is one of the playable Skylanders in the Skylanders series, first appearing in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He has a Legendary counterpart called Legendary Trigger Happy.

He also has a Series 3 counterpart called Big Bang Trigger Happy who is available in Skylanders: Swap Force.

Character Development

Trigger Happy was the first Skylander outside of the original-four to be designed and is one of three Skylanders appearing in Spyro's Adventure's starter-pack. His original design had him spend his gold as an ammunition resource with a secondary ability that would pull coins towards him with the coins acting as projectiles. The psychology of spending your gold resource as ammunition proved to be too negative and would eventually contradict one of Skylander's character design tenets: spammable primary attacks that are fun no matter what. Due to some confusion with the marketing team, Trigger Happy has a french accent in the early commericals. In development, Trigger Happy was first referred to as "the Golden Cheat".

Much like the battlecruisers in Star Craft, the Golden Yamato Blast upgrade pays tribute to Leiji Matsumoto's Space Battleship Yamato. The charge up mechanic beckons back to the Melnorme Trader from Toys For Bob's classic Star Control 2.[1]



Trigger Happy's solution to every problem is being, well, trigger happy. He is a gold lover and quick triggered; a crazy gunslinger who will take down any evil doer. The gremlin always loved hearing about his friends' exploits in their fight against evil doers to the point of hopping from one foot to the other in excitement. Trigger Happy is also shown to have a sense of humor, as he always liked nothing better than to hide a sheep or two in Hugo's wardrobe most weekends to mess with the Mabu.[2]

The gremlin gunslinger is also bizarre, as he seemed to enjoy being continually frazzled during training sessions.[3]


Trigger Happy is more than his name—it's his solution to every problem. Nobody knows from where he came. He just showed up one day in a small village, saving it from a group of terrorizing bandits by blasting gold coins everywhere with his custom-crafted shooters. Similar tales were soon heard from other villages, and his legend quickly grew. Now everyone in all of Skylands knows of the crazy goldslinger that will take down any bad guy... usually without bothering to aim.



With his kooky cackle and lolloping tongue, it's hard to get much sense out of Trigger Happy. The grinning gunslinger lets his golden pistols do the talking. In fact, his response to most things is to set both barrels blazing. Trigger Happy first appeared in a tough frontier town on the furthest reaches of Skylands. The town was dirt poor and had recently been beset by a band of bully bandits. One day, having grown bored of terrorizing the townsfold with their bad breath and sheep-shearing jokes, the bandits were holding up the local bank. Outside, their dragon steeds were fired up for a quick getaway.

Suddenly, a short, stumpy stranger strolled into the high street. And after taking one look at the bandits, Trigger Happy started shooting. Gold coins sprayed everywhere, embedding themselves into the buildings and the behinds of the bandits, who promptly hightailed it out of there. The town was made instantly rich and Trigger Happy a legend. His goldslinging antics soon reached the ears of Master Eon, who immediately made him a Skylander. Trigger Happy remains true to his name, by shooting first and asking questions later. Actually, he never bothers to ask questions.[4]

Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

Trigger Happy made a cameo as one of the Skylanders who attended Gill Grunt's concert in celebration of their latest victory over the forces of darkness. Flynn's hot air balloon soon crashlanded in Eon's garden, as the Skylanders, Trigger Happy included, ran out of harm's way.

Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters

Spyro with Jet-Vac and Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy playfully compliments on Spyro's legendary status with Jet-Vac.

Trigger Happy was in a training session with Jet-Vac, Spyro, and Drill Sergeant when Spyro's attempt to master his Daybringer Flame attack went out of control with him accidentally unleashing his flames upon Trigger Happy and Drill Sergeant, leaving the two Tech Skylanders singed as a result.

The gremlin gunslinger later accompanied Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Drill Sergeant to the Eternal Archives with the Warrior Librarians of the Eternal Archives to help protect it. The Skylanders battled against mega-sized Chompies, but were outmatched until Kaos arrived and saved the heroes by suspending the Chompes in midair with a magic staff. When the Warrior Librarians Curator, Wiggleworth, refused to hand over a book from the Archive Kaos was after, the evil Portal Master released the mega-sized Chompies upon the heroes, but the Skylanders managed to defeat them with the help of a mega-sized Spyro.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Trigger Happy and Spyro were present with their leader, Master Eon, when Kaos and The Darkness approached. When Kaos sent his minions to destroy the Core of Light, Trigger Happy didn't appear in battle with the other Skylanders until he arrived and helped out Stump Smash fight a large number of Kaos's minions when the tree creature was outnumbered, taking out a few enemies with several shots of his dual guns. They both worked together in defeating the horde of enemies, including two Goliath Drows individually. 

Trigger Happy and Stump Smash

Trigger Happy assists Stump Smash in their fight to protect the Core of Light.

