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This article is about the enemies in the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the enemy from the classic series or the Legend series.

The Trolls are Kaos' main ground forces in Skylanders series, and are known for their love of blowing stuff up. They are nasty pieces of work, their hobbies include war, bullying and hiding bombs in each other’s pants. These were the kind of creatures whose idea of relaxing was sitting down with a map to work out which civilization to oppress next.

As a race, the Trolls are very skilled engineers and technicians, but it seems that this intelligence is limited to the higher ranks of troll society. The most intelligent and sophisticated troll is Glumshanks, who serves as Kaos' right hand (and is arguably more intelligent than him).

Boomer is the only good troll to ever have the honour of becoming a Skylander.


Trolls once lived under bridges and made anyone who crossed over pay the toll. When most people got over the bridge without paying a toll, using billy goats, 'Fools Gold', or 'Fools Potatoes', the Trolls gave up on collecting tolls, crawled out from under their bridges and went to look for work elsewhere. Kaos was quick to harness the technical minds of the Trolls in his quest to rule Skylands. The Trolls have taken over vast areas of Skylands on their master's behalf.

They have also played a part in the backstories of some of the Skylanders:

  • When the Trolls began hunting unicorns and dragons, they suffered the wrath of the unicorn-dragon hybrid Skylander, Whirlwind.
  • Oil-drilling Trolls had also invaded an undersea civilization that was ruled by Wham-Shell, causing his people to be scattered to the wind, and Wham-Shell drove the Trolls away with his powerful mace soon afterwards.
  • Trolls had also chopped down and logged Stump Smash's entire forest, including himself. The tree-like creature then retaliated by smashing the Trolls' tree-cutting machines with his now stump-like mallets.
  • Boomer was part of the Troll Army, originally a demolition specialist, but he realized the sole mission of the army was war and conquest, which didn't interest him. Determined to stop the Troll Army's quest for conquest, and to blow up things as many as he can, Boomer left the Trolls after saving a town being destroyed by them. Soon afterwards, Boomer was invited to be a Skylander, becoming the only troll to win such an honor.


Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

The Trolls worked with a Spell Punk in testing out the invisibility spell so that they can steal the Chattering Key from its guardian unnoticed. But the trolls decided to go and cause trouble in the Mabu Market using the invisibility spell, unknowingly drawing attention to the Skylanders, much to the Spell Punk's fustration. Gill Grunt used his harpoon gun to fire gushes of mushy fruit at the trolls, making them visible again. Upon realizing that they can be seen, the Trolls were attacked by the Skylanders and were soon called back by Kaos.

The Trolls later assisted Kaos to claim the Chattering Key from the Skylanders.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

The Trolls played a role in Kaos' plans during his reign over Skylands. They first appeared on Oilspill Island, having held the Gillmen living there prisoner and took over the island to drill for oil which they give to Kaos for his machines, contaminating the waters in the process. The Skylanders saved the Gillmen and destroyed the oil factory that was polluting the waters.

The Trolls later appeared in Falling Forest, having been sent by Kaos to cut down all the trees in order to find the Eternal Life Source that resided inside a giant acorn, but was thwarted by the Skylanders. They appeared again in Troll Warehouse, Battlefield, and Goo Factory where they were at war with the Mabu Defense Force, using their evil technical skills to battle against the Mabu fighters.

In the 3DS version, the Trolls played a part in Hektore's rule over the Radiant Isles, having been unleashed into the unstable Rivenrock Caverns. They also have Attack Dogs, which the Trolls used to sniff out intruders.

List of Trolls


  • There are hints of predjudice against trolls, such Snuckles referring to them as "stinky bridge dwellers," and when Boomer talks to Quigley, Quigley will state that his mom said he's not allowed to talk to Boomer.
  • According to a Story Scroll, Trolls call all of their games "Boom."
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