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Hello there. I am Blahmarrow, an admin here. As it stands, I will be leaving for good though (I am a busy man, with not much time left free. I'd like to wish you all the best of luck, and say thanks, for making this place a great community and letting me have a blast. Who knows? I might comeback later and see how things are once in a while if all works out. Good bye guys, it's been a blast helping here. This site really is a labour of love. This is Spartan A054 Blahmarrow, out.



Species: Human
Fav Colours: Gold, Cobalt Blue
Status: Editing On Wikis

Hello, greetings, etc. I'm Blahmarrow, and I'm an admin. I like to help out where I can on here with the older game content. It's not too much, but I don't mind. My first game was Spyro the Dragon. If you care for the whole story, I'll tell you.

One day, long ago, when I was about four, maybe five years old, my parents bought a PS1 for the family. It came with a demo disc, containing a dozen or so game demos, and some trailers. I still have that dic, but it's been battered and damaged, so some things have lost the ability to work. The case cover is also gone (salvaged to be used as a launchpad for a rocket, boy was that a great flight), but the CD remains. Anyways, I was looking through the demos, trying to decide what to play. Well, being me, I completly missed half of what was there, then noticed after looking back there. It was then that I found the first option for the demos: Spyro the Dragon.

I played it. I don't remember how it went, but I loved it. I do remember when I stumbled upon a locked realm. Confusion. Full blown confusion at it. It was like nuclear fusion and fision combined to me. COMPLICATED TO COMPREHEND! Not that I was in dismay over it, just confusion, I was stupid like that when I was younger.

However long it took me after that is lost history, but I looked over my shoulder, to my mom, who was on the computer, and asked if I could get the game. I new it wasn't the complete thing on the demo, but I didn't make the connection as to why I couldn't get anywhere! Anyway, my mom, and I distinctly remember this, went onto Ebay using Internet Explorer. (Way back at about 1999-2000, WAY different to now!) She pulled up a listing of the first three games, or was it the first game with the manual and CD removed along with another complete copy? Too long, maybe I should keep a log of distinct memories. Anyway, I saw my mom type an email to the seller. I don't know how long it took for the game to arrive, or how much it was, or anything like that, but since I got the full game, I've been a Spyro fan deep down in my heart.

After 2001 or so, I stopped playing Spyro. Maybe I lost interest in it, maybe I got focussed on other things. but I stopped playing it for whatever reason. Until I got Spyro 2: Season of Flame for Gameboy Advance. Played it, liked it, then moved on I guess

2008 must have been when I found out about the Legend series. So I got Dawn of the Dragon. At forst, I was looking for A new Beginning, but to no avail. I liked Dawn of the Dragon, but it was VERY different to what I was used to, and I sort gave up on Spyro until I read about Skylanders.

Ooh, what's this? It looks like Spyro's going back to the way they originally were? I must see this. Maintained a neutral disposition ever since, even after it's release. About the time the game was anounced I came here I believe. Man that's a while ago. Ever since then I've been here, helping where I can.

I don't regret being a fan, I'm proud of being a Spyro fan really.

Spyro was my first game, my first insperation really.



That being said, I prefer to sit and watch the show, commenting on everything that goes on here. (Runs in the familly.) Sometimes I build models. Tanks in 1/32 scale, airplanes (usually military fighters and bombers) in 1/48 scale. I like to collect historical war items, draw, and I read often as well as play video games. I live up in the land of Canada, in an igloo, and I go to school on a moose each day. I also say "Eh" after everything I say eh.

My Deviant Art Page , because I draw and make pictures sometimes. (If I'm an artist, we're doomed!)

My Youtube Channel , because I see people advertising their's everywhere I go. (What? I have to put videos on there too!?!?)

Heck, I'll put my Facebook page, my religion, my dreams, my address, and everything else about me on here, because I'm that smart. (Hurr Durr.)

I'm a fan of 20 Century history, aviation, and combat. I'd like to join the Royal Canadian Air Force one day. (Who knows? We might have actually gotten something not outdated horribly by then! Shouldn't get my hopes up though.)

Favorite Planes List

Aww geez that's a tough one. I got to think long and hard on that one.

  1. F-16 Fighting Falcon
  2. F-15 Eagle
  3. F-35
  4. P-51 Mustang
  5. F-14 Tomcat
  6. F-22 Raptor
  7. MiG-21 Fishbed

Notable Quotes

  • Don't worry bout it.
  • That's nice.
  • Git er' done!
  • Oh deer.
  • I have no idea.
  • I ran.
  • I'ma derpy.

​Skyladners List

  • Cynder
  • Zook
  • Lightning Rod

And nope, I do not own the game.

Personal Notes

  • ===Copywrited 2012 By The Republic of Joe Organisation. Do Not Use. Thank You For Your Cooperation. Joe "Blahmarrow" Evelyn===
  • Cleetus, Cosmos, Magnus, had all been imprissoned twice. They all have differing voices and minor look changes. This leads me to think that being imprissoned in the crystal multiple times causes the dragons to physically change. Must further look into this. Must find out for Tomas and Lateef.

Games I Own

Spyro the Dragon (1998)

Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000)

Spyro 2: Season of flame

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008)



Model Building 1/32, 1/48, 1/72.

Video Gaming

Enraging Teachers at school. (Good times)


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