aka Nightlasher

  • I live in In the World that Never Was, with Dark Corridors linking to Wikia, Luxendarc, Nitrome, A. Nigma High, the Lombax Dimension, Castle Oblivion, and Minecraft
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am as my avatar depicts, a gentleman steampunk cyborg muscian hypnotist ninja wizard (Finnwich from Detentionaire)

Fake Minecraft Achievement I made for Skylanders

Link To Doomslicer's A Guide to Skylands.

Hello everyone, I'm raltively new here, but am a player of Skylanders. I enjoy the series because it can be player with my younger siblings. Me and my siblings own a total of 21 Skylanders. My username on Spyro's Universe is Tempest Nightshadow. I also just recently recieved Spyro: Shadow Legacy and LoS: Dawn of the Dragon from a friend.

We own (all figures that show their pictures):


Skylander Figures List
  • Portalmaster Name: Tempest Nightshadow

MagicSymbolSkylanders Magic MagicSymbolSkylanders

Spyrotoyform Spyro
  • Double Trouble
Wreckingballtoyform Wrecking Ball
  • Voodood

EarthSymbolSkylanders Earth EarthSymbolSkylanders

Bashtoyform Bash
  • Dino-Rang
  • Prism Break
Terrafintoyform Terrafin

WaterSymbolSkylanders Water WaterSymbolSkylanders

  • Slam Bam
  • Zap
  • Wham-Shell
Gillgrunttoyform Gill Grunt

FireSymbolSkylanders Fire FireSymbolSkylanders

Ignitortoyform Ignitor
  • Sunburn
Flameslingertoyform Flameslinger
Eruptortoyform Eruptor

TechSymbolSkylanders Tech TechSymbolSkylanders

  • Boomer
Drillsergeanttoyform Drill Sergeant
Drobottoyform Drobot
Triggerhappytoyform Trigger Happy
Legendarytriggerhappytoyform Legendary Trigger Happy

UndeadSymbolSkylanders Undead UndeadSymbolSkylanders

  • Hex
  • Cynder
  • Chop Chop
  • Ghost Roaster

AirSymbolSkylanders Air AirSymbolSkylanders

  • Whirlwind
Warnadotoyform Warnado
Sonicboomtoyform Sonic Boom
  • Lightning Rod

LifeSymbolSkylanders Life LifeSymbolSkylanders

Camotoyform Camo
  • Stump Smash
  • Zook
Stealthelftoyform Stealth Elf

Adventure Packs & Magic Items
Darklight Crypt

  • Healing Elixir
  • Time Twister Hourglass

Pirateshiptoyform Pirate Ship

Ghostpirateswordstoyform Ghost Pirate Swords
Hiddentreasuretoyform Hidden Treasure

Ice Cave

  • Sky-Iron Shield
  • Anvil Rain

Dragon's Peak

  • Sparx The Dragonfly
  • Winged Boots

Volcanic Vault


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