Twilight Harbor (ナスティ ブリッジ 6-2 Gnasty Bridge 6-2 in Japanese) is a world which appears in Gnorc Gnexus Homeworld in Spyro the Dragon. The main setting is a beautiful orange sunset which overlooks this Gnorc-filled level. Flaming the drawbridge levers will allow you to Supercharge down to a new area.





Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 33 - Twilight Harbour

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Twilight Harbor/Gallery



  • Through supercharge and jumping, you can reach the base of the lighthouse that sits in the middle of the water. However, there is nothing to do there.
  • At the start of the level, there is a single polygon in the water that can be stood on as though it is ground.
  • In the June 1998 prototype, this level is (perhaps incorrectly) called Gnorc Cove, it uses Stone Hill's music, and the enemies don't make any sounds when defeated, nor do the machine guns when firing. Not all the gems have been added to the level yet, so collecting them all causes the gem count to be lower than it should be. The number of dragons in this level also displays incorrectly in the inventory.


  • In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the Gnorc Commandoes and Machine Gunners use toxic goo as ammunition. This was a creative choice by Toys For Bob to further match the realm of Gnasty's World, a mechanical junkyard filled with goo and lava.[1]
    • Instead of grenades, the Gnorc Survivalists now use explosive barrels to attack.


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