Just as the Skylanders were winning the battle, Kaos unleashed his Hydra, and it successfully destroyed the Core of Light. Trigger Happy, along with the other Skylanders, were banished from Skylands and sent to Earth where they were turned into toys, waiting for the new Portal Master to find them. Trigger Happy must have been the most fustrated Skylanders while in his frozen state. Always active, he can't keep still for a second. He'd probably have been thinking about getting back to Skylands as soon as he could to unleash his might golden guns.[5]

After Kaos was defeated, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy were present at the Ruins with Hugo, Flynn, Cali, and Master Eon as Kaos made idle threats in his temporary prison. The three Skylanders all shared a knowing glance to one another, as Kaos rambled on vowing that he'll keep returning until Skylands was his if he was to be banished to the Outlands again. Instead, Kaos was banished to Earth where he was turned into a toy, and shortly after his departure, Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy celebrated their victory together.


Spyro the Dragon

Spyro and Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy celebrating Kaos's banishment with Spyro.

Trigger Happy is best friends with the purple dragon, Spyro. As a result of being the few of the first modern Skylanders, Trigger Happy and Spyro have been working together a little longer than some of the other Skylanders, forming a bit more of a friendship based on longevity and shared experiences in their fight against the forces of evil.[6] In addition to their friendship, Spyro calls Trigger Happy by the nickname, 'Trigg'.

Gill Grunt

Other than Spyro, Trigger Happy is also best friends with Gill Grunt. The gremlin has also been working together with the Gillman alongside Spyro since they were some of the first modern day Skylanders.[6]


Trigger Happy can fire a barrage of gold coins at his enemies from his dual guns. He can also hurl a pot of gold, fire away at his opponents using a machine gun filled with coins, and release two yellow beams from his guns.

Trigger Happy is a frail, rapid-fire, ranged damage character. His Golden Pistols and Golden Machine Gun allow him to dispense rapid damage at long-range. His gold-hurling abilities provide a medium-range area of effect damage spell to hold enemies at bay. For his upgrade paths, he can chose to improve the power of his pistols or his gold-hurling bombing ability. However, he has very low health and no melee attacks, making him not as useful for close range. The guns (both the pistols and the machine gun) don't knock back enemies and his golen hurls have a slow rate of fire.


These are the starting and maximum statistics for this Skylander in the console version of the games.

  • Health: 200 (max. 400)
  • Speed: 50 (max. 98)
  • Armor: 30 (max. 60)
  • Critical Hit: 50 (max. 100)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 100)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 40
  • Agility: 60
  • Defense: 20
  • Luck: 100

Powers and Upgrades

Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Cadaverous Crypt

Golden Pistols Lob Golden Safe Infinite Ammo
Trigger Happyprimarypower

Primary Ability
Shoot rapidfire coins out of both golden guns.

Trigger Happysecondarypower

Secondary Ability
Lob explosive golden safes at Trigger Happy's enemies.

Trigger Happysoulgempower

Price: 4000
Golden Machine Gun has unlimited ammo.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone.

Golden Super Charge Pot O' Gold Golden Mega Charge Golden Machine Gun
Trigger Happybasicupgrade1

Price: 500
Charge up the Golden Gun, then release to fire a bullet that does damage.

Trigger Happybasicupgrade2

Price: 700
Throw a Pot of Gold, which does increased damage.

Trigger Happybasicupgrade3

Price: 900
Charge up Trigger Happy's Golden Gun longer to do even more damage.

Trigger Happybasicupgrade4

Price: 1200
Activate a machine gun and swivel its aim with the control stick.

Golden Frenzy
This upgrade path lets Trigger Happy further develop his Golden Gun attacks.

Happiness Is A Golden Gun Bouncing Bullets Golden Yamato Blast
Trigger Happypath1upgrade1

Price: 1700
Golden Gun does increased damage.

Trigger Happypath1upgrade2

Price: 2200
Golden Gun's bullets bounce off walls.

Trigger Happypath1upgrade3

Price: 3000
Charge up the Golden Gun even longer to do maximum damage.

Golden Money Bangs
This upgrade path lets Trigger Happy further develop his throwing skills.

Just Throwing Money Away Coinsplosion Heads or Tails
Trigger Happypath2upgrade1

Price: 1700
Pot O' Gold attack has longer range.

Trigger Happypath2upgrade2

Price: 2200
Pot O' Gold attack explodes in a shower of damaging coins.

Trigger Happypath2upgrade3

Price: 3000
Toss a coin that does extra damage ... and if it lands on heads, it does even more damage.

Skylanders gain new abilities automatically based on their level.

Starting Powers

  • Cha-Ching! (Primary Attack): Repeatedly shoot Trigger Happy's coin guns at enemies.
  • Money Mingun (Secondary Attack): Fire Trigger Happy's minigun at enemies. The minigun becomes less accurate the longer it is fired.


