Twilight Falls is the second level in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon that lies between the Catacombs and the Enchanted Forest, an area where Spyro and Cynder go to rest after their escape. It was given the name "Twilight Falls" due to the large large waterfall glistening under the rays of the Celestial Moons.


On their departure out of the Catacombs, Spyro and Cynder were led through a cave by Hunter and followed a river, which ended into a large, glistening waterfall with a marvelous view of the forest surrounding the area and the rays of the Celestial Moons shining down to the waterfall, which is why Twilight Falls had gotten its name. The falls lead down to the forest below where Hunter met them by a fallen tree and they had to fight a wave of Grublin Flies before battling against a Hero Grublin. The two dragons then knocked over a tree, and they crossed over to and climb a wall where they met Hunter at the top and went to rest in the Enchanted Forest.

Once there, Hunter explained to Spyro and Cynder that the Dark Master had escaped shortly after they disappeared, and that the world had been in utter chaos ever since. While sitting around their campfire, they are ambushed and dragged to the Cheetah Village, where Spyro and Cynder were tethered to a large post. Hunter was put in chains for bringing Dragons to the village, where the cheetah leader, Chief Prowlus, believed Dragons were the cause of the cheetahs' misfortunes. The village was then attacked by a group of Grublins, and Chief Prowlus relunctantly released Spyro and Cynder to help fight them off.



  • Twilight Falls is the shortest level in Dawn of the Dragon.
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