aka ttsbb1

  • I live in Toontown and skylands
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is gamer
  • I am male

Heyo!! ttsbb1 here! Short time Toontown player, long time Spyro player! Been playing Spyro since I was 6... I know more on how to beat the classic games more than anyone! I have ALL of the spyro console games including Skylanders...

Now my portal is fixed, and I am playing Skylanders again! Still playing R&C, so if you ever go against me in Full Frontal Assault, say hi! :)

Spyro Wiki, 7/11/13....

Yesterday, details for Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus were released, but thats a different topic. I will now be on regularly, with some hopes of becoming an admin soon. As I get older, I try to get more professional at whatever I do. Be it Toontown videos or typing in miscellaneous information on a skylander page. However, like every person, I have hopes. Hopes that may seem odd or unlikely to others, but are possible. Now I have no clue where this is paragraph is going, so for the sake of the people i'll end it now. Thank you for reading this and go play some Skylanders! Already have? Do it again!

ps2 :D

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