  • Coin Flip (requires level: 3): Shoot coins at enemies. When they hit enemies, the coins will flip up into the air and damage enemies again when they land.
  • Rising Interest (requires level: 6): double jump shoots coins at enemies. the money minigun also maintains its accuracy longer.
  • Stored Value (requires level: 9): Hold (y) and release to shoot two stunning coins.Hold (y) longer to shoot a barrage of six coins.Trigger Happy is invulnerable while shooting this barrage.

Minigame Abilities
Skylanders get special abilities in minigames based on their element.

Sky Defense Castle Assault Ground Defense

Make the turret shoot like a machine gun.


Launch a projectile that explodes like a bomb.


Create a time bomb and leave it on the ground.


Battle Cries

  • "Mine mine mine!"
  • "Pow pow pow!"
  • "Eat gold!"
  • "No Gold, No Glory!"
  • "Pow pow pow, you you you!"
  • "Winning is mine!"
  • Bigger Trigger!"
  • "Ha ha ha victory!"
  • "I win, big time!"
  • "Pa-powie!"
  • "I did it!"
  • "Big big big!" - level up
  • "Boing boing!" - bounce pad
  • "Bounce bounce!" - bounce pad
  • "Up up up!" - bounce pad
  • "Coming through!" - opening a gate
  • "Make way!" - opening a gate
  • "Me me me!" - checking stats info
  • "Me at my best!" - checking stats info
  • "Crazy hat, like me!" - given a hat
  • "Good look for me!" - given a hat
  • "Unique! I like it!"  - given a nickname
  • "Fun fun fun!" given a nickname

Commercial Quotes

  • "Here comes Trigger Happy! In the face!" - from The Beginning Trailer.
  • "He's so hot right now." - (from Eruptor TV Commercial)
  • "My name is Trigger Happy! No Gold, No Glory!" from Trigger Happy's TV Spot
  • "Here they come!" - from the start of the Boomtime commercial.
  • "This is not me at my best." - from The Beginning Trailer.
  • "Holy guacamole!" -from the Skylanders: Giants debut trailer.
  • "Giants rule!" - from the Giants debut trailer.
  • Spee too!" *Silent moment* "...Or you know, I just wait here." - From 'My Turn' TV commercial.
  • "In the face!" - Commenting Prism Break's performance in the Tag Team Commercial

Character Trailers

See also


Trigger Happy/Gallery


  • Trigger Happy's guns bears a slight resemblance to Nerf Mavericks, a toy made by NERF.
  • On Skylanders official Facebook page, under a picture of Trigger Happy, it has been said in the comments that I-Wei Huang was the person that came up with Trigger Happy's design.
  • Trigger Happy talks normally only in the commercial advertisements for Skylanders, and speaks with a Russian accent. He can however say "Mine!".
  • He shares a similar character model to Boom Fiends.
  • His solution to all of his problems is very simple, and similar to Boomer's whose motto is "Blow it up!".
  • Wii version only: Trigger Happy's Golden Yamato Blast can take out the Rotting Robbies.
  • Trigger Happy bears a few similarities to the Raving Rabbids from the Rayman franchise. Both are furry creatures, both are psychotic, and both can be seen wielding guns.
  • He and Pop Fizz are the only two gremlin-like Skylanders except he only has three fingers and lacks toes and claws.
  • Despite the Soul Gem being called Infinite Ammo, when you first get it, it says Infinite Hellfire. This is known on the PS3 version, but says Infinite Ammo on the Wii version.
  • As a Series 2 figure, Trigger Happy wields his Golden Machine Gun.
  • He is the only console starter pack Skylander in Spyro's Adventure who doesn't have the ability to fly.
    • Before Swap Force, he and Tree Rex were the only console starter pack Skylanders who can't fly.
  • Whenever you collect goods as Trigger Happy, he'll keep saying "Mine!", even while riding on Flavius.
  • In Giants, Trigger Happy is voiced by Dave Wittenberg, who voiced Hektore in the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure.
  • Out of all the Skylanders in the series, Trigger Happy has the lowest health.
  • His catchphrase is a play on the saying "No Guts, No Glory."
  • While the original Mega Blocks figure only carried his Golden Pistols, he is set to be released in 2013 with his Golden Machine Gun.
  • Trigger Happy resembles Mr Blik from Catscratch. Both are long eared and have no noses.
  • He shares his name with a Decepticon Targetmaster from the G1 Transformers TV series.
  • In Trigger Happy's TV commercial, at the end it shows Boomer's toy pack, not Trigger Happy's.
  • Trigger Happy and Zook are the only Skylanders from Spyro's Adventure with two fingers and a thumb.


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