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“Find the eggs, and bring them back, Spyro. You're our only chance.”
    —The unnamed purple dragon

This unnamed dragon is a dragon who appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. He does not appear in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, having his role be filled by Argus instead.


The dragon was first seen sleeping with Spyro, Hunter and the other Dragons. He, along with the other characters, then heard Hunter's wail of pain after Bianca accidentally stepped on his tail, bearing witness to the thief stealing the last of the Dragon Eggs. With the dragon eggs stolen, the Purple Dragon asked Zoe where the dragon eggs were, and was horrified to find out they were taken to the Forgotten Worlds. He then tasked Spyro to find and bring back the dragon eggs as he was their only chance given only he can fit in the holes.

Later on as the baby dragons are returned, he was overwhelmingly thrilled with happiness, even clapping his hands. As he picked up a baby dragon to nuzzle, he was shocked at getting burped in the face. Disgusted, he placed the baby dragon down on the ground near Spyro.



  • This dragon has the same character model and voice as Lindar.